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Bam Bam
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Posted:So I'm kinda new to HoP. I been trying to post and get involved for a while, but it's really difficult because the basic move forums are mostly about moves I learned a long time ago, and the advanced move forums are intensely complex with trigonometry and physics and all sorts of poi terms that are difficult to understand..... how did you guys get into the flow of the HoP forums and start to understand everything people are talking about?

What, me worry?

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Carpal \'Tunnel

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Posted:Congratulations at making me come out of retirement to post here, on this awesome board again. smile

I thought you were the Bambam I know and love, the LisaBam, from years gone by - hence I was confused and wondering what had caused you to post back again. confused2

But nay, it was a new breed of Bammers, one I doubt was named after the noise she made in Judo class, all those many years ago...

Erm... where was I?
Ah yes..
The beginners moves is just that - beginners stuff. People asking what the difference between 2 and a 3 beat weave is..
The advanced forum is also what it says: advanced. Though, not so advanced that no one can understand. It might just take a little time. Have a delve deeper into the Matrix
. smile
Poi, in my opinion, hit a climax in what I call "my hayday", though I am very out of touch with the Poi scene these days. Poi exploded, and we were the forerunners and pioneers of the art. It far from dying, however, so don't misinterpret me on that front by any means.

Sh1t got real.
People met up in real life and moves were invented and entire families of moves were thought up. Anti-spin, isolations and hybrids for example.

Have a read, have a search, have a wander round the boards as lonely as a cloud. Ask questions, meet people, become the next wave of inspiration to the poi community. Have fun and play lots. And don't forget to pee. Never forget to pee.



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Posted:If you do have questions about stuff in the advanced section, feel free to PM me and I will try to explain as best I can.

If that helps.

UCOF: I also thought it was Lisa, whom I never saw post, but was in some of the old threads I read through. wink

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Posted:And if Jon's Eloquent post doesn't help I suggest trying to get to a meet or convention. Loads of workshops and always easier to ask and be shown directly.

Also try looking on the HoP Library or even youtube for videos to help explain what you read Yuta, G, thomas nevisoul, durbs et al or other names on the boards in the video title should help you recognise stuff as they will use names of moves frequented on the boards.

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.


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Posted:I'm new around here, but I feel the same way. I learned most of what I know from a couple workshops I took-now I feel like I'm really good at beginner moves but not yet advanced for the advanced. I'm totally stuck. Specifically, I'm trying to start learning behind the back moves. And flowers, which I have the basic moves of, but can't dance/turn around/look free with it.

I wish I had the money and time to go to a workshop, maybe next year. Argh, it's frustrating.

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