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Posted: by Philomel
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"I'm curious about who has one each COL competition so far.I did a search and examined the back of the video/DVD covers, but couldn't find anywhere that lists the winners.I'm assuming th..."
Posted: by animatEd
Last Reply: by house_of_mill
Views: 4741    Replies: 15
"I would really like to see a video of Jesse spinning on COL2006.It would stretch the variety of people that little bit more, as well as be a great way of telling people 'Suitable for al..."
Posted: by fraggle
Last Reply: by filthy 23
Views: 7329    Replies: 17
"i was just wondering what everyone thoughtwhat does this video mean to the community ?what does it mean for the performers who get on the video ?????question???????? "
Posted: by Philomel
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
Views: 2671    Replies: 1
"Hey everyone,I read in an earlier post that more and more entries are submitted to the COL competitions each time around. Can anyone give me a rough estimate of how many entries are lik..."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 57322    Replies: 203
"Sorry people after last COL5 I am not willing to make another one. Please do continue to share on the net as you do and link to your videos in the video forum.I will do some other proje..."
Posted: by Ravin
Last Reply: by _Clare_
Views: 2566    Replies: 4
"i've just been getting into poi staff reciently and have lit up a few times.what is this Circle Of Light i keep hearing about? where can i find this Circle Of Light?Thankx!-ravin"
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Lyra
Views: 6627    Replies: 26
"And I am extremely disappointed with it.This is nothing that Malcolm had control of. He did a great job putting it together as always, and actually, I like the music. I think he found ..."
Posted: by This_Energy
Last Reply: by onewheeldave
Views: 5138    Replies: 18
"the clip is awsome. i am very jeleous"
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 9140    Replies: 29
"so with all of the recent talks about the hazards and safety involved with all of our fire arts that we share here i have a simple question!.Who else thinks that it would be a good idea..."
Posted: by flash fire
Last Reply: by flash fire
Views: 3358    Replies: 11
"Okay, so I figured it's probably about time I submitted something to a COL.... and I have every intention of doing so for COL6.I just had to share some fantastic news with the forum. ..."
Posted: by flash fire
Last Reply: by arashi
Views: 27163    Replies: 91
"Okay,I sat down last night to watch COL5 and have made some notes on each performance. If you performed on COL5 and want my constructive criticism, let me know and I'll tell you my tho..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by TheWibbler
Views: 7902    Replies: 30
"and what toys are u planning on playing with?im planning on putting in two entrys this year one as the derik troy take on meg and one as me. with much single long staff and double long ..."
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by musashii
Views: 9331    Replies: 28
"Ok so where to begin.So i descovered some thing i once loved with a passion, some thing that i could work with and find myself and make new friends along the way, learn many things, do ..."
Posted: by corrie
Last Reply: by ImmortalAngel
Views: 2377    Replies: 1
"any one in ontario would like to film fire arts with me let me know i have a camera and supplies"
Posted: by Spanner
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 3287    Replies: 5
"Browsing through the COL 5 received entries list, I was surprised to read : Written by:40. BurningSNOW Fire Troupe Marilyn Besasie, Anna Stone, Eric GriswoldMilwaukee, WI, USAI'd just l..."
Posted: by Socks
Last Reply: by Socks
Views: 2465    Replies: 5
"Ok, my "Search" skills are lacking tonight.I'm interested in sending in a video for the next CoL, soundtrack and everything by me and friends. So, umm... WHERE can I find information ..."
Posted: by Analemma
Last Reply: by fraggle
Views: 3178    Replies: 4
"When watching my video (Brother&Son) please turn off the sound of your TV and put on another music on your stereo. Just something you personally like. Some recommendations: Kruder&a..."
Posted: by Valura
Last Reply: by flash fire
Views: 5919    Replies: 15
"One of my spinning inspirations is going to put in a vid for Col five, and I want to ask a very general question... Is there an age limit for Col five?would it be frowned upon if a pre-..."
Posted: by Vixen
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 3984    Replies: 9
"I was having a quick look around the shop earlier (In anticipation for my first credit card!!!!- wooo!!!!)And i was just wondering - is it just COL 2 and 4 that you can get on dvd??? Or..."
Posted: by flash fire
Last Reply: by babajaga
Views: 5357    Replies: 21
"Although Malcolm's announcement already exists in another thread, I felt that it deserved a thread all of its own:Written by:As picked by HOP.1. Brother and Son = US$1000 gift certifica..."
Posted: by Leif
Last Reply: by MillenniuM
Views: 2016    Replies: 3
"Well maybe Im leaning my head over the guilitine while trying to fix it, but Im going to take a chance here. I think that any fire performer trying to perfect their skills will find t..."
Posted: by Kombi guy
Last Reply: by musashii
Views: 10465    Replies: 39
"Greetings firey folk, Due to HOP central being rather busy here at present and a few unforeseen circumstances with editing of COL5 video footage etc etc COL5 is taking slightly long..."
Posted: by Kombi guy
Last Reply: by _Clare_
Views: 13345    Replies: 62
"Hoooray, Malcolm just gave me a list of the people who made it onto COL 5 So here goes, in no particular order. Fire Fairy from AustraliaFire Sisters from CanadaSista Firewire from Germ..."
Posted: by markeespark
Last Reply: by nearly_all_gone
Views: 87131    Replies: 83
"Just between you,me ,him and her I think its pretty good!MMMM I'm very impresed.Rockn entrys from Drone,Highly flammable and the ever rockn Bender.Many standouts for me,Nix? aye!What a..."
Posted: by rftek
Views: 2112    Replies: 0
" let me be the first!! congratulations all who made it on the video. i'm sure the selection process was extremely hard. i have been waiting so impatiently to hear word of who made it on..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Leif
Views: 22385    Replies: 79
"my list in no particular orderglassbluecatknoxiousnx?josh n katepsimcptenticlekyle mcLean psychosimiantrees and beatlespk (even though u dont do staff ur videos are always imo the most..."
