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Posted:I am just like learning how to this this and i only get to see the person who teaches me about 1 time a month, and i was just wondering if there is any way not to have ribbons and tails, because the only ones i find have them.

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you can always remove them, no ?

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Posted:I started out with shoe laces and glowsticks. They are very light weight compared to poi, but you can weigh them down... also tennis balls work nicely to learn on.

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Posted:i used to get plain tennis balls and put small holes in them, the tie a knot in some string and jamm the knot through the hole. its a pretty easy way of avoiding tails without having to maim you poi!


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Posted:Or, get the ribbons and tails and tie them up with a rubber band. Then you have them to play with but not when learning.

Balled up socks and shoe strings is what I learned on.

Buzz Poi allow you to tuck in the tails, and with the addition of a short ribbon to tie them up, you can untuck them when you please.

I also made a set of my own heavily weighted practice poi from swatches of cloth, kidney beans and cording.

Just be creative!

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Posted:When I used to work in the drome (R.I.P ) in london a great thing everyone used to do was to get a

brightly coloured pair of long socks or leggings or something along those lines and ram a tennis ball

down each one. sounds odd but its great for practicing especially if your having

a problem with tails.

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Posted:Thank you for all of the help yall

Walking slowly through the rain, with out worries ther's no pain, when you see a shooting star, all your problems seem so far, if you give true love and trust, just give me all you got.


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Posted:From a Thrift store i managed to buy a pair of brightly coloured monkey plush toys that have really long thin tails. blue and orange, they were designed as hanging toys but i couldn't walk past them without imagining how they'd be like to twirl with. will post a silly photo of them here when i can...

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