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Posted: by Pyrolific
Last Reply: by duballstar
Views: 6207    Replies: 37
"Hi everyone,Ive done another vid. this one is a club swinging one, and contains some of the moves that I've talked about in the club swinging thread over the years. I tried to make it a..."
Posted: by Cavedude
Last Reply: by Frodo
Views: 1778    Replies: 6
"Hmm did'nt have a lot to do tonight so i gave my new beaming poi a spin and video taped it.Then i had some more spare time and decided to edit some of my led clips into a mpg movie.So i..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by _Poiboy_
Views: 2527    Replies: 9
"right click->save target as It's in .WMV format... sorry mac users... I just don't have much webspace fire vid globug vid tutorial vid the fire vid is a few months old, and with fi..."
Posted: by Phellan
Last Reply: by ado-p
Views: 1236    Replies: 1
"Ok then. After a few months of saying I'd manage to get some video editing done I've got around to it Unfortunately the big video of a performance that our group did I am gonna rework...."
Posted: by Phellan
Last Reply: by Dragon7
Views: 2233    Replies: 12
"Ok I'm not sure which forum to put this into but since it deals with videos I'll start here and mods put it where it belongs please I've got some video footage of the local spinners at ..."
Posted: by drrr
Last Reply: by arashi
Views: 10259    Replies: 80
"oh my god! it's the amazing rubber heart duo with new amazing double staff video "soy on everything part II - revenge of soy"http://www.rubberheart.com -> video6:51 / 34mbyyeeaahh"
Posted: by Fuero
Last Reply: by Face_NL
Views: 1719    Replies: 5
"This is a link to my first ever firestaff vid. Normally I do poi, but here I picked up my friends staf, so this is newbie staff. You are allowed to laugh, you are allowed to commend.htt..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by PK_
Views: 4702    Replies: 16
"please give me one or upload the 'how to' video from Poi in the park somewhere else (no bandwidth for like 2 months)"
Posted: by Ariad
Last Reply: by Ariad
Views: 1940    Replies: 14
"found a good server ftp://tricks:tricks@"
Posted: by Analemma
Last Reply: by Glss
Views: 1921    Replies: 7
"So you think the way you dance is "strange" ?An absolute classic got an update: Elsewhere Kollaboration 2003 For those of you who dont know Elsewhere (shame on you , its about time): K..."
Posted: by Trid
Last Reply: by PK_
Views: 1546    Replies: 6
"Where is all the cool stuff? You know like all the hot shots talking about their antispin isolating reverses and inverted hyperlooped thingos... I'm outraged, at the amount of names, an..."
Posted: by shivasirons
Last Reply: by King Of Bongo
Views: 1739    Replies: 7
"My vid is now up on Soton Fire...It contains some Doubles Weaves- Poi Style and some other random Double Staff Rep.Look for Jared's Vid on SFS if you are interested.http://www.soton-fir..."
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by TheWibbler
Views: 5524    Replies: 29
"I HAVE TO LEARN THIS MOVE !please, someone with filming equipment make an atomic weave vid...thanks in advance,(`)P (`)"
Posted: by Rovo
Views: 1259    Replies: 0
Posted: by KaelGotRice
Last Reply: by thor
Views: 5566    Replies: 36
"errmmm... NYC told me to post this, so here it is.Enjoy.:edit oopsie try this...www.krakan.org/KaelGotRice/KaelHalloween2004rmx.wmvI wish I could toss 2 at a time and turn... and yes, t..."
Posted: by Ariad
Last Reply: by Ariad
Views: 1765    Replies: 7
"Here is a link to a good sampler.It's of Chriss Mark (Chan, Kikz) from Team Ryouko.http://web43.server-drome.net/downloads/chanbosampler.rarTook me sometime but I mananged to learn all ..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 15176    Replies: 98
"at great request the extended confusatron has been captured on film along with a bunch of other cool stuff, ill post a link once i get the footage edited brace yourself if you have neve..."
Posted: by King Of Bongo
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 2943    Replies: 22
"hello!have just finished making a very silly video with some new ideas i've been playing with since last weekend...can someone host it for me pls? Ben"EDIT: might as well use the same ..."
Posted: by roarfire
Last Reply: by kiteman
Views: 1178    Replies: 4
" hope it works for you guys"
Posted: by Trid
Last Reply: by oli
Views: 1404    Replies: 2
"Okay I've got some videos, but I don't have any space for them. If anyone knows of some preferrably free space, I would need about 100mb so I can add to my collection... if not, well I ..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by (_..:::N!NTENDO BO!:::.._)
Views: 2584    Replies: 16
"Jus lil' ol me Lots of drops near the end - but I pulled it off eventually If you could Right Click and "Save Target As..."Durbs"
Posted: by untroddenways
Last Reply: by LazyAngel
Views: 1389    Replies: 2
"From one of the members of "eldsjl", Mr Salza, are some great clips from firesessions all over sweden!Check out www.salza.se"
Posted: by hogasm
Last Reply: by Pink...?
Views: 2438    Replies: 6
"hey, finally got some decent footage for viewing. 'bout time i know. stream it or download it, you choose. enjoy. :}http://www.poisedinfire.com/gallery2.html"
Posted: by arashi
Last Reply: by DeepSoulSheep
Views: 1938    Replies: 13
"Ummmm... does anybody know the laws pertaining to use of someone else's music for a streamed video of a dance performance? I'm wanting to put a routine or two up on our site but I don't..."
Posted: by eddicted2dnb
Last Reply: by LazyAngel
Views: 1859    Replies: 10
"well I hope this works for u people to see students.uat.edu/keeead/Desert Sessions v2 Fire and Glow.exe link to movieIts a video someone made it is is a bink thing so u dont need a p..."
