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Posted: by nightfox320
Last Reply: by Ratha_FireSong
Views: 1847    Replies: 4
"Hello y'all. i was wondering if there are a group of spinner here in knoxville that would be interested in getting together and creating a fire troupe. it would be nice to meet y'all an..."
Posted: by Sarah_Ellery
Views: 464    Replies: 0
"Well, after looking about, I have decided to put a FB page together for Spinners in Cumbria and the borders. I am based in Carlisle and would love to be able to meet on a regular basis...."
Posted: by Marcy1990usa
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"<br>Free Stupid Funny Quotes h1</br><br>Humor Articles | October 29, 2009 You know how sometimes nothing is more entertaining than stupid funny quotes that make you la..."
Posted: by Spydernights
Last Reply: by Asraiya On Fire
Views: 1869    Replies: 1
"Hello Seattleites (hopefully)!I was wondering if there were any other spinners in Seattle? I'm pretty new, but I really enjoy poi spinning and I've love to meet up with other people.Mic..."
Posted: by yhvh83
Last Reply: by yhvh83
Views: 4734    Replies: 17
"HiName is Michael- I got in to poi about 3 years ago from a friend. I love it - i do my best to learn what i can - Poi, Staff- Juggling and more. About 2 years ago we started a local Gr..."
Posted: by gustav
Views: 520    Replies: 0
" Anyone in the area??? More so on the west end??"
Posted: by morganlii
Views: 432    Replies: 0
"I'm moving out to San Francisco in January for Art school, but know absolutely nobody out there. Wondering if there is events, or spin jams i should know about so i can meet some local ..."
Posted: by Skatto
Last Reply: by tom_campbell
Views: 1798    Replies: 3
"Hello members of HoP.I come in peace. Just thought that I would mention the drop-in Circus Club (The Eastbourne Circus Group, run by AlchemyProductions) which is run every Wednesday in ..."
Posted: by ArtworkByAutumn
Views: 593    Replies: 0
"I love spinning and would love to learn and practice with people who share the same!"
Posted: by Geoffrey_Cox
Last Reply: by Natty Fire Poi
Views: 3651    Replies: 3
"Hello everyone. I don't think I've posted on here before Kinda forgot about it for a while. Anyway, I am trying to get back into the hang of things and I was wondering if anybody in Ne..."
Posted: by Michael_Lazenby
Last Reply: by mike_squartsoff
Views: 1904    Replies: 5
"Just got back into poi and wondering if there is anyone in Anchorage to practice with/learn from =D"
Posted: by AlliCat Poi-Toi
Views: 997    Replies: 0
"Is anyone out there a spinner from my area? "
Posted: by Ru Black
Last Reply: by beaniebob
Views: 1394    Replies: 3
"Hey everyone, my name is Ru and I'm coming to Sydney on Wednesday. I've brought my poi and would love love love to know if there is anyone there that spins, and if they fancied meeting ..."
Posted: by neonraze
Views: 715    Replies: 0
"The Atherton Tablelands are situated about an hour's drive southwest of Cairns. I am an Atherton-based spinner of five years keen to meet other spinners. I'm currently teaching a variet..."
Posted: by karleen
Views: 536    Replies: 0
"Hey, looking for like minded poi spinners in Hamilton NZ"
Posted: by kfaithb
Views: 542    Replies: 0
"Looking for others that spin in the Charleston, WV area. Let me know!"
Posted: by Ranubis
Views: 744    Replies: 0
"Hi,I'm wondering if there are any groups doing poi or staff in Edinburgh?I'm looking for people to practise with/learn with/have fun with - I know folk used to do fire spinning in the M..."
Posted: by val37
Views: 758    Replies: 0
"Hello everybody!I am coming from France for Kinetic Fire and I am looking for a place to stay on Monday 5/13. I don't take lot of space ^^Hope to read from you!Peace!Valry"
Posted: by Eaglebones
Last Reply: by beaniebob
Views: 984    Replies: 1
"I've been spinning for about 7 months now and it'd be awesome to have someone to learn partner poi with or just spin with "
Posted: by ksudiver
Views: 648    Replies: 0
"If anyone is in the Manhattan,KS area please PM me. I'm anxious to spin poi with another person so i can grow in my wickdly bad skils "
Posted: by Seas
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
Views: 929    Replies: 1
"Looking for some fellow object manipulators in NorCal or the Central Coast area in California. I'm in Monterey so pretty much anywhere between San Francisco and Santa Maria works. I per..."
Posted: by Freeflow1
Last Reply: by breezepeas
Views: 1188    Replies: 1
"I'm looking for a juggle group in berlin! I just moved here from the Netherlands and missing the weekly training with poi, staff en devil sticks. Not looking for paid training, but for ..."
Posted: by Sarah_Emma_Iles
Views: 863    Replies: 0
"URGENTCalling all Cape Town based fire dancers, please pass on as appropriate. ONE male/ female partnership required for professional fire theatre show, performing at the NAF in Grahams..."
Posted: by Nucleopoi
Last Reply: by Roo Shiller
Views: 101902    Replies: 155
"hey,im georgina and am possibly going to be coming to australia as part of my degree to work in the chemical industry for a year.I was hoping for some advice on the best places to go fo..."
Posted: by NOn
Last Reply: by any_suggestions
Views: 979887    Replies: 1941
"top o' the morning wales based poiple! this is the thread for all things wales based, although the crew is mostly based in the land of taff currently with a sizeable offshoot in the la..."
