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Posted: by Bram....
Last Reply: by Diedo
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"In hier wir sprechen deutsch, ja?Wie geht ihr?"
Posted: by Frodo
Last Reply: by Phil Reilly
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"Tonight i became one of 69 record holders..We Hold the record for the most amount of fire breathers breathing fire on q!!Granada, (ITV) came to stone henge tonight, and let us in the ci..."
Posted: by Zazie
Last Reply: by Phil Reilly
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"So, many people have been asking me about the World Record Attempt at Play 2006.Basically the reason it wasn't an official Guiness World Record was some beaurocratic crap: a) One of the..."
Posted: by ElementalEnt
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"Hey,My name is Kitty, and I work with Elemental Entertainment and we are currently looking for fire poi artistfire breathers any other kind of poi you may do.We have several upcoming ev..."
Posted: by Fire_Moose
Last Reply: by xXBassAckwrdsXx
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"i kinda feel bad about making this post but i looked for an answer, and i loked for another place to ask this but nothign seemed right.with the whole nutella/marmite/vegemite dialectic ..."
Posted: by Neo020179
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"Hi there, I'm looking for some spinners in and around Warwick. The thing is am looking for a couple for our wedding reception which is going to be a huge party in a field so at night th..."
Posted: by christianl
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"Hi, we're looking for LED poi performers for a live show in Knoxville on Friday, June 8. We'll be shooting a video of the show and would like to add some visuals and extra fun. This is ..."
Posted: by jordanmarchonma
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"Hello! I spin fire for fun and am looking to get into a community of performers for the purpose of sharing knowledge. I am located on the Big Island of Hawaii and was hoping this shout-..."
Posted: by toe
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"The carrier came in a very nice very little bag and folded up moderately tiny. but attributable to the padding, its not specifically one thing you may simply contribute your bag to req..."
Posted: by Bam Bam
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"This is my entry for the Kinetic Fire video contest. Pleeaasssseeee give it a watch and share it with everyone you know xD "
Posted: by kbender
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"Hello All!My name is Karen; I have been recently contracted by Glow House Kids in Butler New Jersey to secure a Poi Spinner (lights) for a children's party on May 6th. Would you be will..."
Posted: by taztastic
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"I've noticed that some people were not aware that you could change your password from the default one. If you want your own password follow these 5 easy steps!!!1. Go to "My Profile" wh..."
Posted: by firestaff:)
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"is anyone in Barcelona at the moment who would be up for a fire spin "
Posted: by Brian_Perez
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"Anyone that uses foxy socks have this issue? it just feels to jumpy and stretchy i was thinking of washing them a buncha times or force stretching them. Any ideas would be greatly appre..."
Posted: by fpoi
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"The a lot of adequate Ergo babyish carrier I even accept tried, it finer distributes babys weight through your hips, appropriately your aback doesnt ache. And its a accessible abridg..."
Posted: by Zephyre Phoenix
Last Reply: by Ascilith
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"Well there's far too little foolishness going on in the social chat area since last time I was here, so here's something that I was thinking about aimlessly the other day... Every spin..."
Posted: by Indie
Last Reply: by Indie
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"Hey everyone, new to POI and here but since it's getting sunnier again, thought I'd look into finding out if there's somewhere in London where spinners go to play in the evenings or wee..."
Posted: by oscurochu
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"I recently sold a pair of poi to a friend who was moving out of state. I made the handles using 1/2in kevlar tape. I just spoke to him today and he told me the handles broke. I sewed th..."
Posted: by FireBear39
Last Reply: by G4dget
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"Hello all, i live in mount vernon washington and would love to learn the art of spinning and right now i am looking for a teacher, mentor, or guide whatever you wish to call it, so i mi..."
Posted: by This Jaded Flesh
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"Durbs. Or I think that was his name and firetom. I'm still lacking babies from them both. Naughty men you two. Plain naughty!"
Posted: by jimbirly
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"A real cozy a . m ., This loved one in Monster dre best addition to I truly traveled to middle park your automotive, creating an excellent conversation. Suddendly, variety people receiv..."
Posted: by randyrhoads
Last Reply: by randyrhoads
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"All these videos and written information on fire eating / firebreathing advise on taking activated charcoal before preforming, but activated charcoal is contraindicated for ingestion of..."
Posted: by Palmeru
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"The state of Kerala lies between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats in South India. It is rightly known as Gods Own Country due to its rich scenic beauty and cool climate. It is f..."
Posted: by PridefulWiccan
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"Wanting to spin some fire tonight real bad but I can't tell if it's too windy. Right now my weather report is saying there is a south wind of 16mph. Is that too high a winds? This is go..."
Posted: by EddieGoJam
Last Reply: by michael_kober
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"What's up guys. I spin alone or at festivals but I really don't know a lot of other spinners in the central NJ area. If anyone gets together and spins I'd love to hang. I usually just d..."
