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Posted: by i8beefy2
Last Reply: by Helen_of_poi
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"I have a question for those of the bi/gay/lesbian community that occured to me a few months ago. As a kid, and even it seems in a lot of popular media (movies, etc.) I sometimes hear/he..."
Posted: by Hugging_Lion
Last Reply: by Pogo69
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"So yeah, I met my hero for the second time last night after his concert. And I got a hug. It was a really good hug to. No resorvations, completely comfortable and great energy. And unl..."
Posted: by alien_oddity
Last Reply: by polarity
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"discuss??? "
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"Yeah, another music thread, and an obscure one at that.Motivation:Lately I've been watching TV with a delicate ear for what music they're playing in the background. Shows like Law and ..."
Posted: by SunnySammy
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"So, saw it today, there was no 'Always Coca-Cola'! Not even sparkly wings yada yada. Whats up with that?!?!?! I mean, christmas isnt even remotely here until the Coca-Cola Ad is out,..."
Posted: by drofkcah
Last Reply: by poig
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"well i did a search and didn't find anything about this.Well the other week my Students union held an Alter Ego Fancy Dress ball, and the Circus and Street performance society was asked..."
Posted: by .:star:.
Last Reply: by tillymoo
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"I was out in the garden, working on our new chicken run and i over heard our neighbour telling her kids that its a cage for naughty children and if they misbehave they will get locked i..."
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by alien_oddity
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"White, single male seeks female for fun and frollicks in the woods with nutella and a few armadillos. Smoker, GSOH, MAD, WLTM woman with nice hair and everything...must like discussing ..."
Posted: by alien_oddity
Last Reply: by alien_oddity
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"hi, are there any other ravers from Norfolk, England??well from any where, it's always good to hear from ravers and find out whats hot and whats not. "
Posted: by crowley
Last Reply: by crowley2
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"Hello everyone its been a long time bout 3/4 of a year since i posted anything so i thought id jus pop in and say im back although it wont be for long cos on jan 29 2007 im off to lichf..."
Posted: by icklepurklegirl
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"Dear lord...whilst browsing through my housemates trendy fashion mags, I found poi in the 'whats hot' section of Marie Claire!Watch out for business women spinning near you soon!Serious..."
Posted: by Jona
Last Reply: by Theo_
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"hello, i am part of a VJ collective (of three) called the 'AVologists' based in Norwich, England.For those who dont know what it is (i only say because lots of people i speak to dont) ..."
Posted: by native
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"hello just wanted to see which of us old dinosoursare still around. and wanted to say high to those who far ive seen dom and lightning. who else is here??sleep with angelsmuc..."
Posted: by poiromaniac
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Posted: by topnann
Last Reply: by topnann
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"Dose anyone know of a local store in the US, where I could find coleman or white gas."
Posted: by brittle
Last Reply: by _VT_
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"just wondering what weird things people can doi can:put both legs behind head1 standing upget foot flat against the side of my torsowiggle ears and noseshake and roll eyes into head + l..."
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by steaks
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"uh-huh uh-huh! Just booked the tickets, my new passport should be with me within a week and when it arrives I can apply for the online visa.Details are as follows:Leave London Heathrow ..."
Posted: by smilee
Last Reply: by LilBBoy
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"I like to indulge in words that are out of the ordinary. I thought I may transpire some of this fun to you. Unfortunately, I am only familiar with the english language; please feel fre..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by poig
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"I wasn't watching 'Jam and Jerusalem' on BBC1 9.30 pm; but it was on in the background and some poi caught my attention.It turned out to be a fairly substantial poi element, rather than..."
Posted: by Kathain_Bowen
Last Reply: by havocangel
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"So, I've had a very disagreeable day at work, and I had to ask..... If you were to discover very suddenly that your employer (*as in an entire managing staff) has been knowingly violati..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Dangerousmind66
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"I had THE FUNNIEST clinic today.First was the 4-month old I saw. Mom says "his teeth are coming in!" Indeed...his teeth are coming in. Now, most 4-month-olds can't sit up and are jus..."
Posted: by tillymoo
Last Reply: by Tabt
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"i know has been mentioned on a number of occasions (and to be honest i thought there was a whole thread devoted to it, but the search didn't return anything - please..."
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by PK_
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" he's kewl, we like him lots.just thought i'd share that with you all. "
Posted: by why
Last Reply: by Havokist
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" My mp3 player is set to random things... and I totally forgot I owned a Ryan Adams album (specifically brought on by the song "I see monsters".Anybody recently re-discovered music/book..."
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by jo_rhymes
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"I watched a program last night about apple trees and the life style that has grown up around these trees. There was a bit about wassailing at the end of the program and it got me wond..."
