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Posted: by corbet
Last Reply: by yhvh83
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"Hey there, spinny folk. I'm going to be in Chicago for two weeks between July 11 and the 22nd, and was hoping to find some spin jams in the area. Know of any spinning get-togethers I co..."
Posted: by HypnoBlaze
Last Reply: by aston
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"Yo people !!! lookin for anyone near pe.... wanna poi/staff/devil stick???"
Posted: by Nikadi
Last Reply: by Nikadi
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"Heyho, looking for spinners in and around Oxted, happy to travel a little but work really long hours so unfortunately can't get very far after work!Anyone around these parts?"
Posted: by peteyboy
Last Reply: by catz
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"just move to uni in worcester and dying to meet up with some spinners to learn some new move and just have a laugh!"
Posted: by sunsetgirl
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"So I'm here in Connecticut for the summer visiting family and would love to meet up with some people and spin! I'm going to be attending the Gathering of The Vibes festival on Saturday ..."
Posted: by Dios
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"many of poi-&co.-playing, practising, training, dancing Berlin spinners meet in the Volkspark Friedrichshain near the boulder in the summer. here are some informations:Where is the ..."
Posted: by sydvicious
Last Reply: by Patrick_Pulliam
Views: 1395    Replies: 6
"I've been playing around with basic poi spinning for only a few weeks now,and I'd love to find some people around my area to play around with.I travel a lot, though, so if there's no on..."
Posted: by wiris
Last Reply: by Jameth
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"Hi all Australian spinners I currently live in Bristol, England. Im part of a large fire circus and other spinning groups. In January I will be travelling to Melbourne, Australia in ..."
Posted: by spacey
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
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"Hello there! Tom and I will be arriving in Auckland, NZ on 30th June and will be there for three weeks before flying to Malaysia to bum around Asia for a while. Are there any spinners i..."
Posted: by justmegirl
Last Reply: by Bouwe
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"hey hey , i just started poi spinning and really like it, now i hope i can meet some ppl around my area who also do poi spinning ( or other juggeling) i am coming from utrecht and i li..."
Posted: by VeryEvilTedyBear
Last Reply: by TechSpec
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"Hey, I'm looking to create or find a Poi community in or around Pottstown, Pennsylvania. My fiance and I are primarily looking for others to practice with and learn from. We just starte..."
Posted: by Holzrose
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"Hi guys, I'll be visiting the Spanish city Calella next week, so I'm hoping there might be some poi spinners around? (or Barcelona??)I've been spinning for about a year now, and I think..."
Posted: by Patrick_Pulliam
Last Reply: by Patrick_Pulliam
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"Hey everyone, I'm a recent transplant from the US to Stavanger, Norway, and, having left behind a pretty reasonably sized poi community, am looking for anyone in my new home to meet up ..."
Posted: by ScottyDee
Last Reply: by Patrick_Pulliam
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"Hey folks I just started spinning looking for people in Atlanta Georgia to spin! Anyone around?"
Posted: by Matteospin
Last Reply: by Matteospin
Views: 624    Replies: 1
"Been spinning for roughly 6 months now, looking for someone in the Buffalo NY area to get together with."
Posted: by GeeePoi
Last Reply: by Zosia
Views: 1568    Replies: 5
"Hi all,Would be cool to meet up with any spinners in the Beds, Herts or Bucks regions to swap ideas, learn some new moves & have fun with poi."
Posted: by Patrick Kelley
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"Hey Everyone- I've just put up a new Burner social Networking site called We are currently in Alpha testing, and working diligently on coding. We are setting up Trou..."
Posted: by danjbrierton
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"Hi, I'm new to texas, looking for individuals or group for some poi get togethers. I know their is a large community in dallas (circus freaks, creative motion), but i'm looking for some..."
Posted: by Chardy
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"I've being fire dancing for about 3 years, and I use to go to the fire dancing spot down by Elitch Gardens on the Platte River, I dunno if anyone still goes there. But I'm trying to fin..."
Posted: by systemsassention
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"hey, my name is anthony mesa, and i will be at appalachian state university in north carolina in the fall of 2011, i was wonreding if anyone else might be going that uses this site, tho..."
Posted: by keenanarbil
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"Hello, my name is Keenan, I'm from Seattle, United States, I'm going to be traveling to Berlin from Wednesday april 27-monday May 2 and was wondering if there were any spin jams or even..."
Posted: by Jesse_Palmer
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"Hey everyone! I am going to be in L.A May 5th-8th and really want to meet some new people and spin some poi! If anyone has any info on local spin meetups or just wants to hit the beach ..."
Posted: by chrishaugh
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
Views: 917    Replies: 1
"Hi everyone I'm in need of help with poi lessonsCan any body around the inverness area who can help meThankChris"
Posted: by zanev
Last Reply: by zanev
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"I've done the very basic and bought a staff, now I need someone to teach me the basics (in person as opposed to online videos). Any help?"
Posted: by Cyrik
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"Hi there i will be travelling to Iasi and will be there 4-10 April and i was wondering are there any spinners there i could meet with perhaps any community webpage ? I tried googling i..."
Posted: by james562waldron
Last Reply: by kubikub
Views: 2136    Replies: 3
"That want to meet up somewhere for practice."
