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Posted:Is it possible to send a entry via the net. I mean find a host and upload so malcolm can download it. I know that it seems like alot of trouble but i seriously only have 1 copy and its on cd disk. And it does not say anything about cd disk and yes iv been trying to find out by reading alot of post's but i couldnt find an answer.

All it say's is "send tape" and you have to have the tape where you want it started from...but how about disk??? (i dont have the master tape) Everything is muddled up on the disk also...I am confused and concidering not even releasing my video now and not submitting for col also.

What do the rest of you guys do who shoot digital?? send the master tape? or cd? or upload off the net?

Sry for all the questions...meditate but i have one final Q: Can you host your video on the net for everyone to view and also submit it for COL5? or do you have to especially "save" the good stuff for COL? help

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DJ Dantana
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Posted:to the best of my knowledge, malcolm has always received stuff through the mail, not the net, but he would have to answer the possibiliies of this new method himself. His Editing company can rip from any tape format.

however, there is probably a good reason for the new pollicy of sending in the tape with it ready to go at the place where your submition starts.... ubbloco

Sending in the master yields the best quality finished product, and I would deffinitle send in the original if you can, or send in the original master edited version, you know? Just don't send in a copy of a copy on a tape that has been re-re-rerecorded 20 times over....

as to the hosting vs save your best for col5.... some people have done one, some people have done the other. If you post it now and it later makes it onto col5 you might not get to much flack. If, however, you make it onto col5 and then (afterwards) post your vid on the net, get ready for some some anger dirrected your way. You see, it sort of unermines the point of COL5 if everybody just posts their entry on the net anyways... although a few people HAVE.... some got chewed out over posting the video afterwards (not by malcolm either) and some people didn't recieve any bad vibes over posting a vid BEFOR COL and it still make it onto col... I think....

of course my memory is a bit fuzzy, so you might not want to take my word on it...


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Posted:Yes send me the DVD,CD or tape.
I do not want poor quality tape.
DJ Dantana is correct.
If you want to put it on the net do not send it to me for COL5
I spend a lot of money putting the tapes together and offering prizes and free tapes for people who get on the tapes.
If people download for free the COL5 entries then I won't have money to do this anymore.

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Posted:Thanks for taking time to relpy Malcolm, much appricated, im off to shoot a proper video for col5 this weekend. thankx

Sry looks like i missed THIS

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