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Posted: I was trying to incorporate my legs into my swinging, and i came up with a turn. I'm a lefty so it might be easier for others to try with their right hand/leg, but it's like this: start with a foward spin, and then as the rotation is on the downstroke lift one leg up and let the chain of the Poi on that same side hit up against your inner thigh. As this happens pivot on your other foot and use a low turn for the other Poi, and as you pivot guide the first Poi by pushing it with your leg. The Poi should complete its turn behind you as you turn, with your leg acting as a fulcrum for the Poi to turn. You should come out of it with a backward spin. It works well slow, I haven't gotten it up to speed yet but i think it would look pretty smooth with practice.

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Le Skunk

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Posted:It does look smooth with practice. i did one on my video which is in the video section of this site, check it out for an's kinda dark but you get the idea, and with practice you can add a little jump to make it a little more "badass"...don't try it on ice though. i almost broke my head.peax,Skunk