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Now I'm not completely sure, but DuPont is a manufacturer of kevlar right? Well Dupont have a company in Norwood, Adelaide. I'm just wondering, has anyone checked this out before to see if they sell kevlar? Well just some information for you Adelaidians. If anyone has checked it out, and they don't, please post here. Thanks.

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There'll be a large amount of old discussions on the different type of kevlar and wick material in general if you do a few searches going back a year or so at least.The kevlar favoured by most juggling shops and HoP is a weave of kevlar and cotton, usually produced by a manufacturor who buys the pure kevlar of a main supplier.There'll be people who disagree, but I really dislike the pure kevlar as it doesn't hold as much fuel and seems to come apart really easily. Not the kevlar itself, just the weave of the fsabirc, so its all in little strands by your feet...The reason I'm saying all this is that when searching for wick, it pays to make sure you know what you are after or you could spend a long time chasing the wrong products... (As I did a while ago too)
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