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Posted: by why
Last Reply: by Havokist
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" My mp3 player is set to random things... and I totally forgot I owned a Ryan Adams album (specifically brought on by the song "I see monsters".Anybody recently re-discovered music/book..."
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by jo_rhymes
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"I watched a program last night about apple trees and the life style that has grown up around these trees. There was a bit about wassailing at the end of the program and it got me wond..."
Posted: by bumb1ebee
Last Reply: by sketch
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"hi there fellow poiersim looking for a room in a house of happy lively spinners or surfers in North Devon. if you can help, let me know-CHEERS!!xxx "
Posted: by loulou27
Last Reply: by Dr_Molly
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"i was just tinking as i was walking through picadilly the other day how amasing it would look..... But then i thought fire melts ice ....mmmmm still think it would be nice. Anyone ever..."
Posted: by Rouge Dragon
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"I just blocked my flatmate on msn (he is currently at work) before I say something really, really nasty.When we moved in, he bought a second hand washing machine and I warned him that i..."
Posted: by BEZERKER
Last Reply: by Mr_Joe
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"Saw this tonight at work and instantly thought this is the forum to pass it on. Just a you tube vid, hope it isn't contravening any rules but well worth checking out nonetheless.Greg st..."
Posted: by brittle
Last Reply: by Twisthem488
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"just wondering if anyone could help me learn how to do front flips or backflips, can already do cartflips and cartwheels if tht helps"
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Eera
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"Okay, this is going to be kind of strange. might take me a try or two to really get the wording right. Have you ever found a particular day in your life where everything changed? I mean..."
Posted: by Aurora (1/2 a firesister)
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"The woman who invented kevlar was named Stephanie Louis Kwolek. She recieved a B.s. with a major in chemistry from Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1946. Looking to save up for med..."
Posted: by the_mods_stole_my_name
Last Reply: by badders
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"you know thos songs you hear about where, if played backwards, they reveal a hidden message or alternate song, well see if you can hear the hidden message in this song.yes, its jingle b..."
Posted: by CelticHippy
Last Reply: by CelticHippy
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"NEW! Online Magazine for Drummers, Firedancers, Bellydancers, Hoopdancers! This magazine is dedicated to Rhythmic Artists all over the world, and to their unique..."
Posted: by Rouge Dragon
Last Reply: by Adya Miriyana
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"This is to counter my ranting thread. Because while one flatmate annoys me, the other I love to bits (Zechrec). I love her to bits on a normal day.As some of you know, I'm missing Chris..."
Posted: by alien_oddity
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"go us your vans (you don't need to be the owner)any van/truck that you would love to own, would convert into a touring van post them here..............."
Posted: by dromepixie
Last Reply: by poig
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"Hello fellow HOPers...Seeing as Lightning's thread kicked off with many knowledgable people posting on the topic of meditation. I would like to know if anyone here is actually familiar ..."
Posted: by inactive
Last Reply: by Sunbird
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"It has occured to me that I'm quite intelligent, ok, I have the odd day where I go looking for my glasses only to find their allready on my face, but compared to the average person on t..."
Posted: by poig
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Posted: by MikefromGlos
Last Reply: by poig
Views: 1897    Replies: 18
"Right guys as some of you are aware in England we have a event called red nose day to raise funds for charity this year the aim is to get enough money to be able to send every children ..."
Posted: by georgemc
Last Reply: by Dragosani
Views: 1184    Replies: 12
"OK, here's a bit of sillyness for you mid-week:Find a song that you can change a word or too in the lyrics of and it suddenly becomes about poi (or any of the twirling/juggling arts).To..."
Posted: by the_mods_stole_my_name
Last Reply: by the_mods_stole_my_name
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"right, i know this is kind of disgusting, but i've just been sat here at my computer all alone, and i happened to let a really smelly one go. i just wondered, why can we put up with the..."
Posted: by Puk
Last Reply: by Groovy_Dream
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"Okay im standing here sick and tired of been made feal im a fat useless Pig, Stupid not worth the time of day. Been told im gay (not thats a offensive )(but im not )just cause im not in..."
Posted: by TotalEclipse
Last Reply: by _khan_
Views: 524    Replies: 13
"I was struck yesterday by just how great the poi community can be - I was in Bristol up on the green, teaching my friend some of the basics, when three people turn up and ask whether th..."
Posted: by .Morph.
Last Reply: by Brenn
Views: 2862    Replies: 18
" Hey Folks,Inspired by the pure genius of the video clip below, here's a place to add links to any video clips that are non-spinny & are deserved of a place on HoPAnyways, get comf..."
Posted: by loulou27
Last Reply: by Eveish
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"i've just notice a huge bruise on my arm and i dont know how i got it. anyone else got any random bruises this week that their not to sure about how and were they came from?"
Posted: by heyahoney
Last Reply: by Lost83spy
Views: 2579    Replies: 37
"I don't know about anyone esle, but I become very attached to my pets. About two weeks ago, my 12 yr old lab C.C. died. Well, let me tell you what all happened. She had a stillborn pupp..."
Posted: by BlueHairSar
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"Today is quite the rainy day, here in western Massachusettes. I was on my way to circus practice, carring my poi my left hand, diabolo over the shoulder, and umbrella in the right hand..."
