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Posted:Hey we were wondering if A. our video entry has arived to you @ the home of poi? and B. if the video quality of the entry is acceptable?
Thanks heaps Malcom
Mark,Tristan & Pauly ....
The Central City Circus

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Posted:yaaaaaaaaay for markespark! I'm not malcolm, but congrats on sending in an entry anyhoo!

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Posted:Hey guys, nice to see you on the site!

Is fire night still up and running? I'll be knee deep in diapers soon but if I get the time off it would be great to turn up again.

Anything else happening on the circus meet fronts? Friday night is still going strong...would be nice to see you there.



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Posted:Hey Wasup guys,
Hey Bender cheers me and the possie seem to have got our shit togther this time.So he Central City Circus is now into win.hahahaha
Hi Charles real good to hear from you dude,regards to you and your wife Mumtes (forgive the spelling).Circus stuff is going off, juggling night is about to start again in the arcade now that the balloonski dust has died down.Fire night is still running although its getting real cold down in the park.sorry, havent been able to make it to fridays but i work @ the hempstore till 7.30 on friays so no juggling joy for me.I look foward to meeting mini Inferno sometime.keep in touch.
P.S new juggling shop will be opening soon........ Central City Circus Inc
Home of the Central City Circus
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Posted:hey hey

congratulations to the propagable inferno himself

can you guys keep me posted about juggling nights etc.. been missing the occasional st kevins arcade practise

brrr, way too cold for fire nights


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