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Posted: by taylor_drinnen
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"Hello im relatively new here on the fourm but i thought to get my self out there i would post a link to my latest contact poi video. hope you like it and i look forward to getting to kn..."
Posted: by Zan
Last Reply: by Gary_Cifers
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"Videos from the September 2011 Festival. Six short pieces in total. Four are ready so far. "
Posted: by boulboulcous
Last Reply: by sevenzenith1
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"HI Well after a couple of years spinning in the dark side I've decided I'd share some stuff. There is nothing really technical in my moves,just the technique used for projection on itse..."
Posted: by RexasPrhyme
Last Reply: by RexasPrhyme
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"Check it yo Sparkstep"
Posted: by justin_jayjohn2
Last Reply: by Julian Delphiki
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" first tech blog of 2012 more to come"
Posted: by chazz
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"HelloHere's a video of my recent contact staff performance at Bristol's Other Bristol juggling convention. I hope you enjoy it... "
Posted: by djNRkey
Last Reply: by djNRkey
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"So this is the first video for me for 2012. Im really happy with how it came out. A few mistakes but a lot of really good concepts and a sick flow. watch it and let me know what you thi..."
Posted: by Chezen
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"After a year of spinning I finally got my first pair of fire poi, from home of Poi. Have to say they feel amaaazing.. such an awesome feeling. Not perfect, trying to learn orbitals.. ca..."
Posted: by Dubflow
Last Reply: by Dubdon
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"This is my first attempt at a video - Basically its just a few fun patterns and flowy moves that I do a lot of. Any constructive criticism/ideas towards the video editing or poi spinnin..."
Posted: by MikaFaya
Last Reply: by MikaFaya
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"Hie!Here is my first fire po video, hope you'll enjoy : Fire Spinning in Strasbourg There are some parts of my routine. Advice would be welcomed "
Posted: by Pikaluk
Last Reply: by Pikaluk
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"Just a video of my friends and I from our small town spinning fire. Was recorded on two separate nights. Hope you guys enjoy it! "
Posted: by Cyrille
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"Hi everyone!I introduce you my first editing of 2012, little collaboration with flowtoys.I had some fun with the effect in premiere pro, shame that after effect is still too much for my..."
Posted: by the NvS design
Last Reply: by Pikaluk
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"Just a clip of a friend spinning fire at night, it came out pretty cool being so dark, hope you guys can check it out and let me know if you like it. Video Link - Poi NightFire thanksth..."
Posted: by dream
Last Reply: by RichardHartnell
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" "
Posted: by Firexperience
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"Hey Guys! I would like you to watch the videos from our fire group here in Brazil! We gladly listen to opinions and suggestions! Thanks!Favorite Videos:"
Posted: by nulleamai
Last Reply: by aiden ellis
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"finally, after one year, a new video!"
Posted: by Zan
Last Reply: by Zan
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"Hi spin family!Aurora and I have started a new series of Poi tutorials filmed in our Yurt. 2 are up now, and I'll be adding more onto this thread in the next couple of weeks. Take a loo..."
Posted: by Dave Statik
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" "
Posted: by KellBelle406
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"Hey there I have been abandoning my poi as of late for my hoops, so I decided to give them some love and work on some orbital variations I have been trying to smooth out. Any suggestio..."
Posted: by Fort74
Last Reply: by zainab
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"On Night while testing some new equipment.. I fell in love with the Art of Poi.. Check out what I captured...Enjoy.."
Posted: by KiM231
Last Reply: by Gwid
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"I up lode compilation of my new poi sequence video! "
Posted: by Mr Majestik
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
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" JD"
Posted: by AJ Hege
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"Fire and Light Poi dominated Ultraviolet II: Music Festival "
Posted: by Fathom
Last Reply: by AJ Hege
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" video from the Fire Technicians! Whatcha think?"
Posted: by Sister Eleven
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"Can't embed from my phone, but here's the link!"
Posted: by gumop
Last Reply: by Julian Delphiki
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"Maybe an other little piece of staff, darling ??Please, you are welcome."
Posted: by Lostface
Last Reply: by Lostface
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" Any tips, im about 4 months in"
Posted: by KellBelle406
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" So this is my super rough version of a meltdown with mini hoops... I would love any feedback, I am trying to eliminate the extra beats and whatnot... has anyone else messed around ..."
Posted: by KaelGotRice
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" Hey hey, miss you guys. Just dropping by to drop off the memories. <3 "
Posted: by leospoi
Last Reply: by stano3b
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"New tech poi video with several ideas for Technical Body Displacement "
Posted: by steve db
Last Reply: by Gnor
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"Hey there,If you like two person hoop moves including some reasonably challenging partner poi hoop then have a look at this."
Posted: by Yoshiky
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"I went to Toronto to visit G and shoot some videos in the street I'd like to thank Mo for hosting us!Here is the link : you'll enjoy!"
Posted: by jameson.stl
Last Reply: by kevstaff
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"Affairs in Pyrophilia, Vol 2. - Ivory & Jameson Hope you all enjoy, please share!If you have any tech questions about this feel free to ask "
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
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" Hey there guys. Haven't posted in a while, too caught up in life I guess haha. Figure I'll update a bit. I'm one happy camper Dorm life is not very good for spinning if you can i..."
Posted: by Gwid
Last Reply: by OhioSean
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" A little video enjoy"
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by pascalhop
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Posted: by Fort74
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"On Night while testing some new equipment.. I fell in love with the Art of Poi.. Check out what I captured...Enjoy..<iframe src=""
Posted: by Cyrille
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
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"Hi everyone!Here we go for the next one: hour of swety shooting trying to remember old/new tricks/sequence i was playing thi..."
Posted: by yamakoune
Last Reply: by adeathlyaura
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" I uploaded new video."
Posted: by matrixbug
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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" Gettin my groove on a wee bit before Freaknight."
Posted: by AJ Hege
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"I'm currently promoting a Poi group called World On Fire out of Orlando, FL. Seeing them Spin has made me fall in love with this Art form so much that I'm compelled to shoot Photog and ..."
Posted: by jameson.stl
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"It's been a while since I taped anything worth producing, and even longer since I posted on HOP. Two birds, 4 staves, one stone? Click me for youtube video, face melting is free of cha..."
Posted: by e6
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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", i'm erik from northern virginia. this is a vlog about what i'm learning in poi. it updates on prime numbered saturdays."
Posted: by Iki_
Last Reply: by Iki_
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"A little experiment of mine, in my humble opinion, eye pleasing. Iki."
Posted: by DrexFactor
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"It's been a while since I've spent much time on the forums, but I've gotten some good responses from this vid, so I thought I'd share it. Recorded on a very windy day right after..."
Posted: by Slaver
Last Reply: by [ Unregistered ]
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"My first staff spinning video: Tell me what you think "
Posted: by DannyRose
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"8 months. sll lacking much foot work but, tech is improving. sorry for no music but, I'm currently lacking editing software. le me know what ya think! "
Posted: by Iki_
Last Reply: by Iki_
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"That's BOLAS Iki."
Posted: by Zan
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"This video is a solo poi routine I performed in April 2011. Music by Shpongle. Most of the audience in this small-ish town hadn't seen fire dancing before. It was a dance variety ..."
Posted: by Zan
Last Reply: by adeathlyaura
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"I just finished a new tutorial video on some flower moves with 6-petal symmetry. These are as close as I've come so far to duplicating the Flower of Life pattern with poi. Direct link: ..."
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