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Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by heyahoney
Views: 1016    Replies: 17
"Well, Today is my last day at the National Trust, and I'm starting a "proper" job on Monday - which means I won't be on here anywhere near as much as I have been the last 2 years I'll s..."
Posted: by Burning Brain
Last Reply: by poi_player
Views: 2442    Replies: 18
"Written by: Tao Starbush and blair are in a restuarnt together. The waitress comes over to take their order and bush leans over to her and says 'any chance of a quickie?'. the waitress ..."
Posted: by Medusa
Last Reply: by nearly_all_gone
Views: 880    Replies: 11
"Would like to know anyone's opinion or advice..How do you stay friends with an ex?Previously I have split up with ex's and not had any contact with them ever again.My recent ex wants to..."
Posted: by OrangeBobo
Last Reply: by OrangeBobo
Views: 1995    Replies: 21
"I swear, my blood pressure has been rising by the minute since I woke up this morning. I'm not normally an easy person to make really nervous, but I am now! Just think... tomorrow, I wi..."
Posted: by vanize
Last Reply: by vanize
Views: 1382    Replies: 15
"ok, first a disclaimer: I did a search already and I can't be botherered to look more than a few pages into it, so if a thread like this already exists and you want to tell me to "do a ..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Eera
Views: 5017    Replies: 40
"so i entered good old england in june and got a stamp on my passport staying i could stay for 6 months. i skipped off to austria for a week and got back last night, i had hassles with t..."
Posted: by tainted
Last Reply: by Eveish
Views: 1383    Replies: 12
"It leaked all over my stuff in class, soaked through my other bag and I now have to go to Circus school, and Physical Theater stinking of Parafin.................... "
Posted: by nearly_all_gone
Last Reply: by stroo
Views: 1932    Replies: 10
"Sorry for the blatant plug but my semi-pro photographer mate has been taking some unbelievable pics of my mates spinning fire. Check them out!!http://www.blissimaging.co.ukThere's only ..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by The Real Fryed Fish
Views: 6453    Replies: 45
"Anybody else notice that the same few photos keep popping up on the above 'scrolling photos'?I feel like I'm either seeing Pounce or my favorite supercute photo of Coleman with the Eeyo..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 2019    Replies: 29
"I DID! &lbr;Please take all DISCUSSION of politics to the DISCUSSION threads that already exist. And those of you smarter people are going to have to patiently explain it to the dumb ..."
Posted: by babajaga
Last Reply: by babajaga
Views: 1047    Replies: 8
"Love is not primarily a relationship to a specific person; it is an attitude, an orientation of character which determines the relatedness of a person to the world as a whole, not towar..."
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
Views: 1472    Replies: 17
"hey guys, wow things certainly do change around here in a matter of months, its been since early march since i was last around on hop.I just wanted to drop by and let people know that i..."
Posted: by Medusa
Last Reply: by _So_
Views: 2029    Replies: 23
"Who knew that cleaning a house could be such a dangerous thing to do...certainly not me I have a rent inspection coming up on Thursday so I am in the process of just doing a general tid..."
Posted: by oli
Last Reply: by Rouge Dragon
Views: 1447    Replies: 20
"just wandering (stars?), anybody out there know why newspapers are newspaper sized? hmmm "
Posted: by Medusa
Last Reply: by Psycho_lemming
Views: 5579    Replies: 38
"http://www.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,4057,11247178%255E421,00.htmlYou might not after reading this article."
Posted: by The Real Fryed Fish
Last Reply: by The Real Fryed Fish
Views: 926    Replies: 5
"Ok, so this is one of those "random rant" things that people do from time to time. This just happens to be a very nice place to rant.....so here it goesAs I sit here, my mind starts to..."
Posted: by nearly_all_gone
Last Reply: by nearly_all_gone
Views: 1868    Replies: 17
"No? Thought not."Essays - why?" Discuss."
Posted: by babajaga
Last Reply: by vanize
Views: 1779    Replies: 1
"Myth: Children's Intellectual Abilities Are Independent of Their Ability to Give and Receive Love2000 Meryn G. CallanderFact: The physical heart is the seat of many important human qua..."
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by Eera
Views: 1062    Replies: 9
"Today on my way home from work I realised as I passed my neighbours house I hadn't seen him for a few day. After putting my shopping away and getting changed I decided I better go round..."
Posted: by Captain Hazzard
Last Reply: by Mand
Views: 1105    Replies: 10
"Please please help me!my best friend is getting married on dec 4th, and he's asked to put on a performance for him at the evening do. I think he wants some kind of big finale, with fire..."
Posted: by My hairs on fire
Last Reply: by My hairs on fire
Views: 1412    Replies: 14
"Hello there everyone,Well im feeling sick as a dog at the moment.Only thing that seems to be keeping me alive (so maybee im over-exagerating a little bit ) is my nans Chicken soup an a..."
Posted: by OrangeBobo
Last Reply: by _Aime_
Views: 1807    Replies: 17
"So, I'm here... In Germany... Living it up, having a great time, really! School is kinda fun, good friends, love my family, everything is practically perfect.So, this Monday (Thanksgivi..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by vanize
Views: 952    Replies: 6
"Ok, so there's a video (.mov) of me spinning fire at Burning (to a very drunk set of very bad drummers) here: http://www.redmocha.com/photos/BM04/movies/PICT1129.MOV.I can download it ..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by LiFe's A gArD3n DiG It
Views: 2189    Replies: 13
"so the old phone that the lovely miss lisa gave me has passed on to that big transmitter tower in the sky and im not to keen to buy a new mobile for the last month im here so im hoping ..."
