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Posted: by Movian
Last Reply: by Stone
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"hey, i have been spinning for a few years now, and have done a few small gigs. One thing i have been told a few times is that i have very good spinning skills but not that great p..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by MrConfused
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"Idea to ease the car problem.The 'car problem' being very evident in any major UK city doing peak travelling time, and the surrounding hours.The fastest form of transport at those times..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"I don't know how many of you have been following the Terri Schiavo case here in the U.S. but she is a woman who lived in a vegitative state for 15 years. Her feeding tube was pulled 13 ..."
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by fluffy napalm fairy
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"So they have finally confirmed that the general election in the UK will be on May 5th.This means for the next month we are going to have nothing but electioneering and mud slinging.Am ..."
Posted: by BurningByron
Last Reply: by flid
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Posted: by Cynicdave1
Last Reply: by vanize
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"When did you start learning how to do poi? or firetwirl?"
Posted: by DoktorSkell
Last Reply: by TheBovrilMonkey
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"Well. I have done it.I have decided that if i dont get into good habits of keeping myself strong and healthy now when i am only 19. I am going to be doomed when i get older.Today after ..."
Posted: by Stainless Munchkin
Last Reply: by i8beefy2
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"Many people I know think that the jstice system both here and in the US isnt up to scratch, so I was wondering what the HOPpers thought "
Posted: by tainted
Last Reply: by Skulduggery
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"What do you class as being unreasonable behaviour to another workmate??? As i was physically pushed twice by a male workmate for no reason and I think hes in the wrong."
Posted: by Adya Miriyana
Last Reply: by Adya Miriyana
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"Hey guys. decided this would be the best place for this. I'm doing an English essay that I need some help on, so I'd like to hear what you think...the question is "The purpose of litera..."
Posted: by hefalump
Last Reply: by pineapple pete
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Posted: by Jo
Last Reply: by Rev
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"Hmmm, I think I might be the only member of this minority by now... just thought I'd see if there is still a group of weaving, butterflying nuts out there. I'm going to call this grou..."
Posted: by MrConfused
Last Reply: by Helen_of_poi
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"Soon I am to be embarking on my second, somewhat more extensive round of travelling, and I'm just starting on the planning. Whilst I wish I could just wing it and go without any preconc..."
Posted: by Socks
Last Reply: by Bird
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"...or "Wow, I guess I am a little more dalmatian-like than I care to think about." See, last night at 3:30 AM I went 50% deaf.I went swimming at a pool indoors, and I guess the 'wax' i..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by grasshoppah
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"So he is dieing.According to prophecy it is the end of the world.I'm not Catholic so I'm safe but other than that, I thought it would make for an interesting discussion."
Posted: by Gelfling
Last Reply: by quiet
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"I am getting sick to death of teenagers wanting everything to be done for them. Why do they not think for themselves? Why is that they think everything should be spoon fed to them as ..."
Posted: by _VT_
Last Reply: by quiet
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"i got this in an email today and thought it to be completely inhumane and sickening. twisted kitten"
Posted: by darkpoet
Last Reply: by Cloudscape
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"anybody see it??discuss!"
Posted: by jemima (jem)
Last Reply: by Klowny
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"Another earthquake has hit indonesia, just a couple of hours ago. It could cause another destructive Tsunami.Scary stuff "
Posted: by meghann
Last Reply: by Stone
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"so, im doing an essay on pros and cons for g.e. what are your views on the matter?"
Posted: by Valura
Last Reply: by monkeynamedspank
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"I just bawled my freaking eyes out for like ten mins after watching a report on the telly... I warn you it aint a nice thing!A 55 year old man hit a little cat with a walking stick unti..."
Posted: by Sakura_Moon
Last Reply: by Havokist
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"Okay, so i'm taking a nice stroll in the city with Pineapple Pete and Renolution when some random guy comes up to my face and calls me a "Fat Pig" and walks off.I didnt even know the gu..."
Posted: by Valura
Last Reply: by ~Leah~
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" croweded house founder commits suicide... this is so sad!! all my childhood memorys are of crowded house playing in the background, four seasons in one day, better be home soon, dont d..."
Posted: by Nephtys
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"Hi everyone,I live in Holland and recently there have been some developments here which have me deeply worried about his country. Before I embark on a long-winded explanation of the sit..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by onewheeldave
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"There are two types of migraine, they used to be called 'classical' and 'common'.The type I have suffered from, and which this thread is about, are the 'classical' variety.Also known as..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"So I've taken a 2 1/2 year old girl. She came in with what looked like a little nose cold kind of thing...except she kept going limp and turning blue around the mouth.So she did it rig..."
