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Posted:Hi all!I`m quit new at spinning(spun for the first time this week-end, woohoo!
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)and every time my poi stop burning I just want to soak them and do it again, and again but I`m thinking it can`t be good for my wicks. What do you guys think??

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Christina aka Str0be

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Posted:jamie, im with ya on the gas thing, i use to use gas because of easy accessibility and cost. i always got very nice burns with it, although sometime short, but never that short. but it is a good idea to switch to something else, although i will admit, i havent used anything that burns as nicely.. its better safe then sorry. (i never had any accidents, but that doesnt say its safe) not to mention if you ever want to do an actual show for someone, i dont think they would allow something like that to be used. just some advice!!


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