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Posted: by Shadowblade
Last Reply: by Neodolatelna
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"I was just wondering what music people like, although i am a goth i did do poi to some very tribal music during a BSL march.I am not just asking what music people like to do poi to, but..."
Posted: by Myst
Last Reply: by Myst
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"I'm really curious, would it make sense for me to even enter the video competition with glowstix? I feel that glowstix are the G.E.D. version of poi, or at least thats how they are per..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by DJ Dantana
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"myst we should get together and learn from one another. i live on the strand in oceanside. would love to learn something new. also left you a message on the best of the best. other ..."
Posted: by eepok
Last Reply: by Myst
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"Hey man, what's this about not wanting to start a fight? someone busting your chops here? =Poh well. anyway, just cuz i couldn't sit around and not give my opinion, i dont think tha..."
Posted: by Shadowblade
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"Any goth out there that do poi liquid or fire?I want to meet up to party, liquid and poi mostly.I will be in NYC at the beging of AUG.Lets get it on let your poi dance for youPS i think..."
Posted: by bec
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"Some lovely person has been playing havoc with our moon fest email account and webpage (ie hacked in and changed our password so we can no longer access it, and left a nasty message on ..."
Posted: by touch
Last Reply: by Ajtag
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"Hey ya`llI`m not sure if you all know this already, but I have seen lots of people making a big mistake when their fire poi have gone out. You see, most people will just leave them out ..."
Posted: by Shibaki
Last Reply: by Ade
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"I need some help on this one. I buy kero in the gallon aluminum cans that are rectangular. I have been forming a collection because I dont want to dispose of them in the wrong place and..."
Posted: by Myst
Last Reply: by Marlboro
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"I'm curious, of course, cause I want to be one of them. Even if I weren't good enough, I think I would learn a lot from just watching them spin. It kind of sucks to live in california..."
Posted: by Shadowblade
Last Reply: by 'trope
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"HI im going to the big apple at the beging of Aug and i was thinking if any one would like to take me poiing in New York Cityjust a thought!Call me"
Posted: by miss_rummage
Last Reply: by NYC_not_PK
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"hi everyone, myself and a friend of mine, (both beginners at poi) are off to the love parade next weekend. yaaahhh !!!we are both really looking forward to it and i was wondering if any..."
Posted: by Twist
Last Reply: by Superman
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"Well... it's not video... but you can see me doing meteorz (poorly) in my those hardcore geeks out there... livejournal is kind of a co..."
Posted: by Sinthia
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"Can anyone give advice/recommendations as to how to obtain insurance for doing fire performances? I assume the policies carried are general liability and medical. Companies that offer..."
Posted: by Warren
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"Hey all, I just wanted to know if anyone is going to be at Oakenfold in DC on friday (might be Richmond, I'm not exactly sure where because I'm not driving so I don't have to know )Al..."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by Rowan
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Posted: by touch
Last Reply: by sammy
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"Hey poi people.I need to make a costume to perform in, but I`m seriously lacking in inspiration, and thought who better to ask than you lovely people! I need to be able to do poi and fi..."
Posted: by touch
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Hey poi people.I was at the juggling workshop @ the Drome in London last night, and looked around me and thought the question....How many poi people consider themselves as dancers, and ..."
Posted: by Chotys
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Could someone *please* tell me how to attach a new wick to my staff, i've never had to do it before and it is REALLY annoying coz i can't get the screws to go through the kevlar then in..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"I always seem to research everything. Recently Whipping Boy and I started working on the Pyromorph professional site. In doing so we went to lots and lots of other fire sites to see wha..."
Posted: by melissa
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"hey this is completely off topic from fire but some people that play with fire may know a bit more about this than i do. i have looking around trying to find a webpage on the drug inter..."
Posted: by Pele
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"So I have been exploring the web, looking at sites and pictures of fire. I am curious as to if any of you feel there is such a thing as overkill? I saw one video where people in the bac..."
Posted: by Amber
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"whos going to splendour in the grass at byron?i'll be twirling somewhere around the place."
Posted: by Jeannie
Last Reply: by s-p-l-a-t
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"Okay, so I'm just starting out. Okay, so I've got a ways to go before I'm ready to start lighting my poi on fire. I'm excited. So, following the instructions off another poi website, I ..."
Posted: by Ajtag
Last Reply: by Ajtag
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"hey there all!i have just decided to go to the netherlandfs for a week or so and was hoping to meet up with someone for some poi. i will be in arnhem so email me... and i might come ove..."
Posted: by Amber
Last Reply: by Amber
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"hiwell i have a show soon. my first paid performance.i have no clue how much i should chargeand how long my show should run forit'll only be me you talk to the audience? i..."
Posted: by eepok
Last Reply: by Myst
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"Hey Guys, This is Ramon. Had a coo coo time at Headstrong last night. Kicked it witht he glow-poi spinners. Just wanted to see who else from the rave comes to the site...i know of ..."
