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Posted: by Lioness
Last Reply: by eniebauer
Views: 813    Replies: 1
"I've been spinning for 2 years ( fire staff, fire hula hoop, fire fans) , but since I moved to Heidelberg 4 months ago I haven't :( I would be really happy to meet some other fire spinn..."
Posted: by tips
Last Reply: by JamboSnack Gabby
Views: 4333    Replies: 18
"know its a long shot but anyone from hk here? would be ace to meet up and spin in the city or at the beach. by day im a diaboloist (cool i just made up a word) and by night im a fire st..."
Posted: by nyacarts
Views: 440    Replies: 0
"I recently moved out to Las Vegas, and I am looking for fellow flow artists to have fun with and learn from. I am an intermediate with flowlights and wish to go to fire just as soon as ..."
Posted: by Mirel
Views: 516    Replies: 0
"Hello all!I've seen that there is already some posts about Vienna, but they're all quite old. I moved to Vienna 3 weeks ago and I thought the best way to meet new people is to come back..."
Posted: by intrikit
Views: 448    Replies: 0
"Long for ppl or info in St pete. Been spinning for about 5 months. E mail me intrikitrasta@gmail.com . Names Beau. Look forward to it"
Posted: by Kadafi
Last Reply: by dane
Views: 1564    Replies: 7
"Hi everybody!!!im wondering if there are some firefreaks in switzerland...but.....hey!!!im sure of it!!!so...if im talking about you...let me know!!!"
Posted: by dane
Views: 593    Replies: 0
"Hej,I've recently moved to Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden and was wondering if anyone knows of any gatherings that happen in the area?Looking for all things flow really...Thanks!"
Posted: by almundis
Views: 297    Replies: 0
"Hallo!I'm going to be moving to utrecht from the beginning of april. Are there any spinners there? I'd really like to meet some of you, i mostly do staff but also do a bit of juggling.L..."
Posted: by Nephthys08
Views: 315    Replies: 0
"Hi, I'm from the States, but I'm living in Moscow at the moment. I wanted to see if there was anyone else was in the area who might want to meet up sometime, or let me know about meetup..."
Posted: by 0kimbc28
Views: 437    Replies: 0
"Anyone in Hampshire uk?"
Posted: by Bynjaimyn
Last Reply: by wracha1
Views: 1308    Replies: 4
"Hey y'all, I am a recent Texas transplant to the Baton Rouge area, and I am looking for fellow fire spinners in the area. I have heard rumors that there are some, but cannot seem to fin..."
Posted: by ploski.cz
Last Reply: by Kebule
Views: 1186    Replies: 2
"Hello spinners!Is there any group or individual in Lisbon, Portugal? I would like to meet new people experienced in Poi/staff spinning :-) ... are there any regular events or meetings? ..."
Posted: by plungg
Views: 339    Replies: 0
"Does anyone at UNC-Chapel Hill or in the surround area do LED/fire spinning? Got to dabble in LED and fire poi this summer so was looking to find others/anyone else who's interested so ..."
Posted: by ngan nguyen1
Views: 512    Replies: 0
"Hello . This is my first post here so i wish you all a happy Fire Christmas !!!We , as in me and my friends are looking for fellow spinners in Amsterdam , since on the 7th and the 8th ..."
Posted: by ardenter
Last Reply: by splatearth12
Views: 3217    Replies: 8
"Anyone out there in Knoxville, TN (USA)?"
Posted: by Daniel_Reid
Last Reply: by Kirsten Rhode
Views: 1736    Replies: 6
"Hey everyone, I've seen posts in this forum for all over the world and not one for the local spinners in Utah so if you are part of the poi community around here then please, lets all g..."
Posted: by mlt4tds
Views: 464    Replies: 0
"Hello Everyone,It is a struggle to find others who fire twirl regularly. There are no workshops or centres which others can meet. There are no classes for children or adults. We are rar..."
Posted: by kirstydane
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 677    Replies: 1
"Hi, I'm new to this and really looking to learn fire spinning but am having a nightmare finding anywhere that I can learn this. Anyone know anywhere round here?!"
Posted: by miigear
Views: 348    Replies: 0
"hello to all am around the area of denver colorado if anyone is interested to spin together reply or add me on FB euphrates12.rr@gmail.com or musterk G. ramirez."
Posted: by Nathan_Boeke
Last Reply: by miigear
Views: 820    Replies: 3
"Just moved to Denver a few days ago. I started spinning poi in 2005 and fire in 2007. I also fire breath. Looking for other poi/fire spinners in the area. Hope to meet you soon!"
Posted: by Tamara_
Last Reply: by Tamara_
Views: 1041    Replies: 4
"Hey, ik ben Tamara. Ik zou graag andere poidansers willen ontmoeten, het liefst rond de omgeving Eindhoven. Het zou fijn zijn als ik samen met iemand zou kunnen oefenen en beter kan wor..."
Posted: by grasheen
Views: 439    Replies: 0
"People ! Looking for fun loving people to practice my poi dancing skills with message me if your in Auckland city and keen to do the same thing !!Cheers Grainne"
Posted: by altkatty
Views: 440    Replies: 0
"hi, everyone )) i mooved to Tbilisy for 1-2 moths and it feels like there is no jugglers, fire spinners at all!its difficult to be alone in new city (( maybe someone know - where i ca..."
Posted: by tychonde
Last Reply: by EmmaWren25
Views: 1869    Replies: 2
"Rites I really want to get back into my POI so things I need:A few people, around 4-5 to agree to meet on a weekly basis in order to get a social gathering set up.I know there are a few..."