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by Gnor
Views: 1893    Replies: 31
"Hello there.I wish to utterly confuse my parents I need one postcard, from as many different coutries as possible, in 3 weeks.My plan:You read this thread and go "My, thats a good idea,..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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" think its THE coolest boat ive ever seen"
Posted: by jublian
Last Reply: by poig
Views: 591    Replies: 3
"Any one else in a band?!My band's just sorta got off the ground this year after some troubles with drummers.We're called Dr Milk, a mix between Black Sabbath, Rage Against the Machine a..."
Posted: by Birgit
Last Reply: by Birgit
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"Got it on my desk on Tuesday and haven't stopped listening since. Not a single weak song on it As usual the music and lyrics manage to make me really sad and happy at the same time. Any..."
Posted: by MikefromGlos
Last Reply: by Rouge Dragon
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"i just got my new song list which i have to learn I was wondering your opinion on the song1. Sea Fever- john ireland2. Elephant love Song- moulin rougeI need another two songs which are..."
Posted: by Fyre
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"I don`t know if some of you ha heard or tried this, but it really freaked the shyte out of me.So this is what you do:-get 4 persons + you togehter (5persons all together)-get a chair.pu..."
Posted: by Yakumo
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"There's a ultra high quality HD version of the spiderman 3 theatrical trailer kicking about on bittorent (it's much longer than the trailer on but it is a .mov), I'm sure ..."
Posted: by Igirisujin
Last Reply: by Brit_Joe
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"Come join me in the dunce corner. You get to colour in (and go out of the lines!), play dressing up, and you even get a carton of deliciouse warm curdled milk mmmmm!Common reasons for b..."
Posted: by Bendy
Last Reply: by TeeJay
Views: 2836    Replies: 23
"Wow - Just saw Alegria tonight - that fire twirler is cool! So very VERY fast!! He only worked with 1 or 2 short staffs (no poi ) but still!! At one point he was actually letting go of..."
Posted: by alien_oddity
Last Reply: by Sunbird
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"so, come on.........who got "pegged" at PLAY???why got a peg with a tag? who still has theirs?? "
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 892    Replies: 9
"A lot of people assume that unicycling originated from clowns; not so, it came from heroes who took the back wheels and handlebars off their giant wheeled penny farthings, and went raci..."
Posted: by stickman
Last Reply: by RaveRepresent
Views: 3402    Replies: 57
"like most other threads on HoP, this has probly been asked before, but i didnt see it on the first page of social chat so therefore its outdated one of mine would have to be Donnie Dar..."
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by _G_
Views: 1185    Replies: 25
"I just saw this posted over on UK hippy and thought you guys might like a go at playing it.Happy Splatting!"
Posted: by Catastrophic
Last Reply: by 87wt2gxq7
Views: 2128    Replies: 11
"Hey Folks! I am a firespinner from CA looking to connect with people in the Vancouver and Seattle Areas. I will be in Vancouver on Monday, 8th of August, for a few days, and in Seattl..."
Posted: by Eveish
Last Reply: by Brenn
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"Hiya all,For those of you who send to many emails as I do, you might be aware of gmail.. 1 gig of email space!! but the thing is that you can only get a gmail account by invitation from..."
Posted: by .Morph.
Last Reply: by faith enfire
Views: 2458    Replies: 57
"Feel the need for a hug? HUG! Enjoy"
Posted: by WildChild
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
Views: 25944    Replies: 235
"Let's see now: we know most of each other's ages........wouldn't the elucidation of our nicknames make for some gripping bedtime reading? ------------------*WC*"
Posted: by TotalEclipse
Last Reply: by Theo_
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"So, I am going to get some new glow poi - I have a pair of the lightsticks on sale from HoP but they are a bit fragile, for all that they look terrific, and one is broken So I am lookin..."
Posted: by Astar
Last Reply: by LookThisChanges
Views: 2681    Replies: 34
" any brits live near this guy? I would seriously pay pal money to you to give to him. "
Posted: by RaveRepresent
Last Reply: by RaveRepresent
Views: 1546    Replies: 17
" I wake up each more left in awe and words in complete studder. I mean.. Each day passes even quicker than the next, and as each seconds progress I grow more thankful for the life I..."
Posted: by Loki_the_trickster
Last Reply: by CaffeinatedKatie
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"I thought this was to cool ENJOY!!!!!!!!"
Posted: by MikefromGlos
Last Reply: by SunnySammy
Views: 5442    Replies: 61
"Right... A little of topic but i am a little curious as i am thinking of combine poi as well as a musical it possible but i would like to know what ur fav musicals are first. My top thr..."
Posted: by monserat
Last Reply: by faith enfire
Views: 1146    Replies: 24
"Does anyone else think Hallowe'en is an odd day to get married on? My cousin is getting married tomorrow and the date has caused a few raised eyebrows, especially as the reception is in..."
Posted: by PyroWill
Last Reply: by _Poiboy_
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"Got this link this morning when I should of been out doing stuff that being online, this is definetly one of the best net games, but if you dont watch the show then it wont make sense...."
Posted: by kathmandu87
Last Reply: by Sezzie
Views: 502    Replies: 1
"I really need some help here, if any one can give it. I have been wanting to spin fire for years now, probably around six years, but I am just now getting in a position that I have time..."
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