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Posted: Hi dudes,well - for once I'm asking for advice rather than giving it (indescriminately)
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one move in particular that I saw a few ppl doing when I was in the states, but which elludes me in practice is the wrap turn.Basically this is the same motion that you would do for a low / high turn but you allow the Poi to come up further and wrap on your upper arms before / during the turn..then you turn the other way and unwrap. it can be done with the Poi both spinning in the same direction or in opposite directions. I really want to get this move cuz it looks good - but unlike all the other moves I ripped off
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- this one isnt coming quietly...thanks in advance...Josh

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Posted:If this is the same move I'm thinking of, try this: make a really long Practice Poi with, say, a tennis ball or hackysack on the end. Practice with just the one arm. The length gives you more room to play with and slows down your angular velocity.I saw a guy doing this in San Francisco with a Poi made using surveyor's tape. I also thought it looked really cool. He let me play with his Poi, and I picked it right up. Haven't tried it with my own equipment since.

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Posted:ooo thanks for the idea!

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Posted:amazing josh and adam, i just started doing the "extra long" single Poi the other day and it is quite entertaining. kind of like those two guys in the COL video. very much you can do with it. hey josh, one of the fire turn wraps that i fisrt did that was pretty easy was to do the weave, and when the right hand gets on the right side do a wrap on your left wrist right at the handle of the Poi and then then move both arms over the the left side pretty quick and the right one will unwrap and you can go into a weave again. the key is to wrap it really high on the Poi so that the momentum does not speed up too much that it wraps really quickly like 7 times and ends up burning you. by the way, i am doing really good, trying to settle into a routine with all the craziness around me. keep my mind off of things. Poi definately has been helping to relax me a lot. with the really long Poi you can have the rope wrapped in like 3 different places and still have it swingin, then you turn accordingly and let them unwrap. ie.. right arm wrapped then neck the left arm and then turn to unwrap all. very fun, kind of like jackie chan in shanghai noon.

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Posted:Rockin Poz
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good to hear your still chillin...Josh


Posted:Thanks Adam, for your simple advice.Long Poi
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With long Poi I am getting all these new weirdo wrap moves - thankyou!Josh