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Posted: by xfirebladex
Last Reply: by Gayle......!
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"Hey there, we're Gravity Vomit at the University of Bath and we're a juggling and circus skills society. We have a new movie which we've put together from random pieces of footage we'v..."
Posted: by Dragon7
Last Reply: by Stout
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"Thanks AGAIN Klaymen Also everyone else who "share's" All videos are WMP. Spymac hosted so vides and clips often go up and down and randomally stop working. But usually only stay ..."
Posted: by _So_
Last Reply: by _So_
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"So here we go,We had a spontaneous gathering for television last friday, aтв some gu had a camera with him.Here are the links to our funny spinning =)http://s63.yous..."
Posted: by TinklePants
Last Reply: by TinklePants
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"brought to you by and liquid Bubblegum Picturesright click - save target as"
Posted: by LiquidReality
Last Reply: by bender
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"Hey this is my first post! But anyways i just wanted to tell you all about a file sharing client that a freind suggested to me about a week ago.Its called SoulSeek and its completely..."
Posted: by Red_RaveN
Last Reply: by Dunc
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"Sooo my first own made-up non-simple trick..: ) was surely done by glowstringers before but anyway.. will post a description tomorrow if wanted..: ) Is probably possible with fire.. hav..."
Posted: by mixinluv2u
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"click HERE to view.Here's the complete footage of our Ultra Circle @ EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) 2005. Enjoy!"
Posted: by Pali
Last Reply: by bender
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"I've decided to consolidate my videos that I've posted into one thread. Yay! Newest are at the top. Comments and constructive criticism are more than welcome. Fire poi in the snow ..."
Posted: by musashii
Last Reply: by juusan
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"And so it begins..Once I find a decent imaginary camera man I think the focus will be a bit better, and I'll post a better poi vid Just playing around w the camera and software now th..."
Posted: by Red_RaveN
Last Reply: by Julie2022
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" Rclick and save... Am I a Jedi now..? hope the link works..."
Posted: by Bender_the_Offender
Last Reply: by Nate
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"TOO MUCH SKILL!!!Antonin Hartz (WJF 2004 world chamption) & Eric in a very funny AMAZING showcase of diabolo of the most amazing videos i've ever downloaded!!!http://www...."
Posted: by xxfirestarterxx0413
Last Reply: by TheWibbler
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"i was just wondering it just me or does anyone else get really discouraged looking at the videos on the spherculism site. i keep watching the same video over and ov..."
Posted: by Bender_the_Offender
Last Reply: by Jhinge
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"it's a skateboard,it's being skated,it's on can see it here: appears to be a flame trail..."
Posted: by TinklePants
Last Reply: by Sensuosa
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"its a kinda feel good vibe filmed day before yesterday at a family gathering. Watch out for my Li'l girl stealing the show at the end! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graeml..."
Posted: by =Flamer=
Last Reply: by ilovethefire
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"This is my first video. Filmed and Edited by myself, not great quality but its okay I suppose. Was filmed last night and edited in about 2 hours. I've only been spinning fire staff for ..."
Posted: by EBaba
Last Reply: by Trix2
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"Right, this is my second attempt at my first post of my first video (now that I have found a friend to host it properly)!Filmed in various scenic locations in Stockholm on a friday nigh..."
Posted: by garthy
Last Reply: by garthy
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"Here's my first video.Includes Highlights such as Dodgy Quality Dodgy BHB Waist Wrap Tangle Many Penduli My dads jumper Megadeth sound Track From"
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"A short sequence of me doing three ball tricks, shot by Tempest a few weeks back: click and 'save as')Totally unedited, I left ..."
Posted: by Meenik
Last Reply: by Beth
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"So, I'm putting together some new fun, silly poi videos. There is a secition that's news documentary style, and I would love footage of groups of people spinning poi in various location..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by Durbs
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"Well, Saturday was a really nice sunny day and everything seemed to be flowing quite nicely - so I thought I'd record it and make a video as I've been quite slack in that department rec..."
Posted: by Rada
Last Reply: by Cute Little Burning Ball
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"Post deleted by Rada"
Posted: by Nate
Last Reply: by [noodles]
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"Post deleted by Nate The Great"
Posted: by _Poiboy_
Last Reply: by _Poiboy_
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"this is a vid of our fire party that was shot around april on IJC 2005, this year's israeli juggling convention. EDIT: matt uploaded it now... changed the link... IJC 2005 fire nightand..."
Posted: by Cyberboy
Last Reply: by Cyberboy
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"Yea... I've only been doing poi for about 2 weeks... but I think I've gotten pretty good...Its only about 15 seconds long though But I guess its enough to see what I can do right?I had ..."
Posted: by Mint Sauce
Last Reply: by bender
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" Get them while they are nice and hot available for the next 7 days or 25 downloads whichever comes first Mint's Video Collection (links will be done re as they run out..."
