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I'm looking to build my first staff. I'm trying to figure out how thick it should be, how long it should be, (I'm 5"1) and how much/thick the kavlar wick should be. Has anyone made their own staff?

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This has been covered a fair few times so I'd take a look around the forum, but briefly:
- Length depends what you want to use it for - longer is better for contact, shorter is easier for doubles, fractal shapes and juggling. People seem to start on staffs in the 120-130cm range, but I'd go slightly shorter based on your height;
- Thickness is a matter of taste really, I like fatter for contact and thinner for multiple sticks where you might have more than one in the hand at once;
- More wick will mean a bigger flame and more weight at the ends - I'd advise building a non-fire staff first using inner tube rubber or something for the ends, get that how you like and then make a fire one wieghted the same.

Hope this helps

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