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Posted:It's late so I'll make this quick.

I just deleted a thread that contained swearing, insults, bitching and homo phobic and anti-disabled 'jokes'. The HoP Team will not tolerate this behaviour on Home Of Poi and we will delete posts and threads where necessary. As an extreme measure we will, and have in the past, ban people who cannot comply with these basic and socially obvious rules.

We completely understand that playful digs and comments play a role in our online community, but these should be lighthearted and followed by a wink and not be personal attacks or degrading to anyone.

Thanks for reading.

Delete Topic



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Posted:Hope i'm not intruding by saying this...
I agree totally, ive been on other forums and its just not cool how people bag one another. I keep coming back here to HoP because i know this community is really accepting and lighthearted. Ive made a few good friends from this too and i'm sure a few people here will agree that discrimiation is just pathetic. Sure alot of us swear and get angry at times but thats no reason to take it out here, and i try not to (i feel bad now, i cant remember if ive sworn before here) If i have i apologise to anyone that it offended and i never meant to do so...
Anyway guys, rock on, stay cool, peace out! Save the whales!
Liv biggrin

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Posted:Expressive language is all well and good but slagging people off because they are different, come on people grow up if you want to swaer and slag people off somewhere else is where you should be and not here with people who like me try their best to never offend and only want to make friends and get on with enjoying this beautiful planet for what it is!

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Posted:i agree that hop is one of the few online forums where this behaviour is treated with zero tolerance - as such hop is where i spend my almost all my time online ubbrollsmile

hopefully all members concerned with this deleted thread have been contacted individually by mods?

if so my conscience is free... umm

i never swear anyway me... wink angelblue

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Posted:i totaly agree, thanks for deleting it! smile

ive learned
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Posted:Love ya Dom. wink

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