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Posted: by strawberryfire
Last Reply: by strawberryfire
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"Question, as a total newbie, and wanting more info, where did everybody learn how to do there thing? I only heard about it at the last magick happens in australia."
Posted: by SilverOny
Last Reply: by Charles
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"I've been having the urge to preform for people but I'm a little stumped on how to get started. How do you get the peoples attention before you start a show? I hear loud noises work gre..."
Posted: by Anonymous
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"Hi all,A few more details on documentary.The reason for the documentary is to shed light; as it were; on an exciting and beautiful form of artistic expression and the peoples involved...."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Hey all!If you are interested in being a part of a documentary on all forms of fire manipulation, contact me. I need interview and performance footage for feature length production base..."
Posted: by Ajtag
Last Reply: by Ajtag
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"Yes i have returned home for a few dats and am extreemly happy as yesterday i just got a new g4 mac yay .im going away again but will tell all when i get back.. i have plenty of tale..."
Posted: by Avatar
Last Reply: by strawberryfire
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"I am trying to find some really good tribal kind of music. Kind of like polenesian drums or island drum music. There is a ton of techno and drum and base but I am looking for some real ..."
Posted: by alterego
Last Reply: by Myst
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"Any regular to the board can easily recognize the large amount of people claiming to the able to do amazing Poi feats mainly including the 5 beat btb weave that people who have been spi..."
Posted: by preambled
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"Hey everyone..There's been a few little snippets of discussion regarding a live chat system, but the topics quickly run down the list and disappear as people reply to other things.Well ..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by pozee
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"help! josh and katinca showed up at my house today(very excited) but i had to leave right away to go to work. they are still there but i just cant wait to go home and hang out with th..."
Posted: by chicazul
Last Reply: by RavingLunatic
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"A week ago I went to my uncle's wedding. I was bored before the ceremony, and being prepared for this I simply pulled out my staff and practice poi to entertain myself. Yesterday my m..."
Posted: by SteelWngs
Last Reply: by Twist
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"Heyla All,I'm VERY new to all of this. So I wanted to ask all of you a question. I got involved in poi and fire stuff at a large alternative festival in Sherman, NY U.S.A. I was enrapt..."
Posted: by Knagi
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"I saw this page and could help but remember that pele was telling jokes :P"
Posted: by Bassman
Last Reply: by Bassman
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"I finally got off my butt and made myself some fire poi I've never had my own before, and it's been about a month since I last lit up. They're kind of fun to play with, although now..."
Posted: by spring
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"I went to a festival in california and saw people doing poi. Very interested inlearning. Does anyone know a place to learn poi or any groups in Indiana?"
Posted: by klubkidnyc
Last Reply: by klubkidnyc
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"hi everyone!!!ever since i grabbed someones glowsticks and started spinning them in a local club i was instantly addicted!!!it's it's been a few months now and i found you..."
Posted: by Shadowblade
Last Reply: by NYC_not_PK
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"Hi you crazy bunch, i hit nyc a few days ago i have not seen a single poi person in central park. as im sure you all no by now iam a goth, so going to poi clubs is not an any ..."
Posted: by Chotys
Last Reply: by DJ Dantana
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"Ok everyone, we all know that fuels such as kerosene are the safest fuels to use when firebreathing but has anyone thought that even when you don't swallow any you are still absorbing i..."
Posted: by sandman
Last Reply: by sandman
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"We had our office summer party the other day in a big barn with a stage and loads of free booze. On the tables various toys had been provided: silly hats, grass skirts, and... yo-yos! N..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by NYC_not_PK
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"I'm completely new to and intrigued by this form of art that Pele brought to my attention. I'm practicing with homemade practice poi, but I can't get that water misting thing down (onl..."
Posted: by Firefunk
Last Reply: by Endangered Sanity
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"Ordered a set of poi on the 31st...these will be my first attempt at the world of Poi. Cannot wait. Finding it hard to sleep. My devil sticks just don't cut it anymore. *arg*.What ha..."
Posted: by Knagi
Last Reply: by Pele
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"Over this weekend I got into trailing. I was going for some liquid dancing torches but they umm well kinda turned out to be perfect for other things. I discovered a few moves on my own ..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Charles
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"I had my show on Friday night. Here is what the gig was. The most "prestigous" country club (Read, all the members are multi-millionaires) in Buffalo has a themed event every year. This..."
Posted: by Phyzerium
Last Reply: by Knagi
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"As we all know, twirling is an absolute rush, and is very fun. Some might as well call it an addiction ( i know i do ) But, i know there isnt a single one of us that hasnt hurt oursel..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Knagi
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"Yup...I asked once a long time ago about who suffers from stage fright. I do up until I get into character. Tonite is an important very well paying show for me and I am nervous. I have ..."
Posted: by pyro_teknik
Last Reply: by Knagi
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"Last night I span for my first audience Totally shat myself before hand. I did know quite a few people there mostly old school friends, but none of them knew what poi was which helped i..."
