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Posted:starting tonight a three day party to celebrate my birth, oddly enough none encumpass the actual day of my birth, but neway if you know the place get your sassy asses down to cherry hinton, the house should be lit up by fire works. Possibly tommorow rather than today though.

I took my harp ta party, but no body asked me to play, so I took harp home again

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Posted:I know Cherry Hinton...its just outside Cambridge, right?
sadly I'm too far away now to come and party. I hope you have THE best time!

ubbrollsmile Happy Birthday! ubbrollsmile


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Posted:dont think its near me but have a good bday anyway :-)

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so i don't have to breath you in
look away before i start to endorse
your eyes full of hate and remorse
in to the eye of another
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Posted:Have a good one!!!! ha ha i dunno if its too late but HAPPY BDAY!

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