Posted: by RokLesjak
Views: 663    Replies: 0
"I am wondering if here is any poi spinner from Slovenia? it would be really nice to meet someone with that addiction Peace"
Posted: by Debstep
Views: 791    Replies: 0
"Hi I'm looking for a new place to live in London beacause my current place is too small.. I have to move out by first of April and think it would be so neat to life with a fellow spinne..."
Posted: by The Dancing Fire
Views: 1208    Replies: 0
"Hi! I am interested in adding hawaiian fire dancers to my troupe in Los Angeles. We are currently professional in polynesian - tahitian - and hula with fire. Maori style fire poi and sa..."
Posted: by Sp33dTrip1050
Views: 3826    Replies: 0
"Hi my name is Sean I am looking for fire spinners, staff spinners, fire hoopers, fire breathers, and any other flowing spirits in the NJ or tri state area to meet up to play with some f..."
Posted: by Incubus
Last Reply: by TonyYnotFire
Views: 1407    Replies: 5
"Good day my fellow fire spinning friendsIs there anyone in the UK who could help me get off my feet and get started?I live in liverpool (laaa) and could really do with some tuition or t..."
Posted: by LifeofFire
Views: 667    Replies: 0
"Title says it all. Looking for some chill people to spin some props with in the park and just all around have a good time. Hoop, dart, staff, poi, puppy hammers bring em all.Names mike"
Posted: by kl4ymen
Last Reply: by Dave_Chantrelle
Views: 1902    Replies: 3
"I used to attend the Edinborough Gardens twirling group a very long time ago, however it seems to have dissolved.Anyone know if this, or any other groups are still operating?"
Posted: by Nick Poet
Views: 557    Replies: 0
"Anyone who is interested in freestyling here, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, please comment! "
Posted: by Susan7si
Views: 731    Replies: 0
"Lets Spin .Contact me susan7si@hotmail.comi live in Sarria . BCN and its sure is lonely spinning alone"
Posted: by alithebarman
Views: 750    Replies: 0
"Good morning guys and gals, my names Ali and Im interested in finding, or setting up, a Flowwand (levistick) group in Melbourne.Ive been playing around with the Flowwand for almost t..."
Posted: by Rin510
Views: 671    Replies: 0
"Hi! My name is Rin. I'd like to meet people to practise together!"
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by Trybalfire
Views: 2416    Replies: 5
"There are some locations, where you can meet other Poi/Staff-fanatics in Munich (happy to have some:) only when it's NOT raining.... Friday/Saturday/Sundays (and good-weather/ alternate..."
Posted: by eclectix
Last Reply: by yhvh83
Views: 1254    Replies: 4
"Just moved to the st louis area and havemt met anyone yet.any spinners from the area?"
Posted: by gustav
Views: 647    Replies: 0
"Anyone in the area that plays with fire and juggles? I'm not too far from Atlanta but am trying to meet people in Villa Rica, Douglasville, Carrollton area."
Posted: by Felixwah
Last Reply: by Felixwah
Views: 1288    Replies: 3
"hey everyone, I had a look at some old topics about spinners in Perth but couldn't find any recent ones! I am visiting from the UK and am in Perth for maybe 2-3 more weeks before headin..."
Posted: by IndigoSpeak
Views: 688    Replies: 0
"If there's anyone out there near Bowling Green, KY I'm looking for a friend to spin with... (:"
Posted: by ksudiver
Views: 571    Replies: 0
"If anyone in the Manhattan area wants to meet up and work on moves i would love the learning opprotunity!"
Posted: by Alibird
Views: 812    Replies: 0
"Hi!I just wondered if there are any fire spinners in or around that part of the world? I'm coming on holiday to the US next month and will be around Sedona for a couple of days. Very ex..."
Posted: by Trybalfire
Views: 627    Replies: 0
"Hello, I have been spinning, and learning in the USA, and in about a month my family will be moving to Garmisch, germany. Are there any of you out there in my area?"
Posted: by Samolloy
Views: 753    Replies: 0
"Im going on a trip up to Maine and stopping back in Burlington, looking for spinners to meet up with and chat/chill see whats going on there. I might be moving there soon, it'd be nice ..."
Posted: by AaronMai
Last Reply: by Samolloy
Views: 1189    Replies: 2
"Hey guys, is there anywhere out there in the SW CT area? I'm looking for people to spin with over the summer!! I have an LED set and have worked with fire before, so anything you can ..."
Posted: by BrookeHalsey
Views: 583    Replies: 0
"I'll be in Japan at the end of this year, during Christmas and New Years and such. I'm looking for a little community over there, or if they have festivals or anything. (:"
Posted: by aar0n
Views: 836    Replies: 0
"hey whats up guys. Justin here 18 and from long island new york. moved to cambridge to go to zane state for welding. led,poi,staff,and any other performance/martial arts iam interested ..."
Posted: by Poisician
Last Reply: by aar0n
Views: 1530    Replies: 2
"Names robby, fellow spinner livin in pataskala, 25 min east of columbus. lookin for people in the area to practice with n bounce ideas off of. if anybody is interested post on the threa..."
Posted: by shaping_light
Views: 655    Replies: 0
"So I'm moving to Sydney in November and I am really keen to meet up with performers in the area.Is there any groups/ individuals who would like to meet up?"
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