Posted: by KaelGotRice
Last Reply: by Adrillf
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"There's plenty more where these came from but I'm totally lacking the means to host them. These are online through the generous donation and work of others. If you have some extra bandw..."
Posted: by Matty_B
Last Reply: by -sandy-
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"I have decided I am going to buy a video camera - but I am stuck on the age old question of which one . . .I thought that the best thing would be to get some advice from the filming com..."
Posted: by greyedge
Last Reply: by PyroWill
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"I haven't tread these waters in awhile, but thought I'd drop by and drop a link to my new fire video. It's got poi and whip in it. It was recorded about a month ago and looks really ele..."
Posted: by Mint Sauce
Last Reply: by Disc0
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" Its 4am I cant sleep its to hot! So what do I do I pick up a pair of well worn tatty old socks and start to swing them round. Yeh ok the lighting is poor the video quality is crap the ..."
Posted: by coleman
Last Reply: by Cyberboy
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"this is seriously crazy.its not me.but i wish it was...3b 1up nollie 360 "
Posted: by steve db
Last Reply: by hexagonic
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"just a little video from last weekend (10-11 june 2005).ucof had a house-warming party and much fun was had byall. but be warned: there are a few scenes of a slightly adultnature that s..."
Posted: by -sandy-
Last Reply: by T&B
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"Ive just started spinning properly again now its hot and ive finnished term. Ive come up with a few new moves and learnt some others but i dont have names for all of them so i made a vi..."
Posted: by glenneroo
Last Reply: by glenneroo
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"the first try at a promo video for Fenfire ( here in Austria. the video is currently on my site: in the list: "Fenfire Promo Video"also of inter..."
Posted: by juusan
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
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"I'm completely intrigued by fire fans, yet have no idea what they look like in action. I've searched the video archives to no avail... does anyone have a video of someone dancing with ..."
Posted: by Aliosha
Last Reply: by Aliosha
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"Hallo to all,I finally managed to have, in the same place, a videocamera, a friend willing to use it, and the chance to play with fire (ehr, I actually was there for that reason).I am ..."
Posted: by Cute Little Burning Ball
Last Reply: by raver-softi
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"heres a german meteor homepage link with some vids on it: out the Cirque du Soleil video... its a must. later "
Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"Video now available in the 'television' section of, thank you very much mech! link to just a few laughs from the other day, some nice bits of spinn..."
Posted: by hally
Last Reply: by *HyperLight
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"Check out new poi vid in poiinthepark.netit's in television - well worth a watch.Kris-t-fire"
Posted: by vyvyan
Last Reply: by ~Leah~
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"Finally the new Jimmy Christou vid is out on Mushroom Records, so far it has only been seen on pay TV but keep an eye out for Chris doing fire and Mel the firey bellydancer!Also upcomin..."
Posted: by Matty_B
Last Reply: by _Clare_
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"Thought I'd post here to since it is a video . . .Whilst in Tara Hill a little miss Firepoise showed her skills with her firehands . . Here is a little vid (taken on digi camera so I a..."
Posted: by PyroWill
Last Reply: by oli
Views: 14152    Replies: 137
"Dont get excited yet!But after tryign to get over the broken camera fiasco *grumble*!! I haver finally borrowed my matescamera and its actually capturing the footage now, so I should ha..."
Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by Nate
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"Is available here:Right click and Save As...DivX - 35mb.There seems to be a problem with sound if you fast forward it, and one set of titles can't be read. I'll correct these when I get..."
Posted: by Ry
Last Reply: by Bubbles_
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"Hi all~ Pretty excited today. Got my head around Adobe Premiere, divx, virtualdub and spymac webhosting to bring to you my first poi video!woo..Yes well anyway. Just a couple of notes ..."
Posted: by ShawnF
Last Reply: by Mr_Jedly
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"Well, reading the board again lately, I was struck by the need for more instructional type videos. I managed to learn two new tricks a couple of days ago, and that's usually the best ti..."
Posted: by tulen
Last Reply: by tulen
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"this is my training video with my meteor and monkey fists:&rbr;it's without music.... &lbr;20MB 10 min&rbr;"
Posted: by Mr_Chutney
Last Reply: by Nate
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"See a short silly vid involving poi spinning HERE (right click save as please)Sorry its WMV Nothing remarkable, just thought it might raise a smile Chutney"
Posted: by TheWibbler
Last Reply: by Katinca
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" The Meatrix Watch it, go onAnd as a special dedication to my 3 sleeping friendsWhat Barry SaysSeriously tight graphics, i love the bullet thru the hand sequence.m"
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by polarity
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"Try going here and looking for your problem. sorted me right out."
Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by mech
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"I've noticed that there's very few rope dart vids on here, so I thought I'd post this rather dodgy vid to try and stimulate output on this relatively unrepresented and interesting fire ..."
Posted: by Nucleopoi
Last Reply: by Vixen
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"could someone please make a vid on how to do a butterfly waistwrap.i would be much obliged...thank you"
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