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Posted: by adeathlyaura
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":DDDD Enjoy all the breaking!"
Posted: by MimiJuly
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"Hey fellow fire spinners,I wanted to share with you can experience that has become a bit of a phenomenon in my life. The experience is meeting other fire spinners, and/or glow spinners ..."
Posted: by adeathlyaura
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"My newest video. I'm about two and a half years in at this point. Enjoy!"
Posted: by thechemlife
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"New to the performance side of things but I'm curious to see what people think. "
Posted: by droll91
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"Hope you like it) "
Posted: by SurveyingFlea
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"I've been in a funk for about a month, not spinning or being happy. So this is me getting back to it tonight. &lbr;url="
Posted: by MELanholi
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"Hi there! This is my newest big tech poi video! I hope you enjoy! Thank you to all my online teachers "
Posted: by achunkypid
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Hey guys, first post here and really digging the community so far. I've been a stringer for about a year or so now, and haven't really bothered to make a video until now. I feel that I'..."
Posted: by MimiJuly
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Hey guys!I'm looking for some tips to improve my performance with poi. I started to record my practices with fire in order to pin down what I should improve. I've watched these videos, ..."
Posted: by SurveyingFlea
Last Reply: by MimiJuly
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"a couple from when i used to roll, a couple since I'v been off synthetics."
Posted: by artnonstop
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"&lbr;video:youtube&rbr; "
Posted: by Matthew86
Last Reply: by Matthew_Dicesare
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"Alright so this isn't my best set, but in my defense there's a glass table right in front of me and Venetian blinds behind me-about two feet clearance. I have other poi videos on there..."
Posted: by timmeh
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" My newest video"
Posted: by laughingoblin
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Posted: by KrewSayd
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"Hello fellow HoPers! This is the the second video I've recorded in the last foreverness, and I'd love to get some positive or negative feedback, and know where I could use some improvem..."
Posted: by lucasgabd
Last Reply: by lucasgabd
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" I hope you enjoy it!"
Posted: by newminglewoodjim
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"Hello! This is my first time posting here and it's also my first video ever of me tossing my dart around. It's just a practice video and is mainly upper body work, however I would LOVE ..."
Posted: by Majky_MagniS
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" What do you say for our new video? Could you please write some reaction? Your opinion is important for me Thanks a lot... Best regard..."
Posted: by pascalhop
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"Hello HOP!I'm back with a new video in which you will find some tricks with fishtails which would allow transitions between different kind of tricks already used in poi manipulation suc..."
Posted: by lucasgabd
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" Learn how to make a staff for practice which is quite beautiful and not very expensive!Furthermore, it's very simple to build!Hope you enjoy it!there are english subs available!-lu..."
Posted: by lucasgabd
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"Hello, here's a buugeng/s-staff video we produced here in Brazil. I really hope you enjoy it! All the best,talk to you soon-LucasMalabarize-se"
Posted: by droll91
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"Invitation to my workshops at V Siberian Fire fest "
Posted: by Camo-Sling
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"Hello!This is another tutorial in my Rope Dart and Meteor Hammer series. For those who haven't heard of the Rope Dart or Meteor Hammer it's essentially a 3-5m length of rope or chain wi..."
Posted: by KiM231
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"Hi, I'm KiM from Japanthis is my new poi video.please enjoy! "
Posted: by yamakoune
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" I uploaded new video.This is my first contact poi routine."
Posted: by plombir
Last Reply: by plombir
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" "
Posted: by Ike-poi
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"Hi! I'm Ike!I uploaded a new performance video.Please enjoy!"
Posted: by msg
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"heres my video ive been spinning a month.. about half of the video is cut out i know some other tricks like buzz saw, orbital, corkscrew"
Posted: by KellBelle406
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"Free-wall fire fun. "
Posted: by artnonstop
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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" "
Posted: by ShadesofCold
Last Reply: by ShadesofCold
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"Hey guys, I've been learning from this site for a few years now. I've never posted a video before, but I'd like to thank you for all your help in getting me where I am today. My work is..."
Posted: by Darthaine
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"I recently bought a Nexus 7 tablet, which has a front-facing camera. Does anyone know of an app that can add a trail (or ghosting) effect onto live video? It seems to me like this would..."
Posted: by Camo-Sling
Last Reply: by Camo-Sling
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"Hello, I have been practicing Rope Dart and Meteor Hammer weapons for about a year and a half or even about 2 years. I have also been thinking about fire which ultimately brought me to ..."
Posted: by MikaFaya
Last Reply: by MikaFaya
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"Hi ! I've just edited a new video including poi spinning, and also some double staff. It was shot in France in the late 2012. Tell me what you do you think about it and if you like it :..."
Posted: by KellBelle406
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"This is an accumulative effort between the Montana fire crews in Missoula, Montana, at the day of the dead parade this past year. Shot with GoPro, Music by Rion King. Enjoy! "
Posted: by KellBelle406
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"Almost at my 2 year mark.... could be better, could be far worse feedback is welcome and appreciated! "
Posted: by Hellz
Last Reply: by Chronos
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"hey, does anyone here know where to find a video that shows a basic staff spinning routine?i'm new to it and i got the moves down individually wich you can find in the staffsection here..."
Posted: by KonstantinK
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" "
Posted: by Enthusiadam
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"Playing around with wibbles and tosses mostly. Looking for some constructive critiques, spots that looked off, ideas of where to go etc.<3"
Posted: by pascalhop
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"Hello HOP!Poi fishtails are more and more seen in poi videos so I thought it should be interesting for beginners to edit a tutorial video. Herein you will find a short and simple way to..."
Posted: by markfire1000
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"Just wanted to share and invite comments on a new vid.Cheers and enjoy!M Youtube demo vid"
Posted: by neonraze
Last Reply: by PoiHans
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"So it's been nearly two years since the first Home of Poi collaboration video.A video that... to say it mildly, totally knocked my socks off. It was utterly amazing.And it's been a year..."
Posted: by landshark1
Last Reply: by landshark1
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Posted: by Delacrua
Last Reply: by Charles
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"Hi here's a clip from the double staff that was filmed at a birthday party with my friends.Your opinions would be interesting to me. It is not prepared performance and simply improvisat..."
Posted: by KiM231
Last Reply: by Gwid
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"Hi, I'm KiM . I uploaded new performance video I used pendulum poi and light poi !please enjoy:D "
Posted: by chazz
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"The lovely people over at the Contact staff Facebook group Facebook group made a load of videos for Xmas.Noel put them in a Xmas 2012 Contact Staff Playlist playlist here.Here's my c..."
Posted: by djNRkey
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"So I recorded a couple burns very recently. I even decided no to be lazy and edited them together. I think it came out pretty cool. The video has poi and double staff in it. Let me know..."
Posted: by adeathlyaura
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"Enjoy guys."
Posted: by nomad
Last Reply: by LazyAngel
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"Hello fire people,I haven't been here in ages but a friend of mine shot and edited this cool video, so i wanted to share it:!nomad"
Posted: by KiM231
Last Reply: by zoombaga
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"Hi, I'm KiM from Japan.I uploaded new video !!"Japanese poi spinners 2012" Please enjoy "
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