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Posted: by scottfoc
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"So I'm new to Poi, I moved to Virginia recently from the Kentucky area. I learned what spinning was while I was hitting up some festivals in kentucky, And I became entranced by it. So I..."
Posted: by miredo
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"Would love to hear from you :)"
Posted: by tink
Last Reply: by Drewwez13
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"Hii'm looking to meet some people to spin poi with in the Cheshire and Crewe area if anyone fancies it.thanks for reading x"
Posted: by lunatickeli
Last Reply: by soulspinner
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"Looking for those willing to help a newbie who really wants to swing poi...I have scoured training videos all over the web, and still struggling with anything beyond the basic (very bas..."
Posted: by Penny_Miracle
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"Hey, I'm going to be in Ipswich over the summer and would like to meet up with others for a burn. I a, also available for hoop tutoring! My page is"
Posted: by koybong
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"Hi there,I will be in NYC Around July 12, looking to find lessons on contact ball practice. Does anyone know a good instructor around NY? Any referrals will be appreciated. Please conta..."
Posted: by trialsalot
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"So,total newbie but can people post on here if they're local. I'm based in Shiremoor but can travel about. I also just started dabbling with slacklining too.So,is there anyone there??"
Posted: by soul777toast
Last Reply: by Patience_Engstrom
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"Hi everyone, I'm looking for any spinners in Vermont or New Hampshire (I'm from the Upper Valley area) who are interested in getting together for practice or burns. Anyone out there?"
Posted: by aeveus
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"Hey I am a new spinner and I'm looking for friends in Tampa and surrounding me at or pm me"
Posted: by ashaw582
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"Hey there I live in Nelson BC and my name is Alicia. I just recently got into contact juggling, but I am finding it incredibly difficult. I would love to meet someone in the area who is..."
Posted: by Debstep
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"Hello So I was at a festival last weekend and met someone who taught me a bit of partner poi it looked ace and was great fun.I really wanna learn more anyone else up for it in london??"
Posted: by Beth_Smith
Last Reply: by Genesthai
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"Hey guys, moving to london at the start of march after 4 years of little poi activity in Glasgow I want to shake off the cobwebs, hang with other spinners and improve my dormant skillsA..."
Posted: by HashiKun
Last Reply: by jbspanky12
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"are there any spinners out there in the south Florida region??? I'm just starting to get into this and i think it'd be kinda sorta really awesome if i could meet people around here that..."
Posted: by HippieNinjaz
Last Reply: by Nathan_Boeke
Views: 1091    Replies: 1
"lookin for anyone that spins in the area"
Posted: by cedrada
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"Hey all, anyone out there know of any groups or people, who poi in Gloucester/Gloucestershire at all? I've been spinning for a while, but I'm not very good yet!"
Posted: by Bjolly
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"hey everyone i got a few friends spinning poi and now that its nice out ish........... i was hoping to find a few more to join! we are all still learning but having others to learn from..."
Posted: by Vladislav
Last Reply: by anthony_pena1
Views: 883    Replies: 2
"anyone interested in meeting up n spinning? I'm a beginner looking for some one to learn from and with"
Posted: by French_poi
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"Hi! I live in Northampton for a year and I have still not seen anyone spinning the poi!Is there anyone in here that enjoy doing it?"
Posted: by schubbi
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"hey there,i seek for danceacro-partner for several projects ... maybe little stages & street !let´s try smthg ..."
Posted: by anthony_pena1
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"hey I'm anthony and looking for other poi spinners in sacramento and maybe start a group o:"
Posted: by dreadballa
Last Reply: by Oklahoma AoP
Views: 1735    Replies: 6
"Hey folks! I am looking for some other fire spinners in Oklahoma City or the surrounding areas. I am pretty new to fire play, but I fancy myself a fast learner. It would be nice to fi..."
Posted: by Stella S
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"Hi guys,I am a poi beginner moved to Venice, Italy recently. Is there anyone near here who spins poi? I will be happy to meet you :)"
Posted: by shaz09
Last Reply: by Seye
Views: 1390    Replies: 2
"Hi. I live in Blackpool in the North West of the UK and suprisingly, I've not been able to find any spin groups/courses in the North west, and it's not through lack of trying. I found a..."
Posted: by Alterpoi
Last Reply: by Seye
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"I'm Luke, spinning for a year - Intermediate level.I'm looking for other spinners in and around Manchester that might be up for meeting and practicing and even imparting any tricks lear..."
Posted: by twig
Last Reply: by twig
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"I have no idea how to word this without it coming across as an ill thought out personal ad so I'm going to be brief!I would LOVE to meet up with people in the Bristol/somerset area who ..."
Posted: by Nikki5
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"Hi Im new in Dublin and looking to learn more about poi spinning or getting together with a group.Keep me posted! Cheers"
Posted: by erinleigh
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"Help! I am putting together a photo book of Poi and looking for traditional Maori dancers to photograph. I used to fire dance professionally on Hawaii but now I am in Orange County fini..."