Posted: by faflatas
Last Reply: by ribs
Views: 728    Replies: 1
"hallo i am from greece,kalamata and just starting poi *cuz i am too enthusiastic i started already with fire poi) i would like to meet some of you !! if you know any one in kalamata tel..."
Posted: by erickow
Last Reply: by Synisteria
Views: 697    Replies: 1
"Hey I'm from Ohio and I'm going to the university of Kentucky this fall and wanted to find someone to spin with because ill be new to the area"
Posted: by willskateforfood
Last Reply: by Sarah_Ellery
Views: 927    Replies: 3
"are there any spinners in carlisle or nearby that would like to maybe meet up and have a good old fashioned spin?"
Posted: by Arne
Last Reply: by Rooikat
Views: 669    Replies: 1
"Hi evryone,I'm in Norway for my master thesis, for another 5 weeks. I'm staying near oslo and was wondering if there are any spinners/staffers/Contact juglers around?I've been spinning ..."
Posted: by scottfoc
Views: 613    Replies: -2
"So I'm new to Poi, I moved to Virginia recently from the Kentucky area. I learned what spinning was while I was hitting up some festivals in kentucky, And I became entranced by it. So I..."
Posted: by miredo
Views: 393    Replies: 0
"Would love to hear from you :)"
Posted: by tink
Last Reply: by Drewwez13
Views: 492    Replies: 1
"Hii'm looking to meet some people to spin poi with in the Cheshire and Crewe area if anyone fancies it.thanks for reading x"
Posted: by lunatickeli
Last Reply: by soulspinner
Views: 886    Replies: 2
"Looking for those willing to help a newbie who really wants to swing poi...I have scoured training videos all over the web, and still struggling with anything beyond the basic (very bas..."
Posted: by Penny_Miracle
Views: 428    Replies: 0
"Hey, I'm going to be in Ipswich over the summer and would like to meet up with others for a burn. I a, also available for hoop tutoring! My page is www.facebook.com/pyropenny"
Posted: by koybong
Views: 443    Replies: 0
"Hi there,I will be in NYC Around July 12, looking to find lessons on contact ball practice. Does anyone know a good instructor around NY? Any referrals will be appreciated. Please conta..."
Posted: by trialsalot
Views: 371    Replies: 0
"So,total newbie but can people post on here if they're local. I'm based in Shiremoor but can travel about. I also just started dabbling with slacklining too.So,is there anyone there??"
Posted: by soul777toast
Last Reply: by Patience_Engstrom
Views: 1877    Replies: 2
"Hi everyone, I'm looking for any spinners in Vermont or New Hampshire (I'm from the Upper Valley area) who are interested in getting together for practice or burns. Anyone out there?"
Posted: by aeveus
Views: 358    Replies: 0
"Hey I am a new spinner and I'm looking for friends in Tampa and surrounding areas.email me at aeveus@gmail.com or pm me"
Posted: by ashaw582
Views: 494    Replies: 0
"Hey there I live in Nelson BC and my name is Alicia. I just recently got into contact juggling, but I am finding it incredibly difficult. I would love to meet someone in the area who is..."
Posted: by Debstep
Views: 379    Replies: 0
"Hello So I was at a festival last weekend and met someone who taught me a bit of partner poi it looked ace and was great fun.I really wanna learn more anyone else up for it in london??"
Posted: by Beth_Smith
Last Reply: by Genesthai
Views: 866    Replies: 2
"Hey guys, moving to london at the start of march after 4 years of little poi activity in Glasgow I want to shake off the cobwebs, hang with other spinners and improve my dormant skillsA..."
Posted: by HashiKun
Last Reply: by jbspanky12
Views: 1606    Replies: 6
"are there any spinners out there in the south Florida region??? I'm just starting to get into this and i think it'd be kinda sorta really awesome if i could meet people around here that..."
Posted: by HippieNinjaz
Last Reply: by Nathan_Boeke
Views: 781    Replies: 1
"lookin for anyone that spins in the area"
Posted: by cedrada
Views: 487    Replies: 0
"Hey all, anyone out there know of any groups or people, who poi in Gloucester/Gloucestershire at all? I've been spinning for a while, but I'm not very good yet!"
Posted: by Bjolly
Views: 599    Replies: 0
"hey everyone i got a few friends spinning poi and now that its nice out ish........... i was hoping to find a few more to join! we are all still learning but having others to learn from..."
Posted: by Vladislav
Last Reply: by anthony_pena1
Views: 725    Replies: 2
"anyone interested in meeting up n spinning? I'm a beginner looking for some one to learn from and with"
Posted: by French_poi
Views: 321    Replies: 0
"Hi! I live in Northampton for a year and I have still not seen anyone spinning the poi!Is there anyone in here that enjoy doing it?"
Posted: by schubbi
Views: 406    Replies: 0
"hey there,i seek for danceacro-partner for several projects ... maybe little stages & street !let´s try smthg ..."
Posted: by anthony_pena1
Views: 429    Replies: 0
"hey I'm anthony and looking for other poi spinners in sacramento and maybe start a group o:"
Posted: by dreadballa
Last Reply: by Oklahoma AoP
Views: 1067    Replies: 6
"Hey folks! I am looking for some other fire spinners in Oklahoma City or the surrounding areas. I am pretty new to fire play, but I fancy myself a fast learner. It would be nice to fi..."
Posted: by Stella S
Views: 423    Replies: 0
"Hi guys,I am a poi beginner moved to Venice, Italy recently. Is there anyone near here who spins poi? I will be happy to meet you :)"
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