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Posted:Hi everyone,I was just wondering....... I've noticed recently that lots of people have a certain sentance/catchphrase that they use regularly, for example I have a friend who, when ever he says Goodbye to people he also says 'And don't burn the sausages!' .....has anyone go any cool things that they say, or know people who say things like this, or perhaps something a bit more prefound!?Just curious
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Posted:I met a sweet natured raver from Austin, Texas last weekend who introduced me to the expression " WEEEee! Americans are funny."He shall know your ways as if born to them"-Fremen Prophecy[This message has been edited by Bender_the_Offender (edited 25 March 2002).]

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Posted:I'm very sarcastic, so I have sevral things I say on a regular basis:When someone complains I do one of two things. I either yell "WAH!!!" or tell them to "Cry me a river. Build a bridge. And get the F%#k over it." It's not too nice, but it gets the job done."And I should care why???""Riiiiiiiiight""I threw it away""They died""And then you came back to reality and realized things were only like that in your own little world."I think ya'll get the idea.------------------ -M@TTKeep the fire burning.

-M@TTKeep the fire burning.


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Posted:Alright, ive got many of them.

1. *hick voice* BEAVERS AND DUCKS!

2. *cowboy / hickish voice* DERS A SNAKE IN MA BOOT!

3. *another hick voice* WHAT'R SHOES FOR?!?!

4. *preppy girl voice* Like ooooooooh my god!

5. *preppy girl voice* Like.. talk to my hand...

6. *really intense expression* CAN YOU DEAL WITH THAT?!??

7. *moving hands and body wildly* OP-ER-A-TION DINGO!

8. *satan voice* ssssssssatannn....

9. *satan voice* Circafilicus satanicus

10. *satan voice* HAPPY HALLOWEEN LADIES!

11. *satan voice* PATHETIC FOOL!

these are the only ones that come to mind at the moment...

Take care, enjoy them, youre free to use them ubblol

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