Posted: by MikeIcon
Last Reply: by TheSilverShadow
Views: 2556    Replies: 3
"So these are some questions Ive had but never saw answered.1) The requirements say that music has to be heard on tape. Does this mean that the music had to have been recorded via the c..."
Posted: by FireSpirit
Last Reply: by native
Views: 3486    Replies: 13
"Finely after three years of trying to get a video put together and edited, I finely sent one in!! Hope ya all like it... I want to know who has sent theirs in, and who is going to? We ..."
Posted: by arsn
Last Reply: by mech
Views: 5866    Replies: 19
"I was wondering if this year there was another competition for the cover, or if Malcolm and the Blueflame gang had an idea already?"
Posted: by MrConfused
Last Reply: by fraggle
Views: 2557    Replies: 8
"Don't you hate it when you say everything you wanted to say in the subject line? I always feel compelled to write something here as well, but there's really nothing else I wanted to ask..."
Posted: by filthy 23
Last Reply: by onewheeldave
Views: 2881    Replies: 6
"Hi!In the COL5 entry rules it says:"Details ...How? Please mail your video to Home of Poi, PO Box 6271,Unit 2 - 88 Hayon Road, Christchurch, New Zealand...Rules...... Must arrive before..."
Posted: by Meneeococoa
Last Reply: by Raphael96
Views: 2496    Replies: 4
"Hm....haven't been here in awhile, but I just got some fire poi in and I'm in love... anyways, I once had the elusive COL 2 video.....very sweet.... But, I was forced to give it up to a..."
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by ben-ja-men
Views: 1953    Replies: 1
"All this talk of col5 and I'm stil waiting for col 4 to come out on DVD. I can't take it anymore I'm thinking about just buying the video, 9 months of watching the teaser and I'm well..."
Posted: by Paddy
Last Reply: by FireSpirit
Views: 3869    Replies: 13
"I AM! Ever since I started spinning fire I've been using these massive wicks...good and big and firey and fun, but I didn't realize how much better I am with lighter ones until I st..."
Posted: by likwid
Last Reply: by FireSpirit
Views: 2674    Replies: 2
"when are submissions due by? "
Posted: by t0xic
Last Reply: by Dragon7
Views: 2845    Replies: 3
"would it be alright, if we hosted or linked a vid to a certain site or email address, instead of sending a tape? "
Posted: by Dragon7
Last Reply: by Dragon7
Views: 2143    Replies: 3
"Is it possible to send a entry via the net. I mean find a host and upload so malcolm can download it. I know that it seems like alot of trouble but i seriously only have 1 copy and it..."
Posted: by musashii
Last Reply: by Mistress Aurora
Views: 11674    Replies: 49
"I know the entry details say 'any' of the fire arts, but what fire implements will be featured or are ok to use for entries? I ask only because I haven't seen any rope dart, fire swords..."
Posted: by bender
Last Reply: by Puk
Views: 2766    Replies: 1
"I speak of downunderians, and how COL 5 will hopefully gi's a chance to more truly represent the diversity of fwirlage here.c'mon let's see more!Luke from Fusing Brisbane sez he's gonna..."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by arashi
Views: 4704    Replies: 17
"Congratulations to the following...1st Boys in tha hood2nd Fire Sisters3rd Nix? "
Posted: by Meneeococoa
Last Reply: by pounce
Views: 4674    Replies: 18
"I am gonna do a cover for COL 4, but I need a model to help me with a picture. If there are any women willing to help, it would be greatly appriciated. Just reply or PM me it you want t..."
Posted: by markeespark
Last Reply: by DJ Dantana
Views: 3263    Replies: 7
"Rules : You have one vote. You cant vote for yourself. You have to have seen COL4.Having said that let the voting begin!"
Posted: by DJ Dantana
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 16974    Replies: 60
"In regards to the free "COL4 Video" that the submitters recieve (and the two free videos that the used submitters get) Can we choose to recieve it in DVD or VHS? Or for the submitions t..."
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by [Nx?]
Views: 14517    Replies: 50
"hey malcolm hope every thing is going ok with col4, i was just wondering when its likly to be completed? i know it hasnt been very long and i am being over excited to see it like very o..."
Posted: by DJ Dantana
Last Reply: by [Nx?]
Views: 3324    Replies: 15
"I just spent the last four hours making a techno trance song on my computer. Then the !@#$%^&* thing crashed , and the autosave didn't work correctly, and I lost it, right as I w..."
Posted: by banshee
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 3119    Replies: 12
"it goes without saying that Sage is amazing....i kept rewinding the COL 2 video clip of her again and again and again.....as my friend andrew put it: "sensory overload." i was watching..."
Posted: by Paddy
Last Reply: by Paddy
Views: 2264    Replies: 6
"Hey all,So, I've got this little hobby of mine, making music with this program called Fruityloops. I haven't made too many tracks, but the last one I completed I think is rather good. ..."
Posted: by DJ Dantana
Last Reply: by twistoflex2000
Views: 15331    Replies: 62
"Ok, so I couldn't resist, I had make it official... So, this thread is for the boss man (Malcolm) to post all the entries he has recieved, so all of us in internet land won't have t..."
Posted: by Mot
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 2515    Replies: 5
"You could have called it Circles of fire (COF) and pronounced it cough . Would have been kinda ironic.Sorry to much free time on my hands "
Posted: by Jo
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1912    Replies: 2
"Everybody who sends in a video gets a free finshed copy of COL4, and everybody featured on the video gets TWO copies.Videos will all be returned and a free copy of the finished video fo..."
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