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Posted:My friend maid an order for some diadolos on 18 of december and untill this date they havent gotten here I live in denver colorado.. Please help....

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Posted:And also I dont know if it affects anything but the order was maid tu an apartment


Kombi guy
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Kombi guy

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Posted:Hey there, if you email us here at HOP central we will be able to look into this further for you.......... We will need the order number or your friends name on the order that was made. Send the info through to this email address and we will email back with some info for you ASAP chris@homeofpoi.com rather than chatting about it here :-)


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Posted:Thanx I was just wondering because my friend its like all bitchie about it and I just wanted to know where to get help for my friend because its all bitchie about it


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