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Posted:Like many, im sick of buying glowstick after glowstick and i'm interested in StreetLights. Some sites sell StreetLights, some sell Super Streetlighs (claimed to be twice as bright). Yet no-one seems to sell both. I'm not sure if they are different or no. Can anyone help?heres are few links i've checked out: in Advance.

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Posted:Streetlights and krill lights are both too fragile to spin - they'll break before you spin them enough times for them to be cheaper than glow sticks. The beaming balls on the same page are durable but hurt like hell when you bop yourself.


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Posted:Streetlights have been talked about before. I thought there were some better topics than this, but I figured I would point you in the right direction. I will say from personal experience that they suck complete and total ass. Expensive, and the damn things will shatter the first time you even tip them on something.My suggestion would be to get some photons and wrap them up in bubble wrap or put them in an emptied out glowstick. The RAV'N lights rock!Or, even better, go with some electroglo poi!!!
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Posted:quote:Why are they called Flaming Poodles, anyway?It's a long and drawn-out story. The short version is that they were named in honor of a character created late one night at the Lopez Island Jugglefest in 1999. When I went to name the fire props, "Fire Meteorites" didn't have enough zing to it, and neither did anything else I could come up with. Someone suggested Flaming Poodles, and the name stuck. No animals were harmed in the naming of these props.WOW! I wanna flaming poodle today!

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Posted:The streetlights are actually very cool if you buy the little protecter thingies with them. They are basically sheaths of clear vinyl that keep them from shattering. I have crashed them into one another and dropped them on the ground before and they are still operable.


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