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Posted: by afre1111
Last Reply: by LazyAngel
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"Hey everybody I have a school project called "Portland Oddessy" and I am either gonna put together a video or a photo album but I was wonderin if any of you have any photography tips? a..."
Posted: by ataxia
Last Reply: by Klaymen
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"Just uploaded a couple of new poi vids. (They're Div-X encoded) Admittedly they're not super smooth. The meteor videos are about 2 months old now so you can pretty much ignore them. I'm..."
Posted: by PyroWill
Last Reply: by Lavatwilight
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"Step roight up Step Roight up!After Tobi uploading his vid I decided I couldnt hack the competition and did one myself, which is pretty crap and cos I really compressed it to 25MB the q..."
Posted: by Mint Sauce
Last Reply: by Cantus
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Posted: by Mint Sauce
Last Reply: by minimaniac
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Posted: by Mint Sauce
Last Reply: by bender
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"Post deleted by Mint Sauce"
Posted: by _pOp_
Last Reply: by Dragon7
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"ok, recently I came upon a server that was made for this.basically what it means for people wanting to download a file, is that they get put in a queue after clicking through 2 pages. t..."
Posted: by Mint Sauce
Last Reply: by Cantus
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Posted: by PyroWill
Last Reply: by PyroWill
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"Not a great one and will probably expire soon after 7 days till i reupload it, let me know when it stops working so i can reload it.I'm not a great staff spinner but here we go My staf..."
Posted: by Psi
Last Reply: by ben-ja-men
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"Ok, i finally got round to sorting these out, they are well overdue but now all nicely all together on a new server (sponsored by our little friend from bristol )Two new videos ou..."
Posted: by MillenniuM
Last Reply: by LazyAngel
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"Anyone know what song it is? Sounds like Radiohead but I'm not sure."
Posted: by Antti_Everything
Last Reply: by Dunc
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"The promotional trailer for a 25 minute show called "Kaunopalo" from the Tuliryhm Glow from Finland 35 mb http://www.rubberheart...."
Posted: by Antti_Everything
Last Reply: by Antti_Everything
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"A bit of Kontakt and some 3 staffs.. And a nice beat. Not quite the usual RHD quality but i guess worth checking out.. or rhd_theantti.avi &lbr;2:20 15mb&rbr;"
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Gnor
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"can be found here for u miss meg "
Posted: by Mint Sauce
Last Reply: by PK_
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Posted: by coleman
Last Reply: by mech
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"so i lost premiere i got a bunch of stuff for my computer including a new hard drive.i was reinstalling everything and when i got around to putting premiere on, i found the cd had died..."
Posted: by Antti_Everything
Last Reply: by _pOp_
Views: 2168    Replies: 13
"oh my god! it's the amazing rubber heart duo with the original amazing double staff video "soy on everything part I" and here you have the intro which was cut out of the video put on th..."
Posted: by Calis
Last Reply: by Calis
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"i swear i didnt drop it right click> save as for both one two"
Posted: by Melemel
Last Reply: by mech
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"This is more of an experiment in using flash to stream video..the spinning isnt fancy - its amazing how out of practise i am after spending the winter sat on my sofa! Be interested to s..."
Posted: by Y.T.
Last Reply: by spiralx
Views: 3289    Replies: 23
"hey hey,just posted a mini vid in my gallery section. It;s a bit of a taster y i wait for my PC to get it's act together so i can edit a longer funkier one with music and all that jazz..."
Posted: by MillenniuM
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 1403    Replies: 8
" and sloppy as a wet noodle, no music to spin to, but hey, who's complaining? constructive criticism PLEASE, you won't hurt ..."
Posted: by mixinluv2u
Last Reply: by Beth
Views: 2941    Replies: 11
"We had quite a gathering over Thanksgiving break. There are some freehand glowsticking, and some glowstringing featured. about 4-5 people were using LEDsticks made by me, you can see ..."
Posted: by RobertBruce
Last Reply: by The Real Fryed Fish
Views: 1156    Replies: 1
" My First Vid Here is my first real video that is over 30sec... It is not a very good attempt and the quality is poor... I had very little room, it was very cold and a cheap webcam... o..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Dunc
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"i met dave at the adelaide fringe this week and wow did i learn massive amounts of new contact tricks. so im sitting here with a ton of amazing contact footage from the past week and da..."
Posted: by Naganootch
Last Reply: by TheBovrilMonkey
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"I read all the text diagrams and yada yada but the anti-spin still escapes my understanding. Now we have people doing anti-spin splt time butterfly bussaw back flip 360 mctwists........."
Posted: by MillenniuM
Last Reply: by Puresock
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"www.yousendit.comType in any email address for the recipient's name, doesn't matter. Copy and paste the link it gives in to this forum to share a video. Instant 700 kbps (for me) vide..."
Posted: by Spacecow00x
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
Views: 2068    Replies: 15
"extremely short video by me doing a hyperloop that i dont know the name of, so any help in identifying it would be great, i would love to know the name because i love the trick so mucha..."
