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Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"Temperature in New York City was about 100F (39C) and humid. More tomorrow.I can't get the temperature in my apartment below 85F (30C) in spite of 21,000 BTU's of cooling power. It's ..."
Posted: by Digital
Last Reply: by sketch
Views: 445    Replies: 4
"They will automaticly slam together and go hurling towards your head or genitals! who knew a sock filled with rice could be so smart! "
Posted: by Loewan
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 947    Replies: 4
"Just saw this on the BBC news site. Even though only a small percentage of us do fire eating, I think it still applies to all of us when safety is concerned.http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/e..."
Posted: by ag4111
Last Reply: by wolfbro001
Views: 802    Replies: 9
"Hi, I'm new to this internet forum malarky, just thought I'd drop by and say hello to all you wonderful poi-lovers "
Posted: by pookupoi
Last Reply: by Neon_Shaolin
Views: 1911    Replies: 21
"I to try and push the limits. I've performed up trees, on top of moving vehicles and my most daring - in the middle of a roundabout!Where have you performed (dangerous places only)"
Posted: by GazLightaPoi
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 1408    Replies: 8
"The 'triple headed weaving wall of fire' seems to be my most daring trick yet.....it came to me in a vision one night whilst trying to camp on the beach in the depths of a Mescaline ses..."
Posted: by PoiMeansPrizes
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 690    Replies: 21
" Coz it's my favourite weather condition for doing Poi in."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by House_of_Poin
Views: 8390    Replies: 43
"I'd always heard of breakbeat music... there are so many different styles of hip-hop and techno that I guess I just never really got to sit down and listen to it specificly until this l..."
Posted: by preambled
Last Reply: by fickle
Views: 2874    Replies: 13
"Hello everybody,I don't know how you all feel about chat - discussion boards are cool, but I much prefer to _chat_ in real time.Unfortunately I'm not much of a fan of chatting through a..."
Posted: by MiSsFrOg
Last Reply: by Mr_Identity_Crisis
Views: 4232    Replies: 36
"i dont know if this was posted before but I just wanna know before i spin fire what is everyones worst injury...i know for me ive been spinning glowsticks since december 00' and I've wa..."
Posted: by Rovo
Last Reply: by GazLightaPoi
Views: 3666    Replies: 32
"I have read a couple books about dreaming and in both of them they said people who are more creative, are musicians, like fantsy and science fiction, and other creative imaginative thin..."
Posted: by House_of_Poin
Last Reply: by fNi
Views: 1532    Replies: 22
"Perform with your Poi in it, man "
Posted: by misscorinthian
Last Reply: by maus
Views: 793    Replies: 9
"I'm looking for a bit of help from you lovely people- I am trying to find some images to help me with some visualisation excersises I am doing at the moment. Basically there are six "fe..."
Posted: by llesser_nllpois
Last Reply: by llesser_nllpois
Views: 966    Replies: 18
"hello everybody i am new and i love poi "
Posted: by GothFrogette
Last Reply: by Spike18
Views: 4844    Replies: 47
"Ok guys this is where i need you to put your thinking caps on as i am about out of ideas.The problem: What to do with the kids over the 6 weeks holidays that cost no money what so ever ..."
Posted: by spudmonkey
Last Reply: by alien_oddity
Views: 744    Replies: 11
"First, the dealer might be a copcould some one explain this to me surely a cop would be better off posing as a regular rave head that buys to ensnare dealers rather than a dealer to e..."
Posted: by Miranda (mewcat)
Last Reply: by Miranda (mewcat)
Views: 664    Replies: 5
"Just in case anyone missed me...The last 6 months' travelling was FANTASTIC.Skully - your hoop was awesome and now belongs to a sweet little girl in Thailand after I decided I could alw..."
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by CalvinKlown
Views: 1401    Replies: 15
"I'm really bad at remembering peoples names and when it comes to film stars I'm even worse. As a kid I used to watch loads of black and white movies with my dad. All the way through the..."
Posted: by Birgit
Last Reply: by Skulduggery
Views: 12888    Replies: 26
"Ouch! Just got my very first ear infection, at 27!! Didn't realise how annoying they are Now being dizzy and hearing funny doesn't really bother me that much, but the lymph nodes just u..."
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by Pen Draven
Views: 1610    Replies: 27
" One for the UKers. Oh dear. Personally... I've never had a problem with the man. "
Posted: by Diciple_Of_Ares
Last Reply: by RaveRepresent
Views: 390    Replies: 6
"i HATE where i live... im right at the top of what is considered "south florida" and there is NO ONE here who spins poi. im having SUCH trouble learning because i NEED someone who can t..."
Posted: by NOn
Last Reply: by Seb
Views: 2068    Replies: 21
"i'm trying to use Flash for a project at the moment, this is exactly how it is... http://abum.com/file/shadow/animations/17632.swf"
Posted: by GILLYG
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 801    Replies: 4
"Post deleted by GILLYG"
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Birgit
Views: 16149    Replies: 224
"i thought that this was just totally ace and had to share it1. We're not as perverted as you think we all are. 2. No matter what YOU say, your ex-boyfriend IS a LOSER. 3. We like you to..."
Posted: by icklepurklegirl
Last Reply: by alien_oddity
Views: 5323    Replies: 84
"Well, i'm increasingly noticing posts (especially in the Play section ) saying'oooh, there was this hot boy/girl at this fest but I was too scared/drunk to talk to them'Well, heres you..."