Posted: by Onfirecafe
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"Hello Everyone, We just opened a restaurant called "On fire" In Whitianga, New Zealand and we are looking for some jugglers/artists to do some fire shows, once or twice a mon..."
Posted: by kstateskydiver
Last Reply: by mattrick42
Views: 7139    Replies: 13
"I just moved to kansas city, kansas and looking for some fellow spinners to meet up with and learn some new tricks. I've been spinning poi for about a year and only have videos to go of..."
Posted: by elrooos
Last Reply: by elrooos
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"Now in Vienna, after 3 days will be in Salsburg, after that in Munchen. Is there anyone from these cities? Tried to find someone in Vienna but looks like no one's here :\"
Posted: by thegramreaper
Last Reply: by Spinnerfreak
Views: 1266    Replies: 2
"So this september I will be traveling with my family to spend two weeks in Holland. Obviously, I will be bringing my firestaff. However, we're going to be going to London as well and al..."
Posted: by Rebeckah
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"Hello all, I'll be traveling through Mumbai, India in the first week of March and was wondering if anyone will be around to spin with me then. I'm going for work near there, but will be..."
Posted: by gustav
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"Anyone going to the Shpongle show?? Small group heading down from Atlanta, fellow jugglers and burners included..."
Posted: by acidsoda
Last Reply: by Firespeaker
Views: 1526    Replies: 3
"From Tallahassee here. I was curious if there was any sort of group that meets to spin, or perhaps just someone that practices regularly that would be willing to have someone practice w..."
Posted: by Corey_Luther
Last Reply: by Firespeaker
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"Hey im not new to Poi tho my wife and best friend are new to staff. Just looking for some friends to get up with every now and again to spin with it gets boring when you have noone to l..."
Posted: by agrovent
Last Reply: by Christian Alb
Views: 1189    Replies: 3
"Hey guys, im new to HoP, but so far im loving the site and particularly the forums.I wanted to find out if there are other Brazilian Spinners here who would like to meet & play a ..."
Posted: by mokuren
Last Reply: by Karl_Bridge
Views: 1687    Replies: 3
"Je me sens un peu seule l tout de suite, ce site est gnial, mais serais encore plus exploitable s'il y avait plus de franais aussi. A bons entendeurs "
Posted: by trimee30
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"Anyone in surfers paradise for poi going there for a week in march with the wife would b great to spin with locals also if anyone knows where to spin in kl or patong beach phuket"
Posted: by Karl_Bridge
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"Hello hello,I have recently started spinning after being inspired by Ozora festival 2013, I have been progressing but i think it would help to practice with someone else. I would like ..."
Posted: by DJeanneSmith
Last Reply: by rastapasta420
Views: 1308    Replies: 2
"Hey, guys! I'm looking for some awesome people to spin with in the Charleston area!So if you're one and would like to meet up, let me know~ c:"
Posted: by fire_rhett
Last Reply: by tek20
Views: 2244    Replies: 13
"I travel around the US quite a bit and I am looking for people to spin with. I go to Pheonix, Denver, Kansas City, DFW. Anyone want to spin in those places, I am all for it."
Posted: by Isaiah_Hobbs79
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"Are there any spinners that could meet in a local park or something after school or work on weekdays? A couple of spinning partners would be nice. No level requirements just some compa..."
Posted: by Chachou
Last Reply: by Chachou
Views: 758    Replies: 2
"Kia ora koutou, I'm still new to fire twirling but really would love to meet with other spinners to improve my moves, learn new tricks and have fun :) Got a fire staff and beginners poi..."
Posted: by liam brunner
Views: 769    Replies: 0
"Hi i just moved to jindabyne and am looking to see if there are any spinners around the area"
Posted: by Mujician
Views: 964    Replies: 0
"Looking for some like minded folks to play with spinning toys/staffs etc!Need some help on a fee things I just can't work out from videos! It would be good to do some kind of informal g..."
Posted: by PoisonDawn
Views: 509    Replies: 0
"I'm from the upstate NY area and I use fire fans and I fire breathe. anyone in the similar areas do anything similar? :D I'd love to meet some people around here with the same interests..."
Posted: by Jackthehufflepuf
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"Just wondering if there was any spinners (poi, staff, pretty much anything :) ) who wanted to meet up sometime? if you don't wanna say on here let me know through pm"
Posted: by Peter Tang
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"Hi all,Recently done a 8 week course in fire twirling and wanting to come down to your regular meets to twirl and learn.Regards,Pete"
Posted: by ChinChinni
Last Reply: by Edwin Van de Wouw
Views: 2806    Replies: 6
"I am despirately looking for some Dutch poi-playing people, since it feels like I'm the only one around playing poi. I know that's not true, but I'd love to play poi with some people a ..."
Posted: by ccombatbahb
Views: 652    Replies: 0
"Hey, Im a fire spinner from San Diego. I am here for a few more days in Fort Walton Beach Fl. I dont have any poi with me, but I would love to hang out with some spinners and play an..."
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