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Didn't notice this thread! Totally about to analyze and learn some of all y'alls moves<33

Aloha!I do believe I may have once long ago posted a video on these forums, but memory seems to elude me!PS, it seems to look best in HD =PAs is such, I'm Crusade and this is me playing...

Hello fellow HoPers! This is the the second video I've recorded in the last foreverness, and I'd love to get some positive or negative feedback, and know where I could use some improvem...


3/8 inch Rope x Length  
     1st March, 2009
Love the feel
"Most relaxing poi I've owned and thats what I love about all poi; Can be very playful with these. Purple and Yellow combo is amazing. And those are my 2 favorite colors so it's a good thing I got em in that =P"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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