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Posted:so i passed on the boob job and went straight to the serious stuff ..... ok so i had laser surgury to have moles removed rolleyes but it was much less painful than i expected and was cool to get it done. sadly my health insurance doesnt pick up the bill cos its considered cosmetic frown got me thinking though about cosmetic surgury and what might be cool to get done.

just wondering if anyones had cosmetic surgury, what youve had done and what your experience was like. that or just thoughts on cosmetic surgury in general

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Posted:Written by: Bretch

In my younger days, I had 4 teeth (2 baby, 2 adult) smashed out and a hole put in my lip by some dudes skatebaord (9 stitches in a gap less then half an inch).

I did have a bridge glued in, but it comes out so easy I've given up, haven't had it for over a year, at first I was paranoid about my smile, but that wore off. To get the next best treatment takes 6 months or more, and the cost is waaayyyyyyy too much, I'd rather visit some random country then buy a dentist a new TV

dude - take a visit to south africa - good dentists, modern equipment, all the bells and whistles, and for the price of two crowns done in europe or the UK, you can fly there, spends a few weeks and get 4 crowns done.

they do dental implants there two if that is what you need, again for like 1/5th the price, but as you say, that takes like 3 or 4 months. but heck - you'd still save enough to fly back and forth twice. heck - rent is dirt cheap there - like 100 euros a month for a small flat in a reasonably good area (as long as you aren't living in cape town, which is significantly more expensive), so just hang out and enjoy the country for a while! learn to surf! Go to Kruger park.


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Posted:Written by: newgabe

Oh dear. What happened!!!! Tragic tattoo story???? redface

I have one and a half tattoos, you can see my first (and good one) in my intro.

One day I happened to have money to spend and I just said to my boyfriend at the time, 'I'm gonna get another tattoo'. It's such a stupid story, I'm so ashamed. I love my first one, it's on my left breast (close to my heart) meaning 'tiger'. and the second one is fire, anyway...within about 3 days of healing period, it was still a big scabby thing I got a cracked heel thing (feels like nail filer) and scraped it off because I hated it so much. I've just got the outline left. Now they look like kind of like a yin yang of symbols. Filled in one on the left, outline on the right.

I don't think it would cost that much to get it's just a little outline. My parents know about the first one, but not the second. The day I go to get it removed I'll tell them and then say 'It's okay I've got the money and I'm going on the train to Melbourne to get it removed today....bye!'

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