Posted: by xLessThanJakex
Last Reply: by alterego
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"Hey, just out of curiosity, How many of you have a friend or a relative that you can do your Poi with.If you do then do you think that you learn quicker and more moves than you would on..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by MilkMan
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"hi if n e 1 out there know n e tricks for the poi could u plese e-mail me and help me learn , as i have jus purchased a pair and really want to learn how to use themthanxjamesgladwin_ja..."
Posted: by stupendous101
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"whilst spending last winter on the beach I go to know a girl called Marie , now during the day she was doing fine with the ribboned poi's and seemed to being enjoying her self. Then one..."
Posted: by Code128
Last Reply: by NYC_not_PK
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"Alright I havent seen this one in the topics anywhere else so I thought I'd ask. Has anyone else had any comments about the facial expressions that they make while spinning and dancing..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Superman
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"I am packing up for a full show today and I got to thinking, which as you all might have guessed is pretty darn dangerous for me to do. Anyway, a few months ago I was pulled over on my ..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by miss_rummage
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"How much do you guys pay for these?Plus, those living in NYC (going there in a week) and those living in London (live there)... where the hell do you get them anyway?and are they like r..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by woody
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"Let's face it, the chat here is somewhat... unpopular.But many people use IRC!IRC server: UndernetChannel: #poiMore info soon if any interest is generated by non IRC users.&lbr;apologie..."
Posted: by emptyset
Last Reply: by NYC_not_PK
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"I'v been spinning for about 8 months now and been posting on this site for about 7. To make it clear I spin glowsticks and only glowsticks...not fire. What im trying to get at is that ..."
Posted: by Cassandra
Last Reply: by space cadet
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"Hello !It is just forever inspiring for a newbie like me to read the threads, watch the videos, share and meet firedancers, twirlers and spinners. I find it beautiful that people wish t..."
Posted: by felix
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"i've just started twirling and it would be wicked to meet any1 else in the bristol or leicester area. e-mail me on"
Posted: by 'trope
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"i still can't bring myself to use the word 'twirling' but that's another topic... the one i like best is 'swingin' because of all the fun connotations. anyway, before i go off on a ma..."
Posted: by Knagi
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"I had one hell of a weekend and I feel like sharing it with you all. I went to this party named burning corn an ohio event where they attempted to recreate things that would happen at b..."
Posted: by Phyzerium
Last Reply: by Pele
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"I've been looking through the store and im definetly interested in getting some of the tribal body question(s) is this..1. What would be a better one to buy. the 20/7 ml pa..."
Posted: by Myst
Last Reply: by Pele
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"I got "Circles of light" and wasn't as impressed as I thought I was going to be. I liked some parts and others just bored me. Don't get me wrong, I have mad respect for everyone on th..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Cantus
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"tonight I spinned in music first time. Till my whole body started to shake and I went very dizzy and I got very up. hum. im not a raver att alla and know nothing about it, i started wit..."
Posted: by shizN0T
Last Reply: by shizN0T
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" need to have sound to get the full effect."
Posted: by Annie C
Last Reply: by Annie C
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"I have been doing poi for 6 months now and have often left a session feeling rather achy and I have pulled a couple of muscles in my upper arms and shoulder blades....yes foolish I hear..."
Posted: by GoldenKrispy
Last Reply: by JeStEr
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"Hello everyoneI don't know if most have u have noticed, but nobody ever logs into the chat room!!! I have been on there a number of times and nobody is ever there! I know some of users ..."
Posted: by s-p-l-a-t
Last Reply: by JeStEr
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"Yes I did a search and the page had been removed or my browser is screwed maybe both?Anyway someone said somewhere that kerosene intolerance gets worse with more exposure and I have to ..."
Posted: by RavingLunatic
Last Reply: by RavingLunatic
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"Hello..I live in western canada, and I spin fire with a four foot staff, sometimes 2. I'm also learning poi, but currently I'm hitting myself alot with tennis balls, so i'll stick to t..."
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by Blackbird
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"Well, after doing a quick search on Auckland, under people. I've found two other Charles' and a Charlie. I guess as I'm doing the professional thing now I should get myself a stagenam..."
Posted: by Mattias
Last Reply: by alterego
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"I was wondering if someone knows of any more good places to find online poi leasons... I've studied the ones here at and I really found them educating. But i'm thirsty fo..."
Posted: by Liquid
Last Reply: by frodus
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"is it ok if we have a rave up date topic some may be us US poi people can one day travel and meet each other, the only way im driving out of state is if im going to a party, plus most o..."
Posted: by NYC_not_PK
Last Reply: by Tiki
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"I've been meaning for a while to ask this question but have waited to see if the topic came up organically. As it could be a sensitive topic, I'll try to approach it as delicately as I..."
Posted: by arrgh
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"well, newbie as I am on twirling I still wanna spread it a little more here in sweden - Im totally fascinated of it. So me and my brother was planning to have a little poischool just fo..."