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Posted:One of my friends held a party today and I decided to take some glowsticks. As soon as the sun went down i cracked some green glowsticks and started spinning. It was great, it wasnt a big party, but i got a crowd watching me wich was cool. Im not very good, I only know a few moves, but it was still great. I even managed to do a couple around the world's which is cool cause i normally mess up when I do a reverse weave. After a while, my arms started to get tired so I started hitting myself (Ive been doing pretty good until then), so I just started teaching some of my friends a few moves. Im so glad I took my glowsticks cause I really cant dance, and I would prolly have been really bored the rest of the time.

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Posted:well done bhawk for your first performance and i think by taking up glowsticking you are one step closer to dancing too ;-), which makes swinging look even better... btw tell me about being tired from swinging - my back still hurts from last night ;-) - i guess we both need more practise...happy swinging,Simos


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