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Posted:question: i am checking out the animated gifs on this site (they rock by the way!) and i am curious what the difference is between the horizontal mexican wave and the corkscrew. they REALLY look like the same move to me. anyone want to shed some light on this for me??sierra~

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Posted:yeah yeah i noticed the same when i was learning those moves...the difference is that pois on corkcrew goes in the same direction.. like this ---->---->But on horzontal mexican weave pois goes this way ----><----ya got it?
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Posted:another added tidbit:horizontal mexican wave goes into a normal mexican wave if you change planes by standing upright.corkscrew goes into the windmill by doing the same, though i have better luck getting into a windmill from a left sun move.happy twirling




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Posted:They are actually quite different to do but appear somewhat similar. The easiest explanation that I can think of is this...The horizontal mexican wave is a butterfly derivative so one poi is going clockwise while the other is going counter clockwise.The corkscrew is a windmill/chasing the sun derivative so BOTH poi will be going either clockwise (or counterclockwise) with one following the other.If you look at the animations you'll probably see what I mean. Look in particular at the differences between the windmill and mexican wave. Lean forward and you're horizontal!I'm just getting to the level where I can really play with each form. There are a wide range of "moves" you can do from "butterfly formation" and a totally seperate set of "moves" you can do from "windmill formation."Then you learn them all backwards. Then you learn them all behind your back. Then you learn them all behind your back, backwards. Then you show me how the heck you did that.
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