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Posted: by Spanner
Last Reply: by Dentrassi
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"Sounds pretty, doesn't it?Children like rainbows, don't they? I mean, a lot of them are so innocent that they don't realise theres no "pot of gold" at the end of a rainbow, as the old a..."
Posted: by DFZ
Last Reply: by Pink...?
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"It seems with all the problem's over in iraq with the abuse of the iraqi's prisoners that this study came to mind. I don't think it has been posted and i am not sure how many people hav..."
Posted: by flash fire
Last Reply: by Moohaahaa
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"I saw this film last night and loved it so much that I had to write something about it. This is my first ever film review - sorry if it's gappy.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindThi..."
Posted: by gita
Last Reply: by Puk
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"wellsorry to rant on you all, but i figure this way i might get a response (blogging really isn't good for that!) or even one of those hugs you hoppers are famous for!!i just found out ..."
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"I read about this cult a good while ago and thought it was really interesting. It now seems like fighting in the name of God is starting even on this tiny island.... Da cult "
Posted: by Burzaruka
Last Reply: by coleman
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" Warning, this is extreemly nasty stuff and I really dont reccomend you reading it unless you really want to. Art. It is a liberal thing. Music, paintings, sculptures, poetry... the..."
Posted: by Dunc
Last Reply: by Pele
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"lifted from the homeopathy thread that was leaning off topic, I thought I'd start this.....It started with this commentQuote:....a family was taken to court for neglecting their child b..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by Trillian
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" years ago, I was so innocent I still considered it possible that we could become the humane and reasonable America so many..."
Posted: by Lyra
Last Reply: by Trillian
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"ello to all those experianced spinners and performers, i need some poi busking advice, i plan to get a couple of friends of mine together this summer to busk in an attempt to make money..."
Posted: by robotface
Last Reply: by Burzaruka
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",1286,63441,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1Yes, they are using it to find a possible cure for aids. But it's pretty damn disturbing how they did it. I figur..."
Posted: by robotface
Last Reply: by pounce
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"Quote:MERIDEN, Conn. (AP) - A woman who was convicted of creating an environment that contributed to her 12-year-old son's suicide after constant bullying at school received a suspended..."
Posted: by [Nx?]
Last Reply: by mcp
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"yo,just a thought, for me, performing every day is the best training ive ever done, and ive been training regularly for 3 years now. It simultaiously forces me to clean all my stuff and..."
Posted: by Prometheus
Last Reply: by Burzaruka
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"I only bothered posting this because I've gotten a dozen emails about it this week, 6 today, and it's getting old. Here is how the scheme goes: "IT HAS BEEN CALCULATED THAT IF EVERYONE ..."
Posted: by robotface
Last Reply: by Dai
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"What are your opinions on hate crime legislation? It was put on paper to discourage hate crimes, but personally I think it's a shotty piece of legislation, and I don't see how it is ju..."
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by spiralx
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"I'm suffering from a nasal infection (otherwise known as the sexy bug ) and went to the doctor and got anti-biotics because I had one a few months ago and it wouldn't go away without ..."
Posted: by thor
Last Reply: by Lyra
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"i'm pretty good with my poi... not great, but ok...i can do:3/5bt weave fwd&rvbutterfly fwd/rv, behind headmexican wavecorkscrews/windmillsbasic wraps (no double suicides or anythin..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Lyra
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"Today is a very important day in U.S. History. For the first time ever, same-sex couples will be able to wed in Massachusetts with the full blessing of the state. The New York Times h..."
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by originalsmit
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"mmmm yummy.Tesco strawberry Jam now 25% more tastey (says it on the jar) Lion bars now have new improved flavour (says it on the packet) . How do they measure this tastiness? Is it som..."
Posted: by Spanner
Last Reply: by The Eversor
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"As loathe as I am to start a "Spanner's back on HoP" thread, I'd rather do this than hijack someone else's thread, such as those on on depression and suicide, as I'd like to explain why..."
Posted: by Big Andy
Last Reply: by Big Andy
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"I'm sure someone here has seen it already, but we rented "Runaway Jury" with John Cusack and Gene Hackman and the guy who played Pablo Escobar in "Blow".It's set in new Orleans, and the..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by i8beefy2
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"As the presedential election race heats up something is becoming strangely obvious to me. Neither one of the candidates cares who I vote for. (For those that have the NY Times today, ..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by robotface
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"I am a firm believer that if you are going to complain, offer an alternative.With that in mind, this is the speech I would have given if I were President. This speech would have been b..."