Posted: by Pyrolific
Last Reply: by shen shui
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"Sponsored by the define a Hippy thread. ----Hi everyone,Im wondering how everyone/anyone maintains a positive outlook and fluffy happy feelings when the world seems to be going to hell ..."
Posted: by Mr Majestik
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"what is perfection"? i mean really, i was thinking a bit about this today and i realised that how can you say nothing is perfect? some small things maybe but then i thought how earth h..."
Posted: by Jo
Last Reply: by ben-ja-men
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"There are many definitions of inteligence out there - but I'm going to define it simply for this thread:...Inteligence includes self awareness and creativity.Also, for the sake of this ..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by peter pan
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"So when I was growing up, there was a lot of talk about being "Proud to Be an American." I'm not. In fact, I'm ashamed to be an American. I'm ashamed of my country and I'm terrified ..."
Posted: by Nate
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"does anyone else find that when you're playing with your toys that you can try and get one particular trick for ages and ages then just suddenly click and then its there, you can do it ..."
Posted: by Rovo
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Tonight on the Animal Planet there was a show on about dragons confirming they existed. A body was found in the Carpathian mountains. The corpse had a sack full of hydrogen and a specia..."
Posted: by _So_
Last Reply: by _So_
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"Hi guysIm posting this because o9f the conflict I've had with my mum, which ended up with us not talking, and using e-mail to communicate.Its a very ling story, so I wont be telling it..."
Posted: by pounce
Last Reply: by Josie-Posie
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"so for the larger part of my life, i was a bit of a fatalist. i thought the world was out to get me, nothing was ever going to go my way (because at the time, nothing was), and if some..."
Posted: by Jai - Staff
Last Reply: by Jai - Staff
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"Hey all again,Im situated in Tweed Heads which is in Far North Coast NSW. I have heaps of ideas that i think are highly unique that i would love to share with others and show around. ..."
Posted: by ado-p
Last Reply: by Pele
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"so im a bit injured at the moment and its got me to thining about a few different thingsits difficult to describe the problem so i wont bore you with the details.what it all comes down ..."
Posted: by pitman
Last Reply: by Amber Flames
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"hey every one what a nice day. i love rain. it reminds me of the sun.any way! i am thinking of doing a poi video. and i also have the carnival coming up which i am organising and was wo..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"Written by: ----------Also, the comments about drugs and alcohol. I am strongly against prohibition- we tried it with alcohol, and it was a tragic joke. In fact, it helped give rise to ..."
Posted: by newgabe
Last Reply: by Stainless Munchkin
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"I've just been having a little correspondence with Valura who had made a comment about 'our babies taking over the world'. So I wrote to her:" I took a photo at juggle jam a few weeks a..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by roarfire
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"so i passed on the boob job and went straight to the serious stuff ..... ok so i had laser surgury to have moles removed but it was much less painful than i expected and was cool to g..."
Posted: by Sayyida
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Posted: by babajaga
Last Reply: by Flame
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"After twelve hours hard struggling with death my mother died three hours ago. We, her whole familiy were there with her. I never saw something like that saw somebody so holding on life ..."
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Ive been thinking lately about what happens if you stop playing for a long time, then pick up your toys, and start playing again.Does your brain still retain all the movements and timin..."
Posted: by Ardarian
Last Reply: by Ardarian
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"Oy, I'm getting tired of this winter weather! It sure has worn out its welcome. But now it seems spring is beginning to show its face, and it makes me feel so good inside. I've been ..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"menthol and sinuses.Generally, on the occasions I get a bad-ish cold, it'll end up paying a visit to my sinuses, and I've found that inhaling menthol crystals in boiling water with a to..."
Posted: by Cody
Last Reply: by Cody
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"Howdy, I just recently got an article I wrote published in a healthcare magazine. It's geard toward healthcare proffessionals, But I thought the HOP community may like it."
Posted: by faery em
Last Reply: by Gnor
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" (i'm not entirely sure that this is the correct forum for this post but...)3 students from the UK are going to travel around the world in 80 ways (yes thats 80 methods of transport, n..."
Posted: by SCRUBS
Last Reply: by Spanner
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"My name is Riki and I have recently split up from my girlfriend carol, the mother of my children, we were trying to be freinds for the kids and our sakes . while we were going out i us..."
Posted: by Zauberdach
Last Reply: by Konsti
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"I was sent this by one of my friends:"Do read this and do this. What these 2 idiot boys did was wrong and DISGUSTING. Do you remember February 1993 when a young 3 yr old was taken from ..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Xopher (aka Mr. Clean)
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"This line is from Europe's proposed Constitution:1. Any discrimination based on any ground such as sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or be..."
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