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Here in Texas it is June 21. Here are some cool facts about today:It is the official first day of summer.The longest day of the year.And my 21st birthday.Yea me. Just FYI.

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Happy Birthday John....!! You ever find a new job? Drop me an email, let me know whats going on...laterSuper------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams"- Willy Wonka

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Happy summer solstice to everyone in the northern hemisphere!And a happy winter solstice to everyone else (unless you're reading this from space).and of course, happy birthday OldJuggler.

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Your birthday is the day after mine. Happy birthday!

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couldn't justify starting a new thread just to tell people about the wonderful summer solstice i had, but now someone else is on the topic i may as well (oh happy 21 st TJ ) I had no real plans to do anything for the solstice (college commitments the next day), but as the sun was setting a decided to do some fire poi. I sat outside my house (quite a rural setting, - foxes, owls etc), had a bit of a smoke and spun while the sun set. it was definately one of those routines you remember, everything went well. no tangles, no burned limbs, clear starry sky,,,,,,, perfect.

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