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filthy 23

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In the COL5 entry rules it says:

"Details ...
How? Please mail your video to Home of Poi, PO Box 6271,Unit 2 - 88 Hayon Road, Christchurch, New Zealand...

... Must arrive before 30th June 2004 at Home of Poi, 39 Woodbury Street, Christchurch, New Zealand..."

So I'm wondering if I send my video FEDEX from the USA, which address should I send to?...

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Posted:i'm also trying to get my package ready to ship... which address to use? any1 know?


filthy 23
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filthy 23

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Posted:I wonder if FedEx will even deliver to a po box...
I hafta check with them but I'm thinking I'll just use the 39 Woodbury Street one (that's not a po box, ya know?)

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Posted:yikes. i didn't notice that. well i sent my best friend's to woodbury street and that's where i was planning on sending mine

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Posted:glad i wasn't in charge of deciding where to send

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Posted:all we need now is malcolm or somebody else like that to tell us which addy to use...

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Posted:I noticed the dual address before seeing this thread and e-mailed malcolm- he said either one will do.

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