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Posted:Hiya guys !

I was checking through a while back looking for some good glo-stick dancing links. I was just glad to find some people with a similar obsession !

Anyway, there was a post on this forum a while back asking what liquid was so I was looking about for vids and came across

which I don't think anyone's already linked to (excuse me if I'm wrong). Anyway, check 'em out they've got a really excellent collection of videos from all of the above. Some are up close and could be used for learning .. also give an excellent display of what liquid is about

Peace !

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Posted:damn, that site is NICE
i'm, gonna check that out at home, i'm on a faster connection there

also, check out these clips of me at Crystal Method, its tilted sideways, and sounds sucks, but its me
i forget what one it was, but go through them and look
we'll have fire video's soon

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xtremravr...was here..

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Posted:yeah thats one of my favorite sites too!! they have some really great vids of pop-likquid and some other great vids too! im really into pop-likwid and learn a shyt load of stuff from watching those vids...welcome to HoP and check out the lessons section for Poi to find some great explanations of some technical and variation moves!! peace!!

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Posted:yeah specially the ones that are of erick jeez he is fucking awsome!!!!
well the only bad thing of that site that ppl glowswinging sucks really bad there

Dance like if noone were watching you