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Big Daddi-Yomember
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I love performing. Fire-Breathing, Flaming-Poi, I'll soon be working with a staff, and I love yo-yos. I was wondering how I get a job? I'd love to do performances. I currently don't have a job, so, I have a bit of free time. The only thing I do is school (I'm 15). So, how do I get a job? Where do I put my resume'? Thanks!~Derrick

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Mr SockGOLD Member
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I got mine as the result of a lucky break, i was going camping and called to see if i would be allowed to use my fire poi in the campground. Apparently there was some sorta program going on around a campfire, so the asked me to open it.
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That's just dumb luck though, I'm lookin forward to reading the responses to this thread.
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Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted - Martin Luther King Jr.

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Depends what you want to do. Club work will be difficult cause of your age unless you look 18+.Fire is easier. Busking will get you noticed, advertisment is also agood way. The best way I found is to get yourself in with groups or tribes of which there are many. Once people in the buisness know of you if something comes up then they might point in your direction.All the gigs I have ever got mave been through people I know. The more people you know (who do the same sort of thing)the more chance you have. This might sound a bit obvious but its the best way (I believe anyway)peace outgarbo
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