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Hey there guys,Just looking for any suggestions to make my staff look cool during the day. I've thought of somehow attatching ribbons to the wicks, but I figure that they'll just get all tangled up and probably aren't that good for the wicks anyway. Have any of you seen those ball things that you throw up in the air that have a triangular stream of material- usually fluro- attatched to them?. I think they look pretty cool but wouldn't have the faintest idea of how to go about making one to go on my staff. The metal part of the whole shebang is already electric blue so there's no problem about colour there, but I just want something to put on the ends so it sorta leaves a trail and looks like it's floating. Don't know if you could help me, but any 'do-it-yourself' suggestions would be much appreaciated 'cause I can't afford to go and buy anything super-doopa from the store!!Cheers, MBAlso, just a little extra for the Aussies out there - Anyone going to Byron in July for that music fest??

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I can't believe you are having to actually ask people this!! creativity is the precurser to individuality - how can people maintain any semblance of uniqueness when even the most simplest thing, such as attaching ribbons to the end of a staff, has to be questioned and given the "okay"!!Sorry to come down on you, but seriously!Go buy a ribbon or whatever (strip of fluro material etc) . tie this ribbon around a rubber band and tie the rubber band around the end of your wick. Repeat procedure for other end. No harm done to your wicks and if you are clever enough to make the ribbon a suitable length for your twirling style, you won't get tangled.sheesh!

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someone else (i dont recall who) mentioned that tin foil looks very nice.

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I agree with you.Anyway. Also you can make little bags out of dayglo material bought at any fabric store and use a drawstring to tie them over your wicks with. Nice and bright.Get creative and use your imagination!
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