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i hope not to have set off a negative reaction but would like to know what you all think.

ive read alot of things at the end of posts that say this and it kinda annoys me. its my opinion that you need negative and positive to be balanced. a balanced and truthful discission/argument needs it all. even if the above quote means that whoever said it doesnt want people to think poorly of still annoys me. i want people to not like me. i also want people to like me, but honestly if everyone thought i was a 'good' (or whatever one sided adjetive you want to put in there) then i would be really bored.

so please. someone tell me im an idiot and someone else tell that person why hes an idiot. besides isnt that what a discussion is.

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Posted:You're an idiot biggrin

You're not, and I understand what you mean, but sometimes what's meant is 'I hope I haven't offended anyone on a personal level', which is a good thing. smile

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Posted:what i meant is that i hope that i did not trigger a negative responce in somone to whom the issue might be close to home as such things can set off people with undealt with issues into a bad place by dragging up their most personal experiances

while do want to make friends on this board i make no appologies for my veiws and genuinlly hope to hear as many differnt responce as possible


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Posted:i understand where ur comin from, what i say is what i think..... but im always worried bout what i say.... probs cause i think too much anyways, but im probs one of those peeps who would say that at the end of a point.....cause i dont want to upset or bother anyone in a bad way.... hmmmm i dunno, will have to think bout this.

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Posted:Actually I think it's quite a vulnerable thing to put out your thoughts and feelings in a public arena like this. Even though HoP seems to be one of the kindliest and most respectful forums around.....If someone wrote back like 'yr an idiot' or 'yr thinking is up the spout' or ' what a shallow creep' or whatever, it would be quite hurtful. And everyone else could read it. It's quite an exposed situation. Anyway, spinners in my experience are usually big creampuffs behind all the fire and stuff!

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Posted:Nuff your a moron.........;)

rikstik, its ok to trigger negative responses, trust me on Nuff said its a balance.
like i have said numerous times before in this section, you need negative and possitve, light and dark, there can never be more of one side, i agree with Nuff, you need to have people not like you to balance out the ones that do, other wise the universe is not in balance.......

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Posted:creampuffs ubblol

Nuff, i agree about the balance. I focus on balance a lot. always has to be a devil's advocate to any idea - hence discussion.

I agree with Gabe too, negative as in a personal attack is not tolerable.

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Posted:hey I think i have not made myself clear, i have posted the question in the hope of opening a debate about a subject which i feel needs to be talked about,

i want to hear as many different veiws as possible. but having read about the subject i know that people who have been abused themselve can be trigered into deep psychologic/emotional trauma and it is them the possible one in five whom i do not wish to upset.




erm....can you smell parafin or is it me?

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Posted:by the way I beleive in an abstract equalibrium
kinda like the force or Tao being mixed with budisim and the peacful bits of christianity thrown together.
inshort balance is good as without it we would all fall over smile


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