Posted: by Dio
Last Reply: by Dio
Views: 1808    Replies: 9
"Hey all!After a request or two I've encoded and shared my entire first burn at the Hafla (party with the belly dancers) so the spinning is a bit more visible than in Dan's more artistic..."
Posted: by kiteman
Last Reply: by kiteman
Views: 1588    Replies: 3
"Finnally got around to doing another vid.I'm around the 7 month mark now.My 1st vid with fire. kept it simple as I'm still not very confident when there alight. 2nd vid Enjoy"
Posted: by Psi
Last Reply: by Glss
Views: 17906    Replies: 53
"Hello people,finally, finally managed to cut together a little video for you from all of us down here in Bristol <img border="0" title="" alt="&lbr;Smile&rbr;" src="images/icons/s..."
Posted: by alterego
Last Reply: by Stongsfire
Views: 1765    Replies: 8
"This ain't me, but I bet you can guess my next hobby =)http://www.footbagcanada.com/videos/Fire%20Footbag%20gone%20bad%20-%20hacky%20sack%20lg.wmv"
Posted: by DJ Dantana
Last Reply: by eddicted2dnb
Views: 1753    Replies: 10
"But as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Here is the first video, (hopefully with more to come) of the combined talents of the Tribal Stars of Aalim Dance Academy and the Oklahoma ..."
Posted: by StarRizer
Last Reply: by fraggle
Views: 2022    Replies: 6
"Yeah, here's an extended vid of Toxic rocking the crowd at HIN, which is a popular Japanese car show in the United States... http://www.gyralauroras.com/I was actually going to go that ..."
Posted: by mech
Last Reply: by mech
Views: 6852    Replies: 74
"Am I the only one noticing a change in the style of videos being produced?When I joined over a yr ago now (how sad is that?) the first set of videos that I downloaded were the small boy..."
Posted: by Astar
Last Reply: by mech
Views: 3685    Replies: 10
"make sure to watch the test video. He did that at a full sprint and it's perfectly smooth except for some side to side shake now and then and that's because he only used one hand http:..."
Posted: by Mint Sauce
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 1422    Replies: 4
"What I consider to be a cool vid of the first Manchester Meetup 2004 I hope Rob dosent mind me posting this link up hear if so let me know. Hopefully someone else can host it for us I'm..."
Posted: by vanize
Last Reply: by oli
Views: 1247    Replies: 3
"ok, I suppose I could put this also in the Help section or technical discussion section, but since it is video related...I want to post some videos here from my weekend in London at "sp..."
Posted: by KaelGotRice
Last Reply: by KaelGotRice
Views: 2454    Replies: 11
"Hi everyone!My name is Kael. I've been lurking on HoP and PiP for quite awhile. I post on glowsticking.com, because those are what I use. But I decided to give back a bit to HoP - so h..."
Posted: by ShawnF
Last Reply: by Leif
Views: 2208    Replies: 10
"While I've been out of the poi scene for a bit now, I still love it and try to keep it in my mind. An opportunity came up for some possible cross-pollination between different "skill ob..."
Posted: by t0xic
Last Reply: by fraggle
Views: 2126    Replies: 6
"yeah here is my stringing vid i made in mid july, i was two months out of practice, and my friend wanted to film me...youll see multibeat weaves, multibeat butterfly weaves, wraps, toss..."
Posted: by Ariad
Last Reply: by Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
Views: 2181    Replies: 12
"I once thought about a short preformence set, and then a friend of mine filmed it.It's only one trick in different variations, but I think it's nice. When I'll get my video disc on the ..."
Posted: by mixinluv2u
Last Reply: by fraggle
Views: 3343    Replies: 20
"This is a video of Glowsticking.com's gathering @ Electric Daisy Carnival 2004.footage from the Ultracircle is also included. The Ultracircle represents our philosophy of community, tog..."
Posted: by FlameChild
Last Reply: by FlameChild
Views: 1371    Replies: 4
"Hello folks!Here is my second video! Unfortunatly the most recent poi-footage in this video is over a year old, so I have gotten better. Actually some of the footage is from my first sh..."
Posted: by crafty_method
Last Reply: by fluffy napalm fairy
Views: 2042    Replies: 5
"Hey how are ya's. My name is Ben Ellis and im an amature film maker in Albany WA and were making a local short film which will only be a little above a music video, but were looking for..."
Posted: by Orbit
Last Reply: by Orbit
Views: 2055    Replies: 8
"Not quite my best spin... and as usual forgot to do a bunch of stuff (just didn't go with the moment) but wanted to get something out there for people to see. Sorry for the size (38meg..."
Posted: by babaganouj
Last Reply: by crafty_method
Views: 2350    Replies: 12
"It is really sloppy, but whatever."
Posted: by hogasm
Views: 1139    Replies: 0
Posted: by Puk
Last Reply: by mech
Views: 3345    Replies: 12
"I've just got this brad new video camera . And it just will not load up to my lap top . I've read the manual's and i've got everything and done everything wright . Help Please"
Posted: by OrangeBobo
Last Reply: by OrangeBobo
Views: 2061    Replies: 15
"And make yourself right at home! Plenty of room here!Today, we are offering this as our in-stay video! I hope you enjoy!*NOTE: Please don't stream! Right click, and save as, please, be..."
Posted: by n8xx
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 2012    Replies: 7
"does any body have a good video of isolations, hyperloops, flutterby, fountain, advanced poi tricks, or a 3 section staff video???"
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by howwoward
Views: 2139    Replies: 10
"Post deleted by onewheeldave"
Posted: by meep
Last Reply: by grasshoppah
Views: 1822    Replies: 8
"I got a friend to take video of me this afternoon, excuse the background noise, it was windy. here for beginner poi-ness And if there is a name for the thing I'm doing at the end (where..."
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