Posted: by spitt48
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"S'up fellow poi-ersI live in Fremantle, western Australia and was looking for a group of people who spin fire or LED or whatever I wanna learn some new tricks..!!!let me know..!!!"
Posted: by PatH
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Hey does anyone know if its OK to travel by plane with poi in your luggage?"
Posted: by hawaiian_honey
Last Reply: by Tu Wahine
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"i was wondering if anyone has anything to say about this form of fire dancing."
Posted: by forrest morgan
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"we need more people to come out and say fire sesion at my place all we need is a good size backyard or concreet surface and some freinds there is three of us out in sherwood park and we..."
Posted: by gypsylove
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"I really like spinnning with length and weight. I ran across some weighted glow poi with tails at a party in North Carolina a few years back and loved them. Looking to purchase someth..."
Posted: by ColtonB
Last Reply: by ColtonB
Views: 1583    Replies: 4
"Just got some led glow poi which have fiber optic leashes, these things are amazing.They are brighter than flowtoys and have very similar modes as ninjas. Very soft poi head, only downs..."
Posted: by pureenergy
Last Reply: by Sierrad
Views: 4928    Replies: 16
"Hey everyone i just wondered how many florida people were on this board? I was wondering if we could setup a meet or something for the florida people, it would be interesting to meet so..."
Posted: by justin_jayjohn2
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" our first tech blog for 2012 more to come"
Posted: by nataliadance
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"Hello Everyone! I am a female DJ/producer and I have started my collection of spinning mixes- "Spin to Me"The first 70 minute mix is an electro-house (also known as house musi..."
Posted: by MusicalTNT
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"So I remember these LEDs: Used to be sold here, but I can't find em, what ever happened to em?"
Posted: by tadpole
Last Reply: by This Jaded Flesh
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"I have a dilemna, and it's driving me insane. In order that anyone else can understand it, a bit of background first...I come from Zimbabwe, which I left after being caught in ten riots..."
Posted: by Fi-R-afi
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"Hi, I am in Brazil for a couple of weeks and I brought my fire poi. I usually spin with white gas (petroleum naphtha) in the US, but I'm not quite sure where to find any in Brazil.What ..."
Posted: by miigear
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"Hellow guys just here wats sup... Just here take a look at this guy from youtube his a fire spiner he makes fire failiure videos his youtube c hannel is Divinitascrew."
Posted: by DanMan4555
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"A picture of a person using poi has been submitted to be on the label of bottles of Jones Soda. If it gets enough votes it will make it to the label. Anyone interested in helping spread..."
Posted: by razedinflames
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"Accommodation in a dance studio for SPINNERS/ DANCERS/ ACTIVE PEOPLE available in BURLEIGH HEADS. The studio is located a short drive from the Burleigh heads beach and offers a positiv..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by thirteen
Views: 66763    Replies: 101
"Drug Free Spinning.Over the years I've noticed that a lot of people associate spinning with drugs and clubbing; recently I've had a few discussions with spinners who, like me, don't tak..."
Posted: by FirePoi-boy
Last Reply: by Mynci
Views: 4025    Replies: 8
"Hey guys,I just started card throwing and was wondering if anyone else does it. but what i really wanted was some tips.I can get a fair bit of distance but they always veer off to the l..."
Posted: by StompinHippy
Last Reply: by merku
Views: 1795    Replies: 6
"Hey guys I have a problem with Hyper loops I can't figure out. Entering is fine, moving is fine, I'm having trouble with the exiting. When do you know and which way do you exit?"
Posted: by Axist
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" out my new tune I just released and give it a spin."
Posted: by Munks
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Views: 2562    Replies: 2
" got a new Fire staff... where is a good place to find tutorials? other than here?"
Posted: by miigear
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"Mmm i was wondering if there could be any way of this page goin mobile it would make it way more esier and intresting. Because i dont have a computer and i use my phone an dc i cant wat..."
Posted: by agnieszkapoland
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"HiI'm a juggler from Poland and... I bet with my friend about one thing... Our friend Iza (she is a juggler too) has birthday for 3 weeks and in spite of this fact my friend told me tha..."
Posted: by ColtonB
Last Reply: by adeathlyaura
Views: 1134    Replies: 5
"I am kinda confused on the little note on the shipping page.Does this mean that if I order to usa right now I wont get my stuff until after Christmas?"
Posted: by digitaldervish
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"Been spinning over a year now and love it!... Wish there had been this kind of community when I first saw Poi and thought I would like to get into it (10 yrs ago now!). So there have to..."
Posted: by kepki2003
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
Views: 3734    Replies: 12
"Calling all poi spinners living in or near ann arbor,mi! Too long have I practiced alone. We need to unite and start something. E-mail me if your in the area."
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