Posted: by FireMikeZ
Last Reply: by kubikub
Views: 1287    Replies: 5
"I got a request from a San Clemente pair of firedancers who tell me they've mastered basic poi and other moves and would like to learn some more and meet pyros within driving distance. ..."
Posted: by tany
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"What is common between renowned South Indian filmmaker Balu Mahendra, five Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood or Chipko movement leader Sunderlal Bahuguna ? Don't rack your brains, the..."
Posted: by nataliadance
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"Hello! My name is Natalia and I will be traveling with my fire performance troupe to Miami Beach, FL for Ultra Music Festival. We will be in Miami March 24-28, 2011. Gabriela and myself..."
Posted: by Mr Blister
Last Reply: by kiana
Views: 4522    Replies: 12
"Hi...Anyone spinning poi in Cape Town?"
Posted: by sunsetgirl
Views: 375    Replies: 0
"I am just getting into poi. I live more in the Pembroke Pines area, way out west. It would be awesome to meet up with some people who could help teach me beginner stuff and give me tips..."
Posted: by Sequoia's Fire
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"Greetings all!My name is Sequoia. I am a local fire performer associated with a group, Obsidian Butterfly. We have been performing, spinning, and dancing with fire here in Sacramento si..."
Posted: by Shlomo
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"There is now a facebook group for all the flow artist around the world... It doesn't matter what skill toy you choose to use... this is the group for you... United Flow Artists Please ..."
Posted: by AlannaLP
Last Reply: by Refuge Crew
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"I'm a fire/hoop artist and I'm looking for communities to play with in South and Central America this spring and summer. I do fire hoop, fire poi, fire fans, palm torches and a little f..."
Posted: by Franpois
Views: 336    Replies: 0
"I thought it might be a good idea to create a fire performer's group on LinkedIn. If you like the link is as follows: LinkedIn: Fire Performer Group easy to use easy to get together th..."
Posted: by Nikadi
Last Reply: by yoni
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"Are there any poi/staff people in Bath or a regular meet up? Me and my boyfriend have just moved to the area, I do poi and he's going to start learning the staff I have looked at previo..."
Posted: by Jeffro
Last Reply: by co
Views: 554    Replies: 1
"Hi all, I am just writing to ask if there are any spinners in the coffs harbour area. I have recently moved here and if there is anyone in the area also interested in the art of poi, it..."
Posted: by MAXXX
Last Reply: by co
Views: 3011    Replies: 9
"OK SO i Checked And Checked Again...The last post Too Pittsburghers started in 03 and the last reply was in 08 ...SO i Figured id start another One ....A lil More up to date ... Pitts..."
Posted: by clarence_quack
Last Reply: by co
Views: 1078    Replies: 3
"So I've just booked my flights to Manchester for Feb 2011.Who's out there that I can come and meet, pounce on, hug, and spin with?!"
Posted: by liquidtrance
Views: 388    Replies: 0
"so i'm planning a wee trip down to stroud to visit a friend next month and we're probably going to make a trip to bath and/or bristol to do some busking&have a night out. Any spin-f..."
Posted: by volkstypeone
Last Reply: by volkstypeone
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"If anybody has the contact info for Ben,Please forward it my way.Thanks"
Posted: by SailorTom
Last Reply: by giulio
Views: 1178    Replies: 1
"Hey all.I'm a Brit on working holiday in New Zealand. I'm in Mt Maunganui at the moment and would be keen to meet up with other spinners from The Mount or Tauranga.I've been spinning ab..."
Posted: by Insaneandlost
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"Hi just joined the forum after learning so much from the videos. Im currently living on the great ocean road in south victoria aus. Looking for anyone who is traveling through or lives ..."
Posted: by rretlaw
Last Reply: by rretlaw
Views: 803    Replies: 2
"The name is walter just moved to ft lauderdale iv got some space for some firey fun. hit me up 240-386-9972. open to teach and to learn. later burners"
Posted: by nico_Baeyens
Views: 580    Replies: 0
"well euhm title says it alljust looking for some spinners from belgium and/or holland who could meet up some time(s) or if there is an active group in belgiumits getting better weather ..."
Posted: by Sharnie_Babie
Last Reply: by Jameth
Views: 7139    Replies: 20
"Hi Everyone,Seeing thought it is coming into the warmer months in Melbourne I was wondering if there is any regular gatherings in Melbourne? Where I can learn some new tricks, maybe tea..."
Posted: by Beja
Last Reply: by Stressed
Views: 600    Replies: 2
"Heya, I'm a kiwi contact staffer visiting the family in the UK, I want to show off to them a little, but am hugely not a fan of kero, what do people use over here other than that?Also, ..."
Posted: by CanadianClimber
Last Reply: by ma'tina
Views: 803    Replies: 1
"Heya!!Im moving from Canada to Seoul, South Korea in about week. Just wondering if there are any spinners out there who are nearby and fancy meeting up for a poi session!!!Thanks for th..."
Posted: by ZeppelinGirl
Last Reply: by aquastar86
Views: 1801    Replies: 8
"I'm new to poi, and love it! I would love to meet others in Austin, Tx. who spin! So, if you know of any shows or would just like to say hello hit me up! "
Posted: by DJTimesTable
Last Reply: by hoopninjaLBC
Views: 791    Replies: 3
"I know I am new on this forum and did not want to jump right into making my own post but this is why I joined this sit and have not had much luck so far trying to find anyone...I am new..."
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