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TotalEclipseGOLD Member
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Location: Nr Petersfield, United Kingdom

So, I am going to get some new glow poi - I have a pair of the lightsticks on sale from HoP but they are a bit fragile, for all that they look terrific, and one is broken frown

So I am looking for something both slighty heavier, and more robust. My sister already has a pair of the rainbow phase ones which I can borrow at will, so something different to that...and there is no way in hell I can afford Aerotechs.

The two things I have in mind currently are:

Beaming poi (one red, one green)
Atom Glow Poi
White glow poi off HoP

Des anybody know how bright the white poi are? Or how good the atom strobe ones look? Or whether the beamers are worth the cost?

enlighten me with your experience and recommendations...and any other good glow poi you may have seen on your travels. Budgeting to a max of about 45.

Thanks in advance smile

Mr MajestikSILVER Member
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have you tried coating the ones you have in silicon?

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alien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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my friend had a set of those atom poi's, not too sure how long she'd had them but in the short time i knew her they had broken twice. the rubber strands the chains are linked to are very weak

IgirisujinSILVER Member
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Location: Preston, United Kingdom

I dont know how bright the white HoP poi are, but the green ones are lush, and wont shatter on impat as they are slightly soft and squishy, they do however hurt on impact with the top part of your nose.

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YakumoSILVER Member
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Location: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

atom poi are kind of cool, but sadly all to short lived, they EAT batteries, they DEMOLISH batteries.

the hop glow poi just don't do it for me any more sadly, no way near bright enough now I've seen aerotechs, or more importantly hyperlights.

the price difference is obviously substantial, but after having gone through several sets of other kinds of glow poi it starts looking really quite sane.

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Boing balls are rubbish for juggling but they make nice and very cheap poi if you can find plastic nets. Here is a small video smile

edit : a few pictures here (pics 31-32-33/120).
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PerrafordeBRONZE Member
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I have a pair of the atom poi, yes they eat the batteries (but you can buy them quite cheaply from the site you show) but they look so cool.

I find them quite robust, being a learner i have a tendency to hit myself over the head with them and they havn't broken, yet!!

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TotalEclipseGOLD Member
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Location: Nr Petersfield, United Kingdom

Hmm thanks all...does anyone know how bright the white ones are relative to the green/blue ones of the same? i.e non-phasing versions...

Not so keen on the atom ones now - I hate having to buy new batteries and I am a fairly "aggressive" spinner, so I have concerns about how well they'll hold together.

And thank you to stout for your pm: much appreciated and note taken! smile

Theo_SILVER Member
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Location: Norwich Norfolk, United Kingdom

the rubber things are really good, i learnt with some of them but they did break eventually, due to me hitting them on things by accedent.. but i am buying some more off a friend coz she never uses them. how nice it will be spin them again..

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