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does anyone here know where to find a video that shows a basic staff spinning routine?

i'm new to it and i got the moves down individually wich you can find in the staffsection here (beginner, NOT the contact moves... contact doesn't like me:( )

but i have no idea really how to get a practising routine, if i just try to weave the moves i know- i always end up doing the same few moves wich i like best.
so an "inspiring beginner" clip would be pretty sweet, unfortunatly i'm not finding one under the tons of movies.

i think i'll be going towards double staff once i get the single staf down to some descent routines, pretty much leaving out the contact moves...

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Posted:I'll make one in a week, but I can tell you now the best way to make a routine is to give all your moves a name, write them down, and then put them in order. In the beginning I just 4 of every move.