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Posted:OK i need help proving to a friend that hobbies are the best way to meet new people, and she doesnt believe how many people i have met/have been introduced to over the past year due to this site, so please vote for the catagory you fall into.


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Posted:Know you? we were seperated at birth werent we? confused


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Posted:ive had this discussion before with some friends, but decided not to even try to explain what a difference and experience this has been because it doesnt work

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Posted:You've had my babies, I'm sure I'd have met you for the conception...

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Posted:Simon!!!! I know you, you owe me Breakfast! Youre coming to visit us in Brighton soon ubblol hug Others just don't understand...it's not a hobby, it's a way of life...the way the truth and the light...erm...or something like that. ubblol

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Posted:Boo! It won't let me vote, oh well. Do I know you? Well enough to have shared sweaty palms smile


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pineapple pete
pineapple pete

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Posted:i know, ive talked to you a bit. you changed your name to skinky for a while, and apparently changed it back.


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Posted:Who the hell are you?! ubblol


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Posted:he's a nutter, that's who he is tongue

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Posted:i know you simon AKA vampyricacid/skinky tongue


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Posted:Ahh you forget he's Simon aka Vampyricacid aka Skinky aka Lemsip biggrin


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I know you biggrin


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Hey! i didn't know you were lemsip! but i clicked i know who you are cuz um... i've seen you around and i think you used to play the hopper above you game alot... n stuff...


yes... hop is good to meet people.

hey... look at that! *points over there*

*slips out quietly*

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Posted:You missed out the "Who?...Oh, you. Yes I know you *shudder*" option

biggrin hug

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