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Forums > Meet Others > Melbourne twirling - is anyone still doing meetups?

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Posted:I used to attend the Edinborough Gardens twirling group a very long time ago, however it seems to have dissolved.

Anyone know if this, or any other groups are still operating?

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Posted:Hey, I've only really been spinning with mates and randoms and doofs recently. But I'd love to find a regular meet. Edinburgh Gardens is an awesome spot, but I've not seen a regular group there in a while either.

I do poi, a tiny bit of staff but I've mostly been spending my time on the flowwand.

Been thinking of finding or starting up a dedicated flowwand group too.

So, if we can't find a group, how about we get one started?




Posted:I interested in getting something started again if there is interest. in fact I'm off to spin in Ed Gardens about 2:30pm today.


Posted:There's a few gatherings going on, wed night at playspace on sydney road there's a hooping group which welcome all spinning types. Thursday night fire twirling in St.Kilda is back on tho tomorrow will be the first time i go. Sunday at queen victoria gardens there is a group that meets for spinning and fire. You can add me on face book if you need more info! David 'Dizzy' Chantrelle


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