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Posted:haven't seen this topic around in a while and I figure there are probably some newer options out there, so here goes:

needing to pick up a camera and a camcorder for fire. camera for still pictures with long exposure to make those pretty light patterns we all love about poi. camcorder to capture spinning for training (and ok, for showing off on youtube a little).

what kinds of qualities should I be looking for? any specific examples of cameras that are really good at this sort of thing? what do you use, and how well does it work for you?

halp me out, obi-HoP-kenobi. you're my only hope.

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Posted:well, i just bought a fuji finepix sp2940 14mega pixle and its perfect. This camera has many features and has hd recoreder on its which is awesome. as far as what kind i would say to get, just make sure its something that has an optical zoom(which is like what u see with your eyes)and make sure it has a option where u can change the apature and brightness, cause thats where the tracers come in. the one i have the apature or shutter speed will stay open up to eight sec which is more than long enough. really, all u need is one that will at least stay open 1.5 to 2 seconds hope this helps a little bit

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