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FyreFyreBRONZE Member
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I don`t know if some of you ha heard or tried this, but it really freaked the shyte out of me.
So this is what you do:
-get 4 persons + you togehter (5persons all together)
-get a chair.

put on person sitting on the chair.
the rest of you hold up both of your index fingers and put your index fingers right next to each other. each person individually so that you all kind of like point at something with your both hands so that the index fingers are parallel to each other and touching, the clip will explain how to do it)

now try to lift the person sittin on the chair using your fingers (the index fingers)
if the person is heavy at all she/he shouldn`t raise from the chair

the next thing you do is where the magic happens (not really magic... or is it wink )

now you all put your hands above the persons head who`s sitting.
First persons puts his left hand above the head, then the next one puts his left hand above the fist hand. then the next one does the same, and the fourth does the same as well. now the person who put his left hand above the head first puts his right hand above all of the left hands and so on.. (all of the rest does the same, again you`ll see this better from the clip)

now you try lifting again and the sitting person should raise in the air without any problems!!!
it really scared me first.

here`s a clip of it:

it really works. as you can see from the clip the person doesn`t have to sit on a chair.

Im aweful at explaining stuff in english, but i hope you got what i meant.

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This always did seem impressive. Til I realized I can quite easily lift my 30 pound backpack with one finger. x 8 = 210.


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BrennBrennPLATINUM Member
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I've seen and been part of one of those. it's damn freaky, haha.


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MikefromGlosMikefromGlosSILVER Member
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lol i do this all the time its easy but spectaculair to everyone

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alien_oddityalien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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i've had it done to me before, it's an odd feeling ubblol

Bek66Bek66Future Mrs Pogo
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We used to do this when I was a kid at slumber parties except the person being lifted would be lying down.

We'd chant...'Light as a feather...stiff as a board...' just for a little added drama.

Saw them do the same thing in the movie 'The Craft' and thought it was hilarious....

Is just a matter of distribution of weight....nothing to it but, it is fun...cute little slight of hand type of thing!!!

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faith enfirefaith enfireBRONZE Member
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still very freaky when it happens, especially if you get into a sort of trance state first

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