Posted: by ataxia
Last Reply: by Nate
Views: 1642    Replies: 6
"I have posted a couple of poi vids in my member gallery: are both from the same run, but I had to split them i..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by fluffy napalm fairy
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"so one thing ive noticed is that theres loads of videos and very little constructive critisicm, i find trying to get constructive critisicm is alot like pulling teeth using jellybeans !..."
Posted: by Matthew_Ne
Last Reply: by heXus
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"Hey all, FireJive (our spinning group based in Southern Connecticut) has put up our first video. Please go easy on our bandwidth, I'm working on a better hosting solution right now.The ..."
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by PhreakArmada
Views: 2010    Replies: 14
"How do you chose whcih song you want for a video?Do you chose the song as you are starting to edit... or do you pick a song.. then go "I want to make a video to this music". No...tit re..."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by fNi
Views: 1788    Replies: 5
"Some videos we not uploadable previously as the server upload setting was set too low.Some of you may not be aware that this has now been fixed.We also have a new high speed dedicated s..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by T&B
Views: 2829    Replies: 19
"i quickly put this together for a post on tribe and decided im going to clean up all the moves on the video so any feedback would be great its in my photo gallery enjoy"
Posted: by Socks
Last Reply: by arsn
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"Ok, weirdo alert. I've got videos up on the web. Here's the 2.6 meg version and here is the 4.9 meg version. It's a little less than 90 seconds. So I'm no Martin Scorsazie... So..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"over on SFS Cabaret Saute is back.enjoyR"
Posted: by ataxia
Last Reply: by Spacecow00x
Views: 1391    Replies: 3
"Posted three meteor vids onto my member gallery. They are all in dix x compression, and I hope they work . a..."
Posted: by rbmnyc
Last Reply: by Kupsch
Views: 2753    Replies: 23
"a new video out of NY - fire poi and some fire hoop and great editing by Dee. check it out and let us know what you think: A Funk Dee Film "
Posted: by Red_RaveN
Last Reply: by The Real Fryed Fish
Views: 1810    Replies: 5
"Done by Corel R.A.V.E. 2.0, hope this will make some lessons on a site Im currently making.. Flash format, not sure what version, Save As... because the shity free server doesnt suppo..."
Posted: by Shok
Last Reply: by tigga
Views: 12343    Replies: 62
"I know I havent posted on here in a LONG time but I recently finished making a video that captures the best glowstringers in San Antonio Texas. We are very poi oriented in our glowstri..."
Posted: by Dio
Last Reply: by Dio
Views: 2439    Replies: 15
"OK, finally got it edited after about a month of hard work during what little spare time I got We've been doing the Festival for the student groups for... going on 3 years now, and ever..."
Posted: by ado-p
Last Reply: by TheBovrilMonkey
Views: 1947    Replies: 15
"editedso, I have a 1000 meg email account that you can have the password to if you want to share a vid thats less then 10 megs.easy as."
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by Mint Sauce
Views: 1974    Replies: 13
"well the title says it all....i was asked to compress this new video last night so i did... i wish to share it but i have no where to upload it too!im way to skint to afford a new serve..."
Posted: by Red_RaveN
Last Reply: by PK_
Views: 4799    Replies: 26
" CLICK!! enjoy & comment... first version... will be updated constantly as far as I will be able to make new tricks... "
Posted: by RobertBruce
Last Reply: by spiralx
Views: 1881    Replies: 10
"Hello, I have been working on the split time butterfly weave and still don't have it down but here is a little vid. I need to clean it up and make it Vidswww..."
Posted: by Nate
Last Reply: by Lavatwilight
Views: 1278    Replies: 3
"I REALLY wanna learn this but i cant remember what the trick does..someone please help meee/ would help if there was a bit of half matrix thing in there too"
Posted: by raych
Last Reply: by T&B
Views: 1728    Replies: 8
" the video <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />Rachel"
Posted: by Dio
Last Reply: by Socks
Views: 2172    Replies: 10
"Following in the tradition of showing off our individual performances at this burn, we've posted Ms. Aurora's footage that Dan caught on his camera. Music is all original from the part..."
Posted: by Ifrit
Last Reply: by ben-ja-men
Views: 2121    Replies: 12
"I just put a little diabolo vid in my gallery. Its not long, one take no muic as it was done on my digital camera but the moves not bad. I would love to do a proper fire diabolo vid but..."
Posted: by Pyrolific
Last Reply: by duballstar
Views: 6188    Replies: 37
"Hi everyone,Ive done another vid. this one is a club swinging one, and contains some of the moves that I've talked about in the club swinging thread over the years. I tried to make it a..."
Posted: by Cavedude
Last Reply: by Frodo
Views: 1759    Replies: 6
"Hmm did'nt have a lot to do tonight so i gave my new beaming poi a spin and video taped it.Then i had some more spare time and decided to edit some of my led clips into a mpg movie.So i..."
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