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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" the joy of text... "
Posted: by _VT_
Last Reply: by coleman
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" WTF! Sorry, I saw this and i'm so pissed off right now i can't even think strait. I under stand why it was done, but since when do two wrongs make a right? "
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by MiG
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"This is SOOO stupid. I hate when religion mixes with politics. But it's even worse when it mixes with science and medicine.This is NOT going to help our teenage pregnancy rate. http..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Burzaruka
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"My, my, my. If this isn't ironic, then I don't know what is... Quote:Palm Beach Appeals Court to Hear Arguments Today In Rush Limbaugh Medical Records CaseApril 7, 2004WEST PALM BEACH..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by Dunc
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"And now it can be! British Government want at least 300,000 votes in order to allow England an extra bank holiday every year for St. Georges day Please vo..."
Posted: by Pink...?
Last Reply: by bluecat
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"Before i begin i would just like to say that this may sound quite disrespectful for Roman Catholics and possibly ChristiansAfter reading the 2nd of Christopher Knight's and Robert Lomas..."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by GottaLoveIt
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"See current poll Saw a program on TV the other night saying the eldest child is less likely to try different things or work "outside the square" to the same extreme as a younger child ..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by onewheeldave
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"This thread :- the dangers of fire breathing very well, and has links to other useful stuff like Peles 'A season in Hell'..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Burzaruka
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"I don't get it. I don't get this country. I wonder what has happened to the significant percentage of Americans who still plan on voting for Bush.Our economy is in shambles, the situa..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by Burzaruka
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"Poi is a traditional maori dance and exercise, its part of their culture.(for a start read : )We swing things of glowing and firey-ness around on th..."
Posted: by hexagonic
Last Reply: by robotface
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"I've been meaning to start a thread on this for a while. I first noticed something was wrong in March last year. 'Fresh' is a word we all used to associate with milk and bread in the ..."
Posted: by originalsmit
Last Reply: by _VT_
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"this is a little post so i dont hijack the other of todays temprature based title just reminded me has anyone seen this film, as an over veiw it is based in the near future w..."
Posted: by Dom
Last Reply: by Dunc
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"When the board migrated to this new version I asked people what functionality they would like. The response was great, although I couldn't do everything everybody asked for. Anyway, I'd..."
Posted: by vanize
Last Reply: by Onion
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"go to this link and read. Do not stop when it at first seems a little trivial, as it takes a bit to really develop. The hair on my arms is still standing."
Posted: by Trillian
Last Reply: by woodnymph
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"Just wanted to share this...This morning, my anti-war group at school, Students Against War (SAW) held a silent vigil to remember and mourn for all the people who have died in this war ..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Burzaruka
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"So a while ago, I posted a thread on spam and why I think that the government needs to step in and stop it completely, just like they did with Fax spam.Well, the government has passed a..."
Posted: by OrangeBobo
Last Reply: by Lyra
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"Yesterday was very possibly the best school day of my life. You see, I'm in my school's GSA (gay straight alliance) and yesterday we ran a staffmeeting in my school. At this meeting, ou..."
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by Dunc
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"Phhewww, it's getting real confusing.At first saterday was supposed to be this joyfullness..... Quote:Starts 12 noon Central Bank - 12 Noon Central Bank, Dame Street, Dublin- CARNIVAL F..."
Posted: by Astar
Last Reply: by the screeming flaming dude
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"&lbr;url=;Right up there with nelson mandella and yasser arafat&l..."
Posted: by Medusa
Last Reply: by FireSpirit
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"Didn't really know which thread to put this in....I hope it belongs here.Well I had one of the most screwed up weekends ever...(I am thinking of cancelling the rest of this year and sta..."
Posted: by KiwiBex
Last Reply: by Dragon7
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"This morning my taonga (greenstone necklace) snapped. There must have been a crack in it and it broke in my hand. I am totally gutted! My mum gave it to me for my 21st and its really pr..."
Posted: by thor
Last Reply: by thor
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"i want to move this summer after i get my EMT-1 Cert... (which i'm definatly gonna get, holding a 95% average in the class, booyeah )so, i'm thinking a few places, and would like to g..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by Chris Bailey
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"This came out of a conversation I was having with another HoPper.Do peole here spin for social reasons - i.e. to meet people, to go to places/events, to intereact/teach with othersor fo..."
Posted: by PsychoTronic(old)
Last Reply: by MiG
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"1,5 years before,me and 3 friends where playing in a summer night club(the 3 of us did not have experience we oly played 3 months)Suddently a man came with a torch and he said that he d..."
Posted: by Pyrolific
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
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" do you think?I think that after all Howards talk of ethics it will be interesting to see if he follows through with not ripping off..."
Posted: by BEZERKER
Last Reply: by BEZERKER
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"Having always been in to martial arts movies from various sources I always used to have a favorite being Bloodsport with Jean-Claude Van Damme. I kind of dug the idea of a competition w..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"Quick backstory...there is a 14 year old born into a family of Sideshow owners. He shows up at a convention of professionals and starts mimicking the stunts. Granny looks on with pride..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by Dentrassi
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"Another query from Bex - she does not have access in work so asked me to post for her.Despite great intentions - we don't always have a reusable bags when shopping. Clearly the best thi..."
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