Posted: by Igirisujin
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
Views: 1136    Replies: 17
"Im sick of getting ripped off on batteries. There such a rip off! If you want to spin to some music outside you need a portable cd player. The buggers need 8 batteries and you dont even..."
Posted: by JtJ
Last Reply: by MiG
Views: 1456    Replies: 13
"How to ... ... wiggle Guy BrowningSaturday July 8, 2006The Guardian "Pleasure is wiggle shaped. Think about the last time you wiggled and it's a pretty good bet that you were having fun..."
Posted: by RaveRepresent
Last Reply: by Firetramp
Views: 4665    Replies: 21
"Hey all, my baby sister is on the way! ive been in the waiting room for about ten hours. the baby us expected anywhere from now, til two hours. Her name will be Mirana Marie Alvarez. Go..."
Posted: by darkhorse445
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 637    Replies: 15
"right its my birth day today and i want to start my own forum so here goes well done poi for about 3weeks gosh its hard at time but i love to fool around like using a trapoline at the s..."
Posted: by VampyricAcid
Last Reply: by [noodles]
Views: 397    Replies: 13
"OK i need help proving to a friend that hobbies are the best way to meet new people, and she doesnt believe how many people i have met/have been introduced to over the past year due to ..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Loki_the_trickster
Views: 1147    Replies: 38
"So it started off when I went to find my car. They're shooting a movie on my block called "The Brave One." Apparently it might have Jodie Foster in it, although I haven't seen her. S..."
Posted: by RaveRepresent
Last Reply: by RaveRepresent
Views: 392    Replies: 8
"i just noticed how stupid i am.. i just ordered small mura poi... am i going to light my hands on fire? am i going to explode..? goodbye cruel world... "
Posted: by Dangerousmind66
Last Reply: by Neon_Shaolin
Views: 3278    Replies: 53
"Here's my dilemma, all you fine Hop ladies out there. I am a hairy man, and I enjoy having my facial hair. I keep it trimmed and all, none of the cave man style going on here. While ..."
Posted: by Dunc
Last Reply: by toxicca
Views: 5451    Replies: 47
"ok, I currently have one piercing, I won't put a piccy of it up cuz it's in a place that the moderators won't like if you catch my drift! But at the end of Jan me, my girlf, her bro and..."
Posted: by envie
Last Reply: by tartanfairy
Views: 1110    Replies: 1
"Anyone know any good places to get pierced in london??Thanksx"
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 6486    Replies: 72
"I think there maybe a thread about this already somewhere but I couldn't find it. So feel free to flame grill me if you can. You can even hipthrust if you wish as long as you produce a ..."
Posted: by Igirisujin
Last Reply: by Brit_Joe
Views: 6764    Replies: 55
"I had a thought, would spinning naked be erotic, or would it just be wobbly and gross?"
Posted: by stroo
Last Reply: by Pen Draven
Views: 4436    Replies: 56
"i happen to be a bored person. has anyone got any amusing or interesting sites to help bored people like me? any would be muchly appreciated. i found this one pretty funny : http://www...."
Posted: by ellie
Last Reply: by RaveRepresent
Views: 3545    Replies: 63
"Hi everyone,I was just wondering....... I've noticed recently that lots of people have a certain sentance/catchphrase that they use regularly, for example I have a friend who, when ever..."
Posted: by Mark P
Last Reply: by Mark P
Views: 1004    Replies: 8
"Hats off to malcolm and the rest of the crew!!!I dont make it online a lot at the moment but what an achievement to run and maintain a site that has grown to 50 times the membership it ..."
Posted: by Geeza
Views: 577    Replies: 0
"If you went to love leeds or even if you didnt have a look at my videos here. Theres some of me when totally not sober! First one is at 7.30pm! in goodgreef tent. Comments and Ratings..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by TinklePants
Views: 17238    Replies: 134
"I was replying to another thread and one of my pet hates came up (lip balms). Just wondered if anyone else had any wierd pet hates / compulsive things they do?Mine are:-Twisted coil pho..."
Posted: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Last Reply: by daize
Views: 10664    Replies: 103
"Does anyone else hate this show?I hate it.. its right up there with hollyoaks and the crazy frog thoughts?"
Posted: by RaveRepresent
Last Reply: by RaveRepresent
Views: 36493    Replies: 232
"alright.... heres my problem... im in love with this girl... who ive known for 2 years. since the moment i saw her, i could swear everything blacked out, except for her... and christ, w..."
Posted: by icklepurklegirl
Last Reply: by Bubbles_
Views: 1234    Replies: 3
"Calling the manchester crew!I go crazy like the loon working here.anyone know of any jobs? Preferably fun ones?I've both performance experience and two years -ish office experience incl..."
Posted: by brodieman
Last Reply: by simian
Views: 2200    Replies: 35
"If any one was wondering why i have not been around much on HOP reciently its because i have been hardcore studying in my final year of nurse training... today i had my final practical ..."
Posted: by Sixth
Last Reply: by Devilsarmy
Views: 2973    Replies: 58
"ok well the puppet (inside the glass box) at Blackpool isnt a clown but that thing freaks me out....while its moving around and flailing its arms incoherently. and its laughter sounds l..."
Posted: by maus
Views: 706    Replies: 0
Posted: by Ry
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 470    Replies: 4
"Because I like it so much http://www.homeofpoi.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=12397&sort=1&password= "
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by polarity
Views: 2931    Replies: 21
"Clothing on the web.Hi guys. Does anyone have and links for websites with cool clothes (including runners)...I'm not looking for a site that sells lables.I'm small interesting web-sites..."
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