Posted: by eturn80
Last Reply: by plastikgirl
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"Greating one greating all, this is a voice from the land down under :P Hey there, i would like you all to help me solve the epic debate among our people: Neon, or burning? Now, there ar..."
Posted: by Finn
Last Reply: by Finn
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"Hi everyone. Just wanted to share my good news with you all. I'm having a baby! YAY!!!!!However, as alluded to in Splat's recent thread about kero fumes, I'll no longer be able to p..."
Posted: by NYC_not_PK
Last Reply: by NYC_not_PK
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"I've been itching to hit up a monster NYC club this coming Saturday and watch some quality glowsticking and perhaps spin some myself...1) Any East Coast Folks know what NYC dance clubs..."
Posted: by touch
Last Reply: by psychomonkey
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"Hey people.A friend sent this message to me with the hope that I would pass it on. Please read this, take note, and tell everybody!THANK goes.......One of the leading causes of..."
Posted: by Dr. Spin
Last Reply: by Nomad
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"Just a shout out to all the other Boston spinners that I've met in the last couple of weeks. Thanks to this site as a great resource for learning and meeting others. Sundays at the Camb..."
Posted: by Shibaki
Last Reply: by Pele
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"well... im entranced by fire. just happened recently. First time I lit up, it was so different, and it took a lot of getting used to. Then I did a wrap. That is when I got hooked. I dan..."
Posted: by Shouden-CrD
Last Reply: by FiReSpRiTe
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"I figured I would share my adventure this eve...We all met out at a local beach(clearwater beach) and not as soon as we drop our gear down, another fire performer that had just arrived(..."
Posted: by touch
Last Reply: by touch
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"Hey poi people.I am just wondering if there is anybody else struggling to learn all the names for poi moves? People keep asking me if I can do moves like "the split time waterfountain i..."
Posted: by Chikabi
Last Reply: by pj
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"I've been hanging around this site for a while, and just recieved my order from the shop (excellent service) so I'll be using the 'poi-lessons` extensively.I just thought I'd say what a..."
Posted: by alterego
Last Reply: by Jeannie
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"I was at Mission Beach in San Diego last night and I spun right before and inbetween fireworks with glowstix attracting huge crowds, it was freaking great. I had a circle around me abou..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Hey all,while reading another thread I got thinking about fear management. from the looks of things ppl have all sorts of fears / beliefs about fire performance especially when they fir..."
Posted: by Myst
Last Reply: by Myst
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"I just wanted to thank everyone for for helping me along the way with their posts, and wisdom. I've learned so much from this site, and its helped me become confident with my spinning...."
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"hey all. i've not been posting for a while because i've been too busy so, i've got a fair bit to talk about.firstly when i took a long look at the page its amazing to see how many new p..."
Posted: by touch
Last Reply: by Cassandra
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"Hey poi people.I have been thinking of the power of dreams and the subconscious as a creative input on poi. I have seen/done poi in dreams in the past, and always see moves happening th..."
Posted: by nomad
Last Reply: by SorchaTheFlaming
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"I spun by a pond near my appartment last night and got eaten alive my bugs. I figured i'd use bug repellent next time. My question: if I hit myself with the wicks on fire (like i often ..."
Posted: by Ajtag
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"a few weeks ago my freinds were in london and went to a art/ pyrotechnics thing by the gut who did the french millium fireworks(they were good) it was in hackney. anyway apparantly it w..."
Posted: by Kosmik Lunatik
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"In the picture gallery to this site. How do some of those people get the fire or glows to look like tere are numerous circles of fire or glow. just curious.thanxpeace outie"
Posted: by touch
Last Reply: by Ajtag
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"Hey poi people.I guess this should go in the events forum, but I thought it would be noticed more here. SORRY!If you are in London on Saturday the 7th of July, please come and spin for ..."
Posted: by Shouden-CrD
Last Reply: by NYC_not_PK
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"Tis the season for the counting of beats, and the making of sparkly poi!!!------------------ &lbr;PLUR&rbr;-=Crazy Raver Dude=-"
Posted: by NYC_not_PK
Last Reply: by NYC_not_PK
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"So I'm sitting in my stupid Chemistry Ed. course and my mind starts to wander to fire poi... Here's a question that's been bugging me for a while:Why not use water to put out poi fires..."
Posted: by psychomonkey
Last Reply: by psychomonkey
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"I've just returned from 2 weeks in Costa Rica, which I can safely say was the most awesome experience of my life. Now that I'm back, does anyone want to take on the task of telling ..."
Posted: by chicazul
Last Reply: by kmactane
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"Canada Day is now officially my favourite holiday. Yesterday (July 1, of course) I bought a fire staff and lit up for the first time at a party, right before the fireworks display. I ..."
Posted: by Superman
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"i sent n8 an email the other day, actually 2. And i havent heard anything. I was wondering whats the dealio. I asked about "The Crow" memoribilia. The extra piece i had, and if he wante..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Superman
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"Yet another East Coast gathering occurred this weekend, a meeting of those who are old friends and those who are new, a melding of styles, toys and talents...and from this gathering I l..."