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I'm lookin for a lil bit o help.Absolutely anything would be lovely, honest.The situation is this...I'm doing my final piece of written work for my degree. It's all about interculturalism, the borrowing and sharing of skills etc cross-culture, and this is where the request comes in.I have done a lil bit o research, I have some understanding of poi background. But what I'm really interested in is why we are all embracing these exciting skills.Blatently we're dotted all over the world, and I only have experience of the social London, very 'Western'circles of swinging poi and 'playing' with fire.I wanna know why YOU do it!! How you started. Why you think we want to do it. What are the attractions of fire. The attractions of doing it, seeing it, hearing it. The importance of contact with like-minded people (as in this beauty site).Also any info./knowledge/opinion anybody has about this cross/cultural gem. Are we stealing anything from cultures we don't understand, are we dis-respecting because we are picking, using, changing for our own gains? Hopefully you wanna help out a lil ol zoer, 'cos she knows some things, but she ain't a fountain of all knowledge and global feelings. She knows she loves her poi, she knows you do to, and she wants to hear about it 'cos it would help her out a treat.Lookin forward to summit...Hooray!!ThanQ for readingHappy swinging peepsUntil next time... lil ol zoer

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Tee hee! Just thought of the correlation between what agent smith says about humans in The Matrix. Playing with fire is like a disease, it goes somewhere and infects a person in that area/country. It grows in strength as more ppl start to see it and do it and soon enough fire twirling 'cancers' (read groups of people) pop up and grow as well. It spreads across continents (I first saw fire devil sticks and clubs being done by an english dude in Sydney, Australia and was smitten instantly!) and doesn't discriminate against race.It's addictive and spreads like the plague!!
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I do poi so that I can tell the rest of the fyre crew how unsafe they are! Cuz thats what I learned from the Masters of this board bro safety issues. The more reasons you can come up with to tell off another crew, the more cred you get! Word!PLURRRRRR!!!!!!!!Fyre Twitch

I do it because guys will want to sleep with me if they see me playing wif fire and looking sexy.

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I started poi because Prote said one day, "I'm going to teach you how to do this." I certainly didn't fight very hard, because it was pretty darn mesmerising to watch her spin.Once I got the basic moves down, I realized it wasn't really all that difficult to get started, and it is a lot of fun. And, well, I must admit to a certain fascination with fire, and having a creative outlet to play with it isn't necessarily a bad thing.I don't think anyone who learns poi with the intention of fire spinning can't admit to wanting to do it for the attention factor. I'm certainly no exception here. No doubt it is a great way to attract members of the apropriate sex. ;-)I don't know if our Baltimore group is an exception or not, but we all have a lot of fun recruiting new members and teaching them the art. Our spin parties are becoming some major social events, even.But now, after five months, the biggest attraction in just the dancing. In fact, I no longer call it "poi spinning" or "fire spinning" but rather "fire dancing" . Free-form improvisation to music for hours on end is just where it is at for me.Well, that and fire (or non-fire) toy construction. ;-) Designing and building new toys for me and my friends to play with is an awful lot of fun too. It's really great to sit back and watch people having fun with my toys.-p.

i think we all do it because (and in no particular order):1) its entertaining, relaxing, and it passes the time (and is so much more productive than television)2) it impresses other people3) it feels good to be good to have a skill that few others possess, and it builds self-esteem when you impress others with the skill that you spent so much time learning.also, i dont think it is disrespectful to other cultures to use poi, it was probably origionally part of some polynesian ceremony or something, but everything in life consists of taking the old and making it new, changing it, advancing it, taking something someone else started, and customizing it to ourselves. i mean look at the progression in music. anyway, thats just a few thoughts of mine.

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I do it because : (in no order of importance)1) it gives me great pleasure to master something as complicated as poi.2) The sound of the fire wooshing around me tunes me into some primitve part of myself.3) It gets me lots of attention and a kind of notoriety in my local area.4) The joy i can give to others as they watch me.5) It keeps me fit, increases my stamina and helped me to give up smoking.6) Meeting other poi ppl. Most are like minded individuals.7)It is amazing to dance with the fire for the Goddess.Onelove, Thistlefirepixie
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hmmm.... its great for so many reasons - but I didn't get into it for attention or attraction of other people that's for sure. I honestly do not see the need. I mean sometimes I'll try and 'impress' myself with new tricks - but it is usually only a few short minutes before I lose the buzz and really wanna learn more. I think Pele said somewhere that if she said she was 'good' she would lose 'it'. It is like a space for me (like many) to get creative, let loose and have fun, meditate, escape... I like busking because it lets you meet a whole bunch of people from all walks of life that have one thing in common - they like watching fire dancing just like me. It's nice cause I can provide them with the opportunity to trip out on funky patterns.I especially love watching people do what they love doing. I have a deep respect for the top quality performers out there, and the hours of effort they put in.

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.- B.B.King

I do fire because It is a good way to exercise your arms and gets all the boys to look at you.i like performing (showing off/getting attention).my friends think its cool.its great fun & its wicked.

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If I post here it will be one long ass post and I have been flamed before for being too wordy.
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Do you have an email addy and I will mail you directly?------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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