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Posted:Hello Seattleites (hopefully)!

I was wondering if there were any other spinners in Seattle? I'm pretty new, but I really enjoy Poi spinning and I've love to meet up with other people.


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Posted:Eep! I can't believe no one replied to this.. There are tons of spinners in Seattle!! Best bet is to join a few groups on Facebook. There's the Seattle Tech Spinners (skill toy..) who put on regular spin jams (no fire, just Practice Poi and a whole lot of hooping etc) every Saturday afternoon at Cal Anderson park. Then there's SFG who organizes a semi regular Spinurn (spin/burn) at Gasworks and there's a group called "spinurn invites" that you can join to.. well that's obvious. Heh. The SFG homepage is http://www.seattlefiregate.com/
Oh yeah and SFG is also starting up a regular glow/flow spin night which is also at Cal Anderson park but I'm not sure when because I don't own a set of $100 glow sticks and so it sounds to me like a Pink Floyd laser show which was fun when I was 14. duck Don't mind me, I'm a snob but there's all types in the Seattle spinner scene.. to each their own! yes

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