Posted: by bumb1ebee
Last Reply: by sketch
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"hi there fellow poiersim looking for a room in a house of happy lively spinners or surfers in North Devon. if you can help, let me know-CHEERS!!xxx "
Posted: by loulou27
Last Reply: by Dr_Molly
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"i was just tinking as i was walking through picadilly the other day how amasing it would look..... But then i thought fire melts ice ....mmmmm still think it would be nice. Anyone ever..."
Posted: by Rouge Dragon
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"I just blocked my flatmate on msn (he is currently at work) before I say something really, really nasty.When we moved in, he bought a second hand washing machine and I warned him that i..."
Posted: by BEZERKER
Last Reply: by Mr_Joe
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"Saw this tonight at work and instantly thought this is the forum to pass it on. Just a you tube vid, hope it isn't contravening any rules but well worth checking out nonetheless.Greg st..."
Posted: by brittle
Last Reply: by Twisthem488
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"just wondering if anyone could help me learn how to do front flips or backflips, can already do cartflips and cartwheels if tht helps"
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Eera
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"Okay, this is going to be kind of strange. might take me a try or two to really get the wording right. Have you ever found a particular day in your life where everything changed? I mean..."
Posted: by Aurora (1/2 a firesister)
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"The woman who invented kevlar was named Stephanie Louis Kwolek. She recieved a B.s. with a major in chemistry from Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1946. Looking to save up for med..."
Posted: by the_mods_stole_my_name
Last Reply: by badders
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"you know thos songs you hear about where, if played backwards, they reveal a hidden message or alternate song, well see if you can hear the hidden message in this song.yes, its jingle b..."
Posted: by CelticHippy
Last Reply: by CelticHippy
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"NEW! Online Magazine for Drummers, Firedancers, Bellydancers, Hoopdancers! This magazine is dedicated to Rhythmic Artists all over the world, and to their unique..."
Posted: by Rouge Dragon
Last Reply: by Adya Miriyana
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"This is to counter my ranting thread. Because while one flatmate annoys me, the other I love to bits (Zechrec). I love her to bits on a normal day.As some of you know, I'm missing Chris..."
Posted: by alien_oddity
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"go us your vans (you don't need to be the owner)any van/truck that you would love to own, would convert into a touring van post them here..............."
Posted: by dromepixie
Last Reply: by poig
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"Hello fellow HOPers...Seeing as Lightning's thread kicked off with many knowledgable people posting on the topic of meditation. I would like to know if anyone here is actually familiar ..."
Posted: by inactive
Last Reply: by Sunbird
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"It has occured to me that I'm quite intelligent, ok, I have the odd day where I go looking for my glasses only to find their allready on my face, but compared to the average person on t..."
Posted: by poig
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Posted: by MikefromGlos
Last Reply: by poig
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"Right guys as some of you are aware in England we have a event called red nose day to raise funds for charity this year the aim is to get enough money to be able to send every children ..."
Posted: by georgemc
Last Reply: by Dragosani
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"OK, here's a bit of sillyness for you mid-week:Find a song that you can change a word or too in the lyrics of and it suddenly becomes about poi (or any of the twirling/juggling arts).To..."
Posted: by the_mods_stole_my_name
Last Reply: by the_mods_stole_my_name
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"right, i know this is kind of disgusting, but i've just been sat here at my computer all alone, and i happened to let a really smelly one go. i just wondered, why can we put up with the..."
Posted: by Puk
Last Reply: by Groovy_Dream
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"Okay im standing here sick and tired of been made feal im a fat useless Pig, Stupid not worth the time of day. Been told im gay (not thats a offensive )(but im not )just cause im not in..."
Posted: by TotalEclipse
Last Reply: by _khan_
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"I was struck yesterday by just how great the poi community can be - I was in Bristol up on the green, teaching my friend some of the basics, when three people turn up and ask whether th..."
Posted: by .Morph.
Last Reply: by Brenn
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" Hey Folks,Inspired by the pure genius of the video clip below, here's a place to add links to any video clips that are non-spinny & are deserved of a place on HoPAnyways, get comf..."
Posted: by loulou27
Last Reply: by Eveish
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"i've just notice a huge bruise on my arm and i dont know how i got it. anyone else got any random bruises this week that their not to sure about how and were they came from?"
Posted: by heyahoney
Last Reply: by Lost83spy
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"I don't know about anyone esle, but I become very attached to my pets. About two weeks ago, my 12 yr old lab C.C. died. Well, let me tell you what all happened. She had a stillborn pupp..."
Posted: by BlueHairSar
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"Today is quite the rainy day, here in western Massachusettes. I was on my way to circus practice, carring my poi my left hand, diabolo over the shoulder, and umbrella in the right hand..."
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by Gnor
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"Hello there.I wish to utterly confuse my parents I need one postcard, from as many different coutries as possible, in 3 weeks.My plan:You read this thread and go "My, thats a good idea,..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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" think its THE coolest boat ive ever seen"
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