Posted: by Medusa
Last Reply: by Rouge Dragon
Views: 1302    Replies: 19
"Well after almost 11 months Jakes has finally broken up with me.I guess it wasn't a surprised really I mean being the world's hardest person to get along with I'm surprised it didn't ha..."
Posted: by Jek
Last Reply: by Looper
Views: 1239    Replies: 4
"happy bday wicked twirling show last night"
Posted: by nearly_all_gone
Last Reply: by MiG
Views: 813    Replies: 5
"I must start by saying this isn't something from Brass Eye... however much it may seem like it.Apparently scientists at the uni of Ohio (?) "got bees drunk" and found they react to drun..."
Posted: by This_Energy
Last Reply: by This_Energy
Views: 771    Replies: 2
"i met a poi spinner and contact juggler in boston. it was cool. i got to use the girls poi and spin for a minute in public, fun. ne one else from boston out there? im from connectic..."
Posted: by Kapura Mataaro
Last Reply: by gita
Views: 585    Replies: 2
"guess who's back! "
Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by Zim
Views: 1955    Replies: 3
"Right, there is someone who your thoughts should be with, a guy called Lee, who I saw being mugged out of my window. Been out to a party, about to skin up and saw Lee being laid into by..."
Posted: by lexa
Last Reply: by _Aime_
Views: 1931    Replies: 29
"for every one in the uk and hay any on else can join in what are you doing on fireworks nite (sorry if thats spelt rong i am dyslexik lol)"
Posted: by {anthrax}
Last Reply: by Trillian
Views: 4248    Replies: 14
"lololol I was in chemistry today and I was trying to light the flame with the air hole open. It made the match I was holding super hot but also was releasing quite a substantial amount ..."
Posted: by Valura
Last Reply: by Valura
Views: 2619    Replies: 51
"I had the urge to allow my seductress avatar to come back and work her magic on you sweetie!enjoy boys! "
Posted: by Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)
Last Reply: by Burning Brain
Views: 3061    Replies: 65
"should i just drop the (formerly... ) bit.... i only really know 2 or 3 of you, so is it ok if my name changes?"
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by Skulduggery
Views: 1734    Replies: 21
"I've been sitting here doing the NME crossword and I only have 2 left and its bugging me that I can't get them so........ HELP ME PLEASE!!! 5D NME driven wild by an old classic album (..."
Posted: by heyahoney
Last Reply: by heyahoney
Views: 943    Replies: 9
"Does anyone in Texas want some half cocker spaniel half hound dog puppies...they are really cute!!!!! But I just cant have any more animals(I have 6 dogs, 5 puppies, 1 cat, 1 minature ..."
Posted: by native
Last Reply: by polythene
Views: 1018    Replies: 1
"ok the last one is geting realy long. so lets start a new i am up for bids any other guys care to join me in this???"
Posted: by spritie
Last Reply: by Bird
Views: 653    Replies: 2
"So there's a new feature on the HOP home page. There's a little button for RSS news feeds. If you go to it, you get a bunch of html text stating what is the latest post in a bunch of ..."
Posted: by vanize
Last Reply: by NYC
Views: 2685    Replies: 19
"post deleted because people are too damned pedantic anymore"
Posted: by native
Last Reply: by **Poidie**
Views: 3348    Replies: 57
"ok i just got to know.not including the people who do both what is your thingpoi or staff??"
Posted: by el beardo
Last Reply: by Wild Child
Views: 4715    Replies: 49
"i've noticed a few times while reading through the threads that some people get quite offended when someone suggests or asks about learning a certain technique of martial arts. The lat..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
Views: 7833    Replies: 79
"I will be the first to admit that this is a silly little insignificant rant but it’s cracked me up so many times that I thought I’d throw it to the board.{In fact, upon rere..."
Posted: by Helz Bellz
Last Reply: by Cantus
Views: 4314    Replies: 13
"I'm running a quiz night at work on 3rd Nov, and I need help from all you HoPers out there...I need to think of a marathon round - i.e a round of questions that can run for the whole qu..."
Posted: by My hairs on fire
Last Reply: by Zim
Views: 924    Replies: 14
"Hello everyone,Like to apoligise straight away for this random release of annoyance!Well yesterday was much like any other day, apart from the fact i thought i had found ''the one!''She..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
Views: 707    Replies: 4
"So get off HOP! I see you logged in! "
Posted: by Katinca
Last Reply: by heyahoney
Views: 3516    Replies: 56
"Come on guys,Heres your chance to put a "heads up" on the board.All lurkers, browsers, overseers etc this is your thread to say "hi" or even just a hands up ...there are over 7K of us n..."
Posted: by Pyro_Tech
Last Reply: by Burning Brain
Views: 3062    Replies: 35
"So, in one of the craziest 'impulse purchases' I have ever done...I got a puppy yesterday....!A friend of a friend had to get rid of them, or put them down by the end of this week... So..."
Posted: by {anthrax}
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1311    Replies: 9
"Hi there peeps.If anyone has any poetry they would like me to write for them, then just ask. I will do any kind of request, so feel free to post what you desire.An Example:I lie here no..."
Posted: by jemima (jem)
Last Reply: by jemima (jem)
Views: 932    Replies: 14
" Cool short film the (click on the first video clip)"
Posted: by Zim
Last Reply: by Zim
Views: 1360    Replies: 13
"So last night was goin down to LA for a rave. Secret Squirrel (#17), most of my friends went to a party on friday, but i was busy so couldn't go